Prepositions after "unlucky"

"unlucky in", "unlucky for" or "unlucky with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases unlucky in is used

Irene has been unlucky in love.

They were just unlucky in my opinion.

But we felt we were unlucky in the league.

Ripon kept up this pressure and Jack and Ben were both very unlucky in front of goal.

Kutcher will play Internet genius Walden Schmidt, who is wealthy but unlucky in love.

Basically they got lucky, but unlucky in the fact that it was a garbage truck driver.

Another rookie error from Petrov? He is unlucky in a way, I don't think he would have known there was a bump there.

Also Parker has been unlucky in his career, and has never played a 30 game season before now - so wasn't used to it.

But even if he's a great guy that was very unlucky in that sense, you still can't expect them to go anywhere near it.

Sylvain was unlucky in the first race with his wrong tire choice, but made amends with some quality riding in race 2.

In 25% of cases unlucky with is used

We just got unlucky with the draw.

Maybe I am unlucky with mobos but.

I think I'd a little bit unlucky with pdf.

Boye was very good and was unlucky with the deflected ball that resulted in a goal.

Sone was a wee bit unlucky with his and then the keeper made a good save for Jig's.

Richard Kahui -- Kahui, like Colin Slade, has been desperately unlucky with injuries.

Thiago has been unlucky with injuries over the past year but his drive in the middle of the park is a huge asset.

Maybe I was just unlucky with my employer, but there are lessons from my experience that others could learn from.

He was unlucky with injuries throughout his time at Everton but still managed an impressive 56 goals in 226 games.

It's small majority and like I said, some people get the short end of the stick and get unlucky with their run ins.

In 18% of cases unlucky for is used

I never said 13 was unlucky for Jews.

No one can remain unlucky for so long.

Unlucky for you it was above the elbow.

James ' Park, let's hope it's unlucky for Sunderland -- pity it wasn't a Friday too.

Unlucky for him, it was my job to load them in our van every night so it didn't fly.

The looking-glass was unlucky for her, all right; but rather because it wasn't broken.

An opener by the name of Richardson had reached 87 (unlucky for some - especially him!) when Thommo broke his arm.

Just unlucky for me hey! But dedication boys! Good work!! Hard to think the claw came across from BMX Awesome movie.

Unlucky for us some might say, but if those players do go on to develop into good players it will have been worth it.

Unlucky for these guys, they probably always bowl in the death overs where the batsmen try to slog almost every ball.

In 6% of cases unlucky at is used

We were unlucky at times in the penalty.

I feel lucky but unlucky at the same time.

Maybe we were a little bit unlucky at times.

Grosjean is another driver who can consider himself to have been unlucky at Valencia.

I know we were unlucky at times in the penalty shoot-outs but that is certainly a regret now.

Sergio Prez was unlucky at his first pit stop, during which he was delayed by a technical problem.

Grime was also a bit unlucky at the time it came round because there was the internet but independent labels were lacking.

They may feel they have some unfinished business regarding the Connacht club seen having been very unlucky at previous attempts.

They put in so much hours in the game and they were unlucky at ESWC with issues not making them able to get up to their standard.

We finished fourth and were unlucky at the end, but I think the same outcome would have happened, ' Redknapp told BBC Radio Five Live.

In 3% of cases unlucky against is used

They had been unlucky against Mexico, but has played three strong games.

They were unlucky against England and they will be upset too at being beaten, so.

We were unlucky against Manchester City and that last minute one against Newcastle as well.

We were great against Chelsea, showed real promise against City and were unlucky against Spurs.

We were unlucky against Leinster after conceding a try in the last ten minutes to narrowly lose the game.

They?? e had a real crack over the last couple of weeks and were unlucky against the Bombers last weekend.

Villa were unlucky against Man United last weekend and will hope they can pick up a point from their trip to the Etihad.

They were also unlucky against the Arse and that was obvious to see On a separate note - I think we are still a work in progress.

Tyrone were very unlucky against Leitrim in last year's county final, and they also lost a number of players in the transfer window.

You could make an argument that they were a little unlucky against both Manchester clubs, unable to hold onto their lead in both games.

