Prepositions after "unlikely"

unlikely to, in, for, of or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases unlikely to is used

That seems highly unlikely to me.

It's very unlikely to happy again.

OriginalEmily1 Seems unlikely to me.

Can the loss of the above be justified by better workflows? It seems unlikely to me.

Her disapproval numbers are unlikely to improve over the course of the fall campaign.

I think changes to how a language is spoken are very unlikely to impact its survival.

O2 There's no official word from O2, but Pocket-lint's sources suggest that O2 is unlikely to stock the iPad mini.

These kinds of streams of finance don't actually exist now and are unlikely to for a long time yet, if ever again.

Deep down, although it seems so unlikely to me now, I'd terrified that my partner will become more like his father.

He is unlikely to want to raise difficulties with the court about the contract proposed by his potential employers.

In 19% of cases unlikely in is used

But unlikely in the near future.

This is very unlikely in our view.

Unlikely in the short term though Q.

Which probably makes any major shift in economic policy unlikely in the near future.

Matthew 28, and Luke 24, and Acts 1) is unlikely in origin to be the words of Jesus.

You are right for clarifying that that is unlikely in a sample of this study's size.

It is very very unlikely in this situation that a tutor would then manually type out your link to view its contents.

While the scenario looks unlikely in the short term, supply controls globally could lead to an upturn in coal prices.

Lots of English dialogues which is unlikely in Indian cinemas in 70's is a surprise, but they as sharp as it could be.

I actually don't think so, in the long run, unless there is a revival which feels very unlikely in the current climate.

In 17% of cases unlikely for is used

A big jump is unlikely for 2012.

But that looks unlikely for 2012.

But this is unlikely for two reasons.

Thus it would be unlikely for them to take Eisuke in because of his family history.

It's not unlikely for you to see a father and son pair being these two crime fighters.

Now it's not unlikely for people to be dissapointed when we hand them their 3D glasses.

A longer season looks unlikely for O'Dea now with Leeds United effectively out of contention for a playoff place.

So, for example, it seems really unlikely for Jack to meet Desmond on the Island when he's already met him in LA.

This however seems unlikely for other reports certainly make it certain that ibn al-Haytham was in Egypt in 1038.

It seems so unlikely for our quiet, peaceful, democratic nation, and long standing champion of human rights (desp.

In 14% of cases unlikely of is used

The most unlikely of connections is made.

Thus were sown the most unlikeliest of seeds.

They pop up in the most unlikeliest of places.

Now, with a less convincing performance, we pulled out the unlikeliest of results.

A true entrepreneur always has an eye for opportunity in the unlikeliest of places.

He has criss-crossed the country garnering support from the most unlikely of quarters.

Conni's wit, charm and approachable nature has afforded her the honour of performing in the most unlikely of places.

If the Newcastle match two years ago taught us anything, it is that even the most unlikely of comebacks are possible.

The good folks passed by on the other side, on their way out of town, and help came from the most unlikely of sources.

In East Africa, they have been found in the most unlikely of places- from deserts, to mountaintops and even in cities.

In 6% of cases unlikely at is used

I think this unlikely at the moment.

But this seems unlikely at this stage.

So I would think it unlikely at this time.

But, given a deal seems unlikely at the moment, expect that start date to be pushed back.

I had hoped to learn forty tunes by the end of the year, but that seems unlikely at this point.

The global domination of America, and with it the English language, looks unlikely at this point.

However, if you suspect this is happening to your firm, it is unlikely at the time this article is being published.

If your memory problem is rooted in something that happened 20 years ago, a natural recovery is unlikely at this point.

It's actually a little quietly unsettling (though still unlikely at this stage) just how closely the conditions are matched.

If the final tally comes in and he did have more votes (which is very unlikely at this stage ), he would still be the winner.

In 3% of cases unlikely as is used

Unlikely as the opposition is iffy.

Police investigation unlikely as the arrangement was.

This is very unlikely as the gel in the implant is quite thick.

Yet the creation of a binding Copenhagen deal now looks increasingly unlikely as the summit looms.

As in all policy arenas, short-term change is highly unlikely as the new leaders consolidate their positions.

This scenario is highly unlikely as the Fed will fight tooth and nail to prevent a deflation from taking hold.

Going further afield, I suspect a visit from an Australian Orchestra is pretty unlikely as the cost is doubtless crazy.

If a person continues on a time which is very unlikely as a preferred trip time they may steer clear of several problems.

This however seems highly unlikely as the differences among Muslim leaders in the East on this matter are rather complicated.

But as inopportune and unlikely as the setting may have been, it was on our second afternoon there that a child was conceived.

In 3% of cases unlikely with is used

E: Unlikely with this lot I'd afraid.

That's unlikely with a more obscure foreign stock.

That is unlikely with close to 50% dependent on the state.

But that seems unlikely with the current funds at his disposal.

More deficit spending via public works? Unlikely with this administration.

That seemed extremely unlikely with no bargaining sessions scheduled and the lockout about to enter its fourth week.

