Prepositions after "unjust"

"unjust to" or "unjust in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases unjust to is used

Do not be unjust to one another.

So, do not be unjust to each other.

Its conduct was unjust to all Europe.

Someone asked: Even when they are unjust to him? He answered: Even if they are unjust.

So with that in mind, I won't be ' naming and shaming ', as it would be unjust to her.

If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves, come unto thee and asked Allah.

And, unjust to who, exactly? The rules have been in place for at least the past 50-60 years and everyone knows them.

The person who really fulfills the claim is he who treats his relatives well even when they are mean and unjust to him.

This may be considered unjust to parents who have not been guilty of any lack of care in the control of their children.

Many in the ethnic majority also begin to believe that you can be unjust to your fellow citizens and get away with that.

In 17% of cases unjust in is used

He had been cruel and unjust in the afternoon.

This country's unfair, unjust in the way it was.

That seems to me to be fundamentally unjust in a free and democratic society.

But its not fair! Maybe you think God is unjust in creating such a terrible punishment for sinners.

However, the resulting linguistic situation can plausibly be regarded as unjust in three distinct senses.

Yet the lack of Catholic Emancipation came to symbolise all that the peasantry believed was unjust in Ireland.

Too much greed and too much unjust in the world which is based on ignorance and, unjust prejudice should be removed.

The judge knows that what I've said and written is not unjust in the eyes of God, not a lie in the court of Justice.

There is a difference between these claims, and questioning what seems to be unjust in the a?? dith (plural of hadith).

Great things garner great expectations which is unjust in a way because we don't hold such standards for lesser things.

In 13% of cases unjust for is used

Therefore, the law is unjust for the masses.

The unfortunate result was unjust for Aafia Siddiqui.

It would now be totally unjust for God to demand further judgement.

This was grossly unjust for people injured performing their duty on behalf of the State.

It is unfair and unjust for Adventists to call people Antinomians who abhor that doctrine.

Again the song can have many meanings, so it is unjust for me to say what the song is about.

There must be some added factor that makes it unjust for the order to stand: Northey v Bega Valley Shire Council 2012 NSWCA 28.

It seems somewhat unjust for an otherwise innocent law abiding person to be financially penalised because a battery has gone flat.

No big deal if the kid does not know the fundamental arithmetic to understand algebra is socially unjust for their developing minds.

She said it was unjust for someone who claims to be a man of God to take laws into his hands and inflict machete wounds on a fellow citizen.

In 3% of cases unjust about is used

Something unjust about that, but it is what it is.

I believe that there was nothing unjust about your experience.

There is nothing inherently unjust about a mandatory order: Canada (M.

Actually, I have just compared last year's outpourings and perhaps I have indeed been unjust about our esteemed leaders.

Hence, the fierce denial that there was anything inhumane or unjust about the war or the treatment of Tamil civilians thereafter.

The Europe Union and the British government see what is unjust about these kinds of laws, it seems some kiwis are blind to the face too.

Or rather, there's as much that is unjust about that as there was about her appointment to the Council on 13 October 2010 to represent the governor of the Bryansk Oblast.

In 3% of cases unjust towards is used

I might as well be unjust towards him.

He knows that Allah can not be unjust towards him.

To fail to draw a distinction is unjust towards those who have picked us their cross.

Almost every mehtar, raja, thum, gushpur, mir, prince, shehanshah, president is unjust towards his people.

So if the only way in Islam was to permanently marry, then this would be unjust towards a woman who does not know his husband before marriage.

Buchanan views the Versailles treaty as monstrously unjust towards Germany, and argues that German efforts to revise Versailles were both moral and just.

Allah could have said she is destined for hell anyway so no point in sending her to earth just put her directly in hell, but that would be unjust towards her.

He forgets most things in order to do one thing; he is unjust towards what lies behind him and knows only one right, the right of what is to come into being now.

In 3% of cases unjust by is used

He is cruel and unjust BY YOUR VERY CALCULATIONS.

A strong but non-violent man is unjust by accident.

Judges decide whether an action was unjust by assessing it against the law.

Domestic manufacturers feel the NPPA is being unjust by allowing a higher price cap for imported insulin.

The German administration, like the conquest that had established it, was viewed as harsh and unjust by Meru and Arusha.

I understand maintenance must happen, however, when you extend it to 5:00 pm in the afternoon Central Time, I am not unjust by asking for a free day on my account.

He said that where the law might be unjust by being contrary to human good, such a law should not bind in conscience but should be obeyed in order to avoid scandal or disturbance.

In 2% of cases unjust as is used

But it is not altogether unjust as a description of Dean Inge.

This is quite unjust as a description of the Church of England.

I was pressured into an agreement that unfortunately now I see unfair and unjust as well as immoral.

The process that took Lennox away and condemned him to death, and the court verdicts that have upheld the order for his death, are unjust as well as cruel.

For soldiers are never so generally unjust as to side with their captain, though they love him, against their sovereign, when they love not only his person, but also his cause.

In 2% of cases unjust from is used

To thee have I been unjust from the day of thy birth.

Why is this unjust from a libertarian perspective? It is not.

That may be unjust from the good doctors ' point of view, but it's perfectly reasonable from the patient's.

And we look at that as a not only a significant problem, one that is just unfair, but it's really unjust from our view.

It is easy for us to decry something unjust from a comfortable safe environment when the danger is past and when we may not have all the information.

Why? Sean: Helvi I think the difference is that the British settlement process happened a couple of hundred years ago and has been widely acknowledged as unjust from todays moral viewpoint.

In 2% of cases unjust of is used

When a punishment in this world comes to a society in accordance with the norms of history, it does not remain confined to the unjust of that society.

In 2% of cases unjust on is used

I felt it was a little bit unjust on two counts but we showed great character from that and we were the better team.

Assuming the couples are pairs of willing adult citizens, this looks to be manifestly unjust on the part of the state.

Anjali Jagtap 09 Oct 2012 Thisa is very unjust on the part of UGC that they have declared the norms for passing after the exams.

If your employer fails to include all of the above in the notice then the meeting may be unfair and unjust on you and you may have grounds for a personal grievance.

A further point: if the tax is unjust on other grounds, it may be more just to have high administrative costs, for then there will be less chance that the tax will be fully collected.

The escape urged by Crito is then shown to be unjust on the basis of Socrates ' remarkable premise that, contrary to popular belief, it is never right to commit injustice (adikein) /do harm.

In 1% of cases unjust with is used

Some people think the Church is just being mean &; unjust with out thinking there may be some logic to why it's done this way.

In 1% of cases unjust under is used

Those rules have to be applied (there is no discretion about whether to apply Part 36 or not, and it is most unusual for a court to find that the costs consequences would be unjust under Part 36.

In 1% of cases unjust at is used

As I've just suggested, that seems arbitrary and unjust at first glance.

Justice that prevails in law courts may be unjust at times, but nature's justice is always exact.

If the foreign law normally applicable violates the strongest moral convictions or appears profoundly unjust at the forum, the law should not be applied.

In 1% of cases unjust among is used

They do well, the masters, to eat our marrow, if we have been so unjust among ourselves.

In 1% of cases unjust against is used

You can't call the banksters or the system evil or even unjust against a nonexistent standard.

In 1% of cases unjust according is used

They were rejected exactly as unjust according to Protocol No.

Roderic's weakness now led him to perpetrate an act of cruelty, although it could scarcely be called unjust according to the ideas of the times.

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