Prepositions after "universal"

universal in, to, for, among or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases universal in is used

Learning is universal in nature.

They're universal in that sense.

Football is universal in every way.

This sort of jumping is, in fact, nearly universal in web browsers and text editors.

To be sure, gaps still exist and modern conveniences aren't universal in poor homes.

Except for being universal in use, there seems no much use of a 30-pin dock connector.

Consider prohibitions against slavery, incest, cannibalism, and rape which are all universal in the modern world.

The wisdom of these teachings in Sri Guru Granth Sahib are practical and universal in their appeal to all mankind.

Further, the A Level curriculum is NOT universal in Nigeria where the West African Exams (WAEC/WACE) are standard.

Thus, it is not to be taken for granted that the Akan doctrine of a basically demiurgic God is universal in Africa.

In 10% of cases universal to is used

They are universal to marketing.

The idea is universal to all media.

Unless paragraphs-as-eddies are universal to art forms.

Conflict is inherent at all levels in nature, from the universal to the sub-atomic.

The concepts of wanting the ball (bowler) or stepping up are universal to any sport.

They cater universal to both foreign and domestic investors without any distinction.

New Zealand has a variety of services available to all families and wh? nau, from universal to intensive support.

Does Arkon work with all smartphones? Yes, it is universal to all categories within the specified size recommendation.

This problem does not pertain to any particular segment of our society or state; it?? s universal to the entire Ummah.

However, I beg to raise some logical questions regarding basic items which I thought are universal to everyone's thinking.

In 7% of cases universal among is used

It is near universal among all animals.

The propensity for ' thing using ' is universal among humans.

It is not something, however, that is universal among parents.

One universal among my family and friends is the love of decorating for the holidays.

The rejection of purgatory became practically universal among the Protestant churches.

To sum up, dominance reactions to trick cards were almost universal among our subjects.

The celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is nearly universal among Indian-American Hindus (95%).

The images are therefore universal among all modern humans including the Bushmen and other hunters and gatherers.

The sensation of hearing is universal among vertebrates, but the use of it for speech and music is uniquely human.

The phenomenon is so universal among school-aged children that at times I've questioned my right to ask them to do so.

In 7% of cases universal for is used

And that's what's universal for me.

They are pretty universal for all areas.

They are universal for all places and times.

You're right - I think that this type of jumper is pretty universal for any outfit.

We pray for the Church universal for God's Spirit to continue to direct and guide us.

Fourth, it is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds and therefore universal for all.

Support is also provided to Concern Universal for the implementation of the Local Development Support Programme.

The goal should be to make these federal data collection requirements universal for all schools and school districts.

Conscription is universal for Jewish men and women over the age of 18, although exemptions may be made on religious grounds.

Although it has become universal for high performance bicycles, mid-range bikes are still welded aluminium, because it's cheaper.

In 4% of cases universal of is used

ZIP - the most universal of the compression tools.

Everything that your Dad is doing is natural and universal of all sick men.

X-Ray is probably the oldest and the most universal of imaging technologies.

It's probably the most universal of all dying wishes, other than leaving with no regrets.

The tri-radial cut is a combination of the remaining three, and is the most universal of them, with good handling and power characteristics.

Perhaps the need to find or feel some ultimate harmony or order is a universal of the mind, whatever its powers, and whatever form it takes.

The novel is rich with Indian family relationships, social custom and mores, politics, and the most universal of human emotions and behavior.

Anger -- the Most Typical of Emotions Anger is possibly the most universal of the emotions felt by those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Look at most films they are almost universal of the same or similar technical standard -- it's the story that separates the good and bad ones.

In 3% of cases universal across is used

Such behavior appears universal across cultures.

Values are universal across diverse cultures and societies.

Slavery had been universal across Africa, Asia and Europe for several thousands of years.

The classical view held that phenomena had properties that were universal across time and space.

The diction is almost universal across some of the biggest, most respected relief organisations in the world.

The positive effects of ceremony are universal across civilisations and are neither specific, to age or gender.

What's more, evolutionary psychology suggests that the desire for status comparison is universal across all cultures.

Forums Lyrical maturation seems to be the only deficiency that she has, and this is not universal across the entire CD.

Although the U-Pass BC is a Provincial initiative and universal across the Province, there are actually multiple programs.

In 3% of cases universal with is used

But a real team must be universal with good persons.

The tradition is one and universal with many variants.

On the contrary, the Church unites in herself the universal with the national.

These two young men are tapping into something very big and universal with their music.

Once he was finished he said that he has booked me a meeting at Universal with an A &R; rep.

Act as a universal with the development of new Trinitate is the most important North Whitehead.

The term ' cruise ' seems to be becoming universal with even ferry companies referring to crossings as ' crusies '.

And so pleased is Universal with the work that the pair have done, that it's entered into a new two-year deal with them.