There is a sense of being safely cocooned, even when travelling at high speeds -- and that is not unlikely with its 2.

A comeback looked unlikely with the darkest timeline version of Fernando Torres roaming around out there in full force.

This is an extreme example and that kind of voltage difference between cells is unlikely with a healthy pack, but even a 0.

This seems unlikely with them being adverse to play a debutant spinners against batsmen who maul even the best of spinners.

In 2% of cases unlikely due is used

Becoming emperor is unlikely due to the direction of past TES games.

K8 maybe the most unlikely due to the pre-flop limp, but the rest certainly.

Intensive agricultural activities are unlikely due to the poor and sandy soil.

Adverse weather could still cause a problem but this is unlikely due to rivers being near.

In a three, there will be an odd one out and unless she goes home (unlikely due to female solidarity.

This would destroy the trafficking industry overnight, but is unlikely due to the US political environment.

Left back is an option; but unlikely due to the depth and starting quality the club already has in that position.

I was hoping for an extended Cowgirl, River, Hurricane, or Killer, but knew it was unlikely due to time restrictions.

E or from Nubia during the New Kingdom but this is unlikely due to significant evidence that cats lived in Egypt before these dates.

Some US legal experts thought it unlikely due to the high burdens of proof associated with putting a criminal case in front of a jury.

In 2% of cases unlikely on is used

That's also unlikely on Day One.

This is very unlikely on a public terminal.

It seems unlikely on the face, that the sentence is correct.

Rain and heat would have been a better combination but that's unlikely on a British summer.

Comment by themouse, on 20-Feb-2009 03:21 I tell everyone that that virus/trojan are unlikely on Linux.

I am fairly sure that those dinky little toys that some DCs use are unlikely on their own to be harmful.

His size will limit him to a top six role if he is to make a fantasy impact this season and that is unlikely on the Oilers.

Don't carry all your cash on you at once, and consider having an emergency supply tucked somewhere unlikely on your person.

News Agency 18/9/2012) which indicates that it is unlikely on the part of China to ignite a war with Japan for these islands.

If Danny Williamson and Denzo are knocked out early, although unlikely on their home track, it could open up the 3 rd spot on the championship ladder.

In 1% of cases unlikely during is used

That may seem unlikely during a period when George W.

New developments and forward movement is unlikely during this period, as are informed decisions.

POTENTIAL TOO LOW means the threat for a regional area of organized severe storms appears highly unlikely during the entire period (e.

The confident tone of Acts seems unlikely during the Neronian persecutions of Christians and the Jewish War with the Rome during the late 60s.

Eric Thomas, Bristol's vice-chancellor, has previously called for increases in tuition fees but acknowledges this is unlikely during the recession.

Vaccination is certain and immediate if you decide to do it, while a particular vaccine preventable disease may be quite unlikely during the child's lifetime.

Water-related state-on-state conflict is unlikely during the next 10 years, but the depletion of groundwater in some agricultural areas will pose a risk to national and global food markets.

Bangladesh had targeted him in the first innings in Dhaka but Best responded with his accuracy in the second innings setting up a win that looked highly unlikely during most part of the game.

In 1% of cases unlikely considering is used

This is unlikely considering Hagrid's half-giant status.

Personally, I think that this is unlikely considering the devastating impact it had on the country.

Maybe the place just is that awful, but that seems unlikely considering how much promo it was given.

When we reach the end of the season Dalglish should do the decent thing, which is unlikely considering how he left the club previously.

I find this highly unlikely considering the role of the police in controlling and repressing social movements and the struggles they engage in.

Now a proposal which would be the start of a great tradition, but highly unlikely considering the acerbic past relationship between the two schools and their alumni.

AppleInsider suggests the iPad mini might come in a cheaper 8 GB model, but this seems unlikely considering how huge iOS apps ' sizes have become over the past two years.

While most people agree that Belichick will probably be fined by the league for grabbing the official, a suspension is unlikely considering his intent and the uneven nature.

Assuming that a National League club doesn't place a claim on him (which seems unlikely considering the Dodgers are openly clamoring for starting pitching ), would you like to.

It is possible that their radio and broadcast coverage was significantly different but this seems unlikely considering the number and content of other complaints on their coverage.

In 1% of cases unlikely from is used

Tears or even sympathy seems unlikely from Coddington.

It could be, but is rather unlikely from my point of view.

No one dies onstage, and serious wounds are unlikely from spears tipped only with red ribbon.

The legality and feasibility of such an experiment seemed unlikely from a human rights perspective.

Beta Blockers pass into the breast milk but adverse effects on the baby are unlikely from normal eyedrop doses.

What about better political communication and leadership on this issue? Absolutely, but it is unlikely from some areas at a certain level.

They usually provide the love and understanding and nurturing for the development of our children in a way that is unlikely from most men.

It had always seemed desperately unlikely from the moment the news began to filter out following that controversial night at Stamford Bridge.

It will take much courage from our leaders to address it -- and/or enough public outrage (unlikely from this dumbed down and apathetic citizenry).

In 1% of cases unlikely by is used

It is possible, but unlikely by 2015.

