Prepositions after "unlawful"

"unlawful for", "unlawful under" or "unlawful in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases unlawful for is used

You are unlawful for me to approach.

It shall be unlawful for any person,.

In fact, it is unlawful for them to fast.

It is also unlawful for traders to act force or coerce you into entering a contract.

The squatter's possession must be unlawful for time to run in the squatter's favour.

The ' Asl of the matter is that it is not unlawful for women to visit the graveyard.

Access to premises Under the DDA, it is unlawful for public places to be inaccessible to people with a disability.

When the loud-speaker was invented its use was declared unlawful for sermons, but now it is used even for prayers.

Her owners accused Paul and Silas of throwing the city into confusion and proclaiming customs unlawful for Romans.

In 14% of cases unlawful in is used

Despondency is held unlawful in Islam.

It's unlawful in this country and rightly so.

Other forms of suspicion are unlawful in Islam.

Conduct may correctly be described as lawful in one respect and unlawful in another.

Sexual harassment is unlawful in the areas of employment, education, and accommodation.

Racial harassment is unlawful in the areas of employment, education, and accommodation.

It was unlawful in the United States to publish, sell or distribute any knowledge about sex or teaching in its use.

But more importantly, it's come out as being whimsical, unpredictable and almost unlawful in condoning a chosen few.

While legislation makes racism unlawful in several contexts, legislation can not address the underlying social issues.

The major spread bet companies are all located in the United Kingdom, spread betting being unlawful in the United States.

In 13% of cases unlawful under is used

Unfortunately, to do so is unlawful under s.

Racial harassment is unlawful under the law.

Sexual harassment is unlawful under federal and state statutes.

Whilst this is not unlawful under the Act, the association could not be a charity.

There is a strong case that continuing with this ban would be unlawful under EU rules.

So it is unlikely that the situation would be unlawful under anti discrimination laws.

Treating a candidate less favourably because he/she requires the use of a hearing aid is unlawful under the DDO.

This may be unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO) and/or the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO).

In 7% of cases unlawful by is used

What is unlawful by of consanguinity is fosterage.

It is file-sharing that is unlawful by whatever technical means.

It is this amount which has been declared unlawful by the Qur'an.

If something is deemed unlawful by Allah, then there is a way out of it.

MySpace traffic will now be deemed unlawful by say Facebook friendly ISP.

It is unlawful by custom for a Munyoro to kill or eat the totem of his clan.

Four years later, slavery in the USA was similarly declared unlawful by presidential order.

The law brought in by Blunkett to remove this protest was deemed unlawful by the High Court.

They had declared animals unlawful upon themselves which had not been declared unlawful by Allah in their Shariah.

Where, however, the arrest is unlawful by reason of a technicality, the product of the search may be admissible under s.

In 3% of cases unlawful to is used

The wife will be unlawful to the husband.

The blood, property and honour of a Muslim is unlawful to another.

This is unfair and unjust if not unlawful to the president to pardon anybody.

It is also unlawful to drive by the same place within 30 minutes on Atlantic Avenue.

He or she should know the acts that are unlawful to him or her while in a state of sexual impurity.

She must find some way of making it clear to her husband that what he is taking from her is unlawful to him.

Closing one's ears to everything reprehensible; for everything unlawful to utter is likewise unlawful to listen to.

B) This wife and husband will be perpetually unlawful to each other; and there will never be the chance of a new marriage between them.

It is the time when everything by which fasting would be broken becomes unlawful to the faster, and when the morning prayer can, then, be performed.

For the wrong-doing of the Jews, We made unlawful to them certain good foods which has been lawful to them, and for their hindering many from Allah's Way; 161.

In 1% of cases unlawful about is used

Nothing unlawful about it at all.

And there is nothing unlawful about the gifts.

This week the high court has ruled that there was nothing unlawful about the police's actions.

Mr Ramsay did admit he had not sought permission to record with an electronic pen but said there was nothing unlawful about what he did.

There is nothing illegal or unlawful about having a Cuban cigar while an intern takes a closer look at that part of your anatomy under your desk.

Fourthly, even if the 7th and 9th accuseds were present at the arrest scene there was nothing unlawful about it, that is why the 4 also present at the scene of the arrest.

In 1% of cases unlawful according is used

At the time, it ruled that Bersih was still unlawful according to the home minister.

Ngabo was unlawful according to the laws of Rwanda, and declared that the continued detention of the subject without trial in a competent court was a breach of the country's laws.

In 1% of cases unlawful as is used

Some theologians regard this refusal as unlawful as the husband may get enjoyment from his wife in other ways, by embracing, kissing etc.

It is unlawful as a decision concerning LCW and LCWRA, as part of the outcome decision, carries a right of appeal under s12 of the SSA 1998.

As regards emails in the EU, it held that it was clear that any potential interception of an email in the EU would be unlawful as a matter of EU law.

In 1% of cases unlawful at is used

Traveling without a passport is just so unheard of (and unlawful at that).

She became lawful at sunrise, unlawful at noon, again lawful in the afternoon, unlawful at sunset and lawful at night.

The second ground of challenge lay in the contention that the legislation was an irrational exercise of legislative authority, and thus unlawful at common law.

Expert jurists, however, declared selling arms unlawful at a time of civil war, as killing the life of a believer is from the gravest of sins whichever side he may be on.

In 1% of cases unlawful because is used

But as I have, the acts which became unlawful because of ihram can not become lawful now till the animals reach their due place.

Section 26 says that this Act does not make it an offence to do an act that is unlawful because of this Part, unless Part the act is an offence.

Mr Justice Ouseley ruled the prayers as practised by Bideford Town Council had been unlawful because there was no statutory power permitting them to continue.

In 1% of cases unlawful on is used

He also held that the grant of permission was unlawful on domestic planning grounds.

This afternoon, I want to distinguish between what is criminal and unlawful on the internet, and what is objectionable but may not be illegal.

If any man of understanding looks therein with (a sense of) legality and illegality, he will hold it as unlawful on account of what is therein of cheating.

It is unlawful on the basis of obligatory precaution, to touch without ablutions, the Name of Allah or His special attributes in which ever language they may have been written.

But all the ancient world is disfigued by slavery (well Pliny the Elder claims that slavery was unlawful on the island of Ceylon -- but that was far away it might a well have been the Moon).

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