The very meeting point of God with man, supernature with nature, universal with particular is itself the root of tension.

We said we're going to spend a few years writing it, figuring out the logistics of the production, and going to Universal with it.

In 3% of cases universal as is used

These are both universal as well as particular rules.

It's a universal as well as a genetic law of inheritance.

The concept expressed is absolutely universal as the object of consciousness can be literally anything.

An individual becomes a particular when they have a job, because in a job they enter into the Universal as an Individual.

This also links to it being timeless because no matter what, the logo is always going to be recognisable for Universal as a company.

The fact is that the HPV vaccination programme is not universal as some schools are opting out, with GPs and parents not being told.

White became universal as a wedding dress choice only after 1840, when Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg, in a white lace gown.

Being tolerant actually means that sometimes you shouldn't have to tolerate a lot of things, and there's nothing universal as to what those things are.

Salivating, evil hyenas, shape-shifting bee armies and hearty Gujarati-speaking flamingos combine to bring a universal as well as a local aura to the journey.

The concept is universal as the blend of human emotion reality TV is matched to the DIY / home improvement mindset so prevalent in so many countries and cultures.

In 2% of cases universal at is used

Deeply psychological and universal at the same time.

Your soul is both personal and universal at the same time.

I am so itching to find a Mamiya Universal at a decent price.

They are local and universal at the same time -- local universals.

Famed director John Huston, a staff writer for Universal at the time, wrote an early version of the warning.

The programme also includes the world premiere of Universal at Midnight by Gabriel Zucker, an alumnus of the composition programme.

Headaches are almost universal at this point - again, they're not acutely painful, but a constant uncomfortable pressure all over your skull.

He does play with the food somewhat, and I haven't been able to figure out any food preferences or anything, it seems very universal at this point.

Walter Brunkan, who helped found Columbus Catholic High School in Waterloo, said the priest-could-do-no-harm notion was nearly universal at the time.

It could be that it was inspired by what is now termed as anti-Semintism or it could be that it emphasised the grand universal at the expense of the particular.

In 2% of cases universal by is used

He'd moved to Universal by then.

This is not universal by any means.

In the 1950s radar began to be used, and it became universal by the 1970s.

Often used in reference to a singular noun made universal by every, any, no, etc.

Being universal by nature, the Church is at the same time one organism, one body (1 Cor.

To ensure access to electricity is universal by 2030, $700 billion needs to be invested.

It is a claim made in the name of the universal by those excluded from (liberal) politics.

We also use it to enhance our news universal by marking how many people shared an article.

We are taking our broad appeal today and making it more universal by filling in a few gaps.

So in my view, this experience of abandonment that you describe is not universal by any means.

In 2% of cases universal throughout is used

One thing that seems to be universal throughout the U.

Donegal Belief in buried treasure is universal throughout Ireland.

The general process to transform policy into law is universal throughout all BC Government ministries.

By 1300 the decline of the fief-holding feudal cavalry had become universal throughout the Mediterranean world.

From direct experience, I know there are already teams doing this but it needs to be universal throughout cycling.

More than the form, however, it was the sentiment -- one of deep symbolic mourning -- that was universal throughout New Zealand.

Is this universal throughout RBS? What XXXXXX reported back to us bout the pressures on his wife to meet unrealistic sales targets implied that it was.

Because religion is so universal throughout the history of humanity, it can be difficult to separate it from the inherent failures of people as a species.

These tragic deaths can not justify the replacement of the world's most civilised abortion law by the pro-death laws now almost universal throughout Europe.

The scribes of Winchester did indeed use for long e and when Wessex was victorious their conventions, the West Saxon Standard, became universal throughout England.

In 2% of cases universal about is used

There is nothing universal about it.

There is nothing universal about Western states ' claim to support universal human rights.

The real issue is this: WHAT IS A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY? There is something universal about a university.

I'd aware of the problems of moral relativism, but there's essentially nothing universal about filtering any particular set of media.

But this is the first pic not starring Damon as Jason Bourne so there is understandable anxiety within Universal about the pic's prospects.

And also like a Shakespearean tragedy, the novel transcends any limitations of its setting to say something unquestionably universal about the human condition.

I think Murakami is a rarity though, his stories have the mood of Japan, but there is something universal about them that people all over the world can connect to.

Maron has emerged as the product of a very definite time, place, and cultural milieu, but there's also something strangely universal about his anger and frustration.

Nevertheless there's something pretty universal about those few figurative dots that allow us to easily communicate an emotion that would require a far greater number of words.

Ideas: If a sense of humor is part of our basic, human thinking machinery, then why can't we agree about what's funny? Hurley: What's universal about humor is the process, not the content.

In 1% of cases universal from is used

The Most Influential Newspaper The most influential paper, El Universal from Mexico City, began in 1916.