But his journey to stardom is unlikely by any standards.

Co-operation between parties was made more unlikely by the fundamental differences between them.

But then again the sequel itself was long considered unlikely by those who enjoyed the first game.

And how do you lose all but one swing state? That's highly unlikely by definition, and especially in a year like this.

More adventurous scenarios, involving crates, diplomatic bags and airlifts, are dismissed as very unlikely by diplomats and lawyers.

Experiments which produce results very unlikely by chance can either indicate the action of a confound or the action of a true effect.

The former is a very solid plan, but requires an overhaul of the current energy infrastructure, which is growing more unlikely by the day.

Oracle really do need to put some time into those user experience things - but that is unlikely by tradition because of the overall - plan once deploy many - Enterprise orientation of the product.

In 1% of cases unlikely before is used

And since that looks unlikely before next season.

Unlikely before the US election campaign goes on a bit longer.

Formal identification is unlikely before the end of the day at the earliest.

Acromas said any flotation or sale of either of its divisions was unlikely before 2014.

Autograph-signing frequency and length depends on the pro (and is highly unlikely before a match).

Lord Fowler demanded a public inquiry but that is highly unlikely before the legal cases are concluded.

It said such sums could see the public debt ratio spiral to 140 per cent of GDP, making any economic recovery unlikely before 2015.

With a win over Syracuse at home this weekend, the Tigers will be bowl eligible, something that seemed incredibly unlikely before Saturday.

A referendum on the UK's relationship with Europe is, however, unlikely before the next general election, as the Liberal Democrats could block it.

A new set of regulations is unlikely before this year's election, but recent events have given momentum to efforts to launch online gambling in some states.

In 1% of cases unlikely because is used

I knew that was highly unlikely because of her taunting manner.

However, it is highly unlikely because of the following aspects.

Traveling in winter eg December would be unlikely because of the cold and rain.

I think this is unlikely because of barriers to entry and the large unmet need for medical care.

The RCMP park was another proposed option, but looks unlikely because of infrastructure issues, said Ward.

But the likes of Bill Clinton and David Petraeus are only unlikely because of our unrealistic image of them.

It is sad that the optimal solution is possible (monetarily) but unlikely because of a certain inability to give.

If the building were burning down (which seems unlikely because of the giant body of water ), I would save you first.

I wouldn't mind if Nikon upped the bitrate in a firmware, but this is unlikely because of the Uncompressed HDMI ability.

In 1% of cases unlikely under is used

So are those everyday uses copyright infringement? It's highly unlikely under US law.

Like Mark, I contend that such applications would be as unlikely under LVT as they are now.

As much as fans and traditionalists want the Rossoneri to work their way back to the top, that appears unlikely under Berlusconi.

Maybe he should have taken a leaf out of McLeish's book, at least he kept us in the Premiership which now looks very unlikely under PL.

I think it would be pretty darn unlikely under those circomstances that anyone would want to kill other sentient beings, but not impossible.

The views reflect their belief that free and fair polls are unlikely under the ruling party and that an election can never be credible without participation of the BNP.

The Year Ahead Despite recent political change in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, change in Turkmenistan in 2006 is unlikely under the current political climate, observers maintain.

In 1% of cases unlikely after is used

A Lorenzo victory looked unlikely after the start.

Reaching that limit is unlikely after one winter session.

That seems unlikely after another weekend passed with no signs of progress.

This is unlikely after the treatment they have given Obama for the last 4 years.

Encarnacion or Bautista as injury replacements at 3B are both extremely unlikely after the experience of last year.

It was expected that the 1930s style protectionism of Smoot-Hawley tariffs (2) would be unlikely after the 2008/09 global economic crisis.

The Footy Show was yesterday reportedly considering not renewing him next season but that seems unlikely after all the mileage he has given them over the journey.

Ironically, Villa could do a lot worse than appoint the current Birmingham manager Chris Hughton although I would imagine this is unlikely after what happened with McLeish.

Marks &; Spencer Group Plc Chairman Stuart Rose said in an interview on Monday that a double-dip recession is unlikely after government-spending cuts offered some? clarity? to Britons.

In 1% of cases unlikely without is used

Seems to be too unlikely without a divine intervention.

Many agree that a full ban is unlikely without strong support from the country's religious leaders.

Creating meaningful and lasting change in education is unlikely without revisiting this basic definition.

While online marketing has the potential to generate impressive profits, success is unlikely without knowledge and skills.

Relationships Effective collaboration is highly unlikely without the right people and the right relationships (Nowland-Foreman, 2008).

We can do this by increasing incomes, which is unlikely without economic growth cutting people's outgoing, again unlikely at the present.

A return to the 1950s-80s when the American middle class thrived is very unlikely without one or both of these conditions being satisfied.

Even if GDP grew by another 1% in Q4 (very unlikely without the temporary boosts we got over the summer ), overall growth would be just 1.

Usually, deficiencies at the top of a plant will be immobile, micro nutrients and these are unlikely without a deficiency in Mg, N, P or K.

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