In 3% of cases unlucky on is used

So just a little bit unlucky on that.

I felt a bit unlucky on a few occasions.

Foles got unlucky on a couple throws too.

Dominated most games and unlucky on the road.

We were unlucky on missing out on the World T20 final the last time.

Yet, in scripting his sixth career triumph, Arjun was unlucky on three terms.

You can also get unlucky on the road and bend your wheel going over a pothole, so.

I thought I got really unlucky on 16, I hit a great shot in there but it rolled into the water.

Needless to say I was unlucky on the sale and someone got a treasure! To me, Nudie was the best of the best.

The heat started to take its toll and the forwards were unlucky on a number of occasions not to get even one point.

In 2% of cases unlucky as is used

The former has been extremely unlucky as none of the 11 chances he created resulted in a goal.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Unlucky as a man can be, I arrived with The Apples to London on august 8th.

It comes down to the stats though doesn't it? You're very unlucky as a marathon runner if you have a heart attack.

He is right in the middle of deep blue sea, and there people drown or get unlucky as a meal for some sea creature.

But while the captain was one day busied in deep contemplations of this kind, one of the most unlucky as well as unseasonable accidents happened to him.

But sometimes they are unlucky as the rains flood their rooms destroying what little food they have stored and their electrical and electronics equipment.

Graeme Swann continued from where he left yesterday and was unlucky as the umpires turned down a few close appeals by the foxy off-spinner early in the first hour of play.

In 2% of cases unlucky of is used

Unfortunately, he was the most unlucky of all statues.

Scolari was slightly unlucky of the three, but there were other issues at play in his sacking.

Only the unluckiest of richochet's off the post kept Robin from a brace in the first 10 minutes.

Unfortunately this number 9 was the unluckiest of them all and had his career wrecked by a vicious Brummie thug.

Finally, the unluckiest of the thousands who work each day in the towers lost their grip or jumped from the smoke and flames.

The unluckiest of my friends who picked up my call happened to be R, who listened intently and calmly, letting me finish my obsessively inappropriate freak out.

Habitual stoners, gonzo wannabes and possibly the laziest and unluckiest of outfits, you're more likely to see them mooching about all-night bars in Groningen than performing anywhere near you.

In 2% of cases unlucky to is used

Argentina was just unlucky to not come out on top (like Samoa).

Furosemide is a unlucky to sure corny odorless unblinding powder.

The three of them linked up well and were unlucky to not a get a goal.

BVB must have felt unlucky to not come away from Madrid with the full three.

So If you are coming in the Spring semester, you are lucky (or unlucky to your wallet).

Why? Because Chairman Mao Zedong passed away on September 9 and the Tibetans think it extremely unlucky to stage celebrations on that date.

Unless you were very privileged or unlucky to in live in such cultures for long periods at a time? It might prove a little difficult, I guess.

Locog is likely to direct those who were unlucky to tickets for other sessions of the same sport or suggest other alternatives based on their application profile.

In 1% of cases unlucky about is used

Stewart Unlucky about the money.

Unlucky not you say unlucky about girlfriend suddenly received such a task, even dinner did not eat.

This was his thirteenth concert here since his debut in 1995, but there was nothing unlucky about the occasion.

We just had a quick chat about Saturday's game and he said ' well done ' with my performance and unlucky about the result.

In 1% of cases unlucky after is used

Maybe he isn't so unlucky after all.

Though spinner Enamul Haq might feel unlucky after his 12 wickets in two matches in the National Cricket League (NCL).

This made me wonder if I had been so unlucky after all and it wasn't long before those of us in solitary began to worry that the killing may not have ended.

Mainebank had the better of the opening half as they were playing with a strong wind and were unlucky after five minutes when a shot just went wide of the Asdee goal with keeper Tom Quinn beaten.

In 1% of cases unlucky by is used

A large chest is considered a lucky feature by some, and unlucky by others.

Their boats were stronger, partly because they used metal rivets which were considered unlucky by local boat builders, and their trading methods were more ruthless.

Rocked up down at East's for a game in 6th grade and it was not long before he was in 1st grade with the likes of Heath, Bell, Gavin, Brial and Payne and another unlucky by the name of Dirk Williams.

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