It's widely acknowledged that keeping NZ superannuation in its current form, universal from age 65, is not affordable over the long-term.

It's obvious that foreign involvment in Pakistan has been a disaster, the solution is simple and almost universal from the ' left ' stop destabilising Pakistan.

In 1% of cases universal around is used

That's a universal around here.

It seems to be almost universal around most 40+ men that I know have higher libido than women in that age group.

In 1% of cases universal like is used

It's not universal like it is in Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.

Their message was not universal like the message of Prophet Mohamed (saws).

Artists also deserve to be timeless and universal like the art they create for us.

For something that could be potentially universal like a connector, I can dream that they'd cooperate.

Alright Written by Brent N from Osterburg Oct 23, 2012 Having just switched from android, I find this new cable annoying as it is not universal like a micro USB.

In 1% of cases universal amongst is used

The Common sense layer is tagging or unique tags that are universal amongst all the Search engines.

With the exception of seafood, reptiles, and amphibians, dander is universal amongst well-known house critters.

The bitterness towards the rise in fees seems to be universal amongst students, and has continued to spread to other parts of the globe.

It is almost universal amongst the various uncultured tribes that the snake is associated with sex and often worshipped in conjunction with it.

While this tendency is universal amongst religious communities, a few elements of Islamic history make the trend particularly noticeable in Shi'ism.

He was referring specifically to the scene surrounding San Francisco in the middle 60's but this condition is universal amongst mankind as they follow the course from beginning to end.

In 1% of cases universal on is used

Chain of command In a lawsuit filed by Universal on Aug.

We are planning on going to Universal on Thursday June 2nd.

The president can't pass anything permanent or universal on his own.

The chip and PIN system became universal on Valentine's Day 2006, replacing the use of signatures to authorise purchases.

It's reassuring to know that the scenery is fairly universal on the road to building something unique from mere synaptic firings.

Real names are by no means universal on Facebook, but it? s the importance of real names is a myth that Facebook likes to shill out.

The Wiz is a 1978 musical film produced by Motown Productions and Universal Pictures, and released by Universal on October 24, 1978.

There is though a lesson in all of the post election (universal on our part) sigh of relief, and that is that it's not over until it's over.

It is almost universal on enterprise LANs and is fast becoming the medium of choice for carriers also and both camps make extensive use of 802.

But this latter science, if care be taken to keep its generalizations free from error, may accept many propositions as universal on the evidence of experience,.

In 1% of cases universal over is used

Perhaps actors from outside have less baggage, more scope to access the universal over the parochial.

Not sure about the UK but debit cards are universal over there, even take cash out in your local shop.

One looks at Carl Laemmle, the other looks into the more memorable characters to have come out of Universal over the last century.

In 1% of cases universal rather is used

I would actually prefer all benefits to be universal rather than means-tested.

In itself, this is important, suggesting that the experience of women's representation is universal rather than context-specific.

This Labour policy should have State housing in the mix to make it a policy of the left by establishing a universal rather than targeted policy (were all in this together).

I will also say that in my experience the single most common bad argument is the assumption that one's personal experience is universal rather than intensely personal and anecdotal.

It is partly a question of good governance, and the paper helpfully sets out some principles of this that are universal rather than culturally specific, including such basics as fairness and decency.

In 1% of cases universal through is used

You will live the power of the universal through an integrated personality.

This is most curious considering that the production and use of drugs for human kind is virtually universal through time.

Although the language is trapped in the game world, it becomes universal through internet-based gameplay and is rarely changed from country to country, or area to area.

Thirdly, this practice is not universal through Islam, far from it, and so the question arises just how religiously based the practice is as against simply a cultural practice.

In 1% of cases universal after is used

But it turns out that the culture of female fidelity is not universal after all.

It's been suggested recently in the literatures that black-body law is not universal after all.

Clare Maguire Two years ago, the 23-year-old (above) signed an eye-watering $2m deal with Universal after a fierce label chase.

In 1% of cases universal within is used

The upper triangle represents the universal within you.

For C to work, both A and B needs to be universal within the population.

This shortened concept of time may be universal within the origin of religions.

Language, for example, is common to us all, and certain aspects of language, such as speech sounds, are universal within human languages.

Whilst there was a significant presence on India of the Mughals, their reign was about as long as the British and by no means universal within the Indian context.

In 1% of cases universal without is used

The rules are: 1) Moral rules must be universal without logical contradiction.

Thought can not be without a particularity of its own, for concepts can not be universal without being both determinate and unifying their own particularisations.

It was the realization that the messages within Nas ' lyrics were still just as powerful, raw and universal without leaning on attention-grabbing lingual exploits.

Paul can conceive of the church as both local and universal without contradiction; in fact, Paul refers to the universal church outside of Ephesians (1 Cor 15:9; Gal 1:13; Phil 3:6; Col 1:18, 24).

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