Prepositions after "unkind"

unkind to, about, of, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases unkind to is used

The voters are not all unkind to him.

Neil, I don't wish to be unkind to Dr.

Distortion is unkind to people's faces.

In Sri Lanka we have very rich people who are sometimes very unkind to their servants.

I refuse to believe that our country is dominated by people who are unkind to animals.

Incidentally, it is the judgement of history that is often most unkind to journalists.

This doesn't mean that they were unkind to her, but they may have unwittingly allowed her to become very frightened.

It's not only a risk to the children; it's unkind to this friend Terry to invite him into a situation of temptation.

There are different positions and I think we need to accept them without being unduly unkind to people who hold them.

He was so terribly afraid of people when he first showed up, it's likely someone was very unkind to him at some point.

In 6% of cases unkind about is used

I am sorry I have been so unkind about Chelsea.

I think it might be because I was unkind about MySpace and Facebook.

I even was unkind about his ex who I know is more sick and hurt than me.

I do not want to be unkind about New Zealand, but it is the size of a local authority.

I wouldn't want to be that unkind about a real person, I'd talking about her as a character.

Everyone is so unkind about Ann O'Neill, I'd glad you found something kind to say about her.

They do well in school, score good grades in exams, but there seems to be something inhumane &; unkind about them.

It would be easy to be unkind about it because it's tiny, distant satellite of an equally unglamourous commuter town.

Given it's size it would also be easy to be unkind about the underwhelming crowd of 156 for a 2nd Qualifying Round game.

The 2012 Olympic Committee's web site claims that you're not allowed to link to their site if you say something unkind about them.

In 6% of cases unkind of is used

It was unkind of you towards me.

Moe Lane PS: OK, yes, that was somewhat unkind of me.

It would have been unkind of me to write this while he was alive.

If she's not kind, then she's not unkind, and she's not unkind of she's not kind.

I agree that it is unkind of others to disparage other fans who do not agree with their views.

Nevertheless, it would be unkind of me not to leave you with some change or loan you some advice.

How unkind of you to keep me waiting so long! My ears are almost seared listening to the cheap talk of worldly people.

This kind revenge-mongering is not special only to estranged couples Any unkind of human relations are capable of this level of cruelty.

Even his unkindest of enemies will not suggest the PPPs mediocre crop of seats -- 91 directly elected -- had anything to do with Zardari.

Yes that was unkind of me about the linkbait remark, I'd just so goddamn sick and tired of hearing about GRRM across the blogosphere I could rip out a sheep's pluck and eat it.

In 4% of cases unkind in is used

You are unkind in your comment.

Even when his patience was tried, he was never unkind in word or deed.

I saw that she felt she had been unkind in speaking so before the invalid.

In some ways, society was very different and very unkind in those earlier days.

Amazing how once I was willing to fully embrace it, no one has been unkind in their response.

Although on paper he looked perfect, this examiner was really unkind in real life, so he replaced him.

The reason is that, at the time of war, people get trained to be unkind in taking heinous actions upon the foes.

I prefer the agenda to be in the Philippines settings but the internet seems to be unkind in exposing data specifically of my desire.

Heather never offered to pay rent and was soon taking Vanessa's clothes and food -- but Vanessa felt she was being unkind in getting annoyed.

Most tend to be unkind in one way or another, but some not approve of the instructions they are given, especially when they are either unlawful or dishonest.

In 3% of cases unkind on is used

Somewhat unkind on the vast majority of people working in the MoD.

Brown type is used where italics would appear in print (in this screen font, italic looks like this, and is unkind on most readers).

Though our tastes do not always correspond, you told me that I wouldn't like Not Untrue and Not Unkind on an earlier year's longlist and you were correct.

The Rugby World Cup draw has also been unkind on Scotland over the years, three of their first four quarter-final appearances being against the might of New Zealand.

In 2% of cases unkind for is used

For all their work, the basket was iron unkind for GB women with balls in and out or rolling off the rim.

It would be unkind for me not to have accepted the offer from such a brave lady; a strong lady in no need for sympathy.

In 1% of cases unkind at is used

Calling them ' stupid ' is unkind at the least.

In 1% of cases unkind toward is used

However, the more I see how her condition is actually self-destructive, irresponsible, and unkind toward others, the more I see the need to tell her what I think is going on.

In 1% of cases unkind towards is used

I regret being unkind towards you.

Maybe then we wouldn't be so unkind towards those who aren't exactly like us.

In 1% of cases unkind with is used

I learned that day I never again wanted to be unkind with any of my words online.

Its soils are unwilling, its coasts unkind with precious little access to the bounties of the sea, which are also very few.

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