Prepositions after "united"

united in, at, for, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases united in is used

They join Manchester United in the last 16.

Please suggest and help us to united in Canada.

Lawyers were very united in fighting martial law.

Ibrahimovic has played superbly against both Arsenal &; Manchester United in the past.

And Scholes, Macari, Robson, Charlton et al have been critical for United in the past.

This is a major reason why we are so far behind United in terms of commercial revenues.

Auckland City vs Waitakere United in the Charity Cup at 2pm, WaiBOP vs Northern in the National Women's League at 4.

According to him, they will have enough chances to overtake Manchester United in the remaining matches of the season.

However, that was good but his goal on the last day of the season at home to Man United in a 3-0 win was even better.

Burak Yilmaz's superb header gave Galatasaray a win that boosted their hopes of joining United in the knockout stages.

In 14% of cases united at is used

No excuses for United at Wigan.

Put yourself at Manchester United at the time.

Arrived from Heathrow on United at terminal 7.

Manchester United play hosts to Newcastle United at Old Trafford while Chelsea play host.

Team Bulletin Waterford United v Mervue United at the RSC Friday, October 5th, 2012 (KO 7.

Joe scored a goal in the 3-0 rout over Manchester United at the end of the 2004/05 season.

Combined with the lack of a transfer fee needed to secure him, Llorente is the ideal target for United at this time.

It didn't work at the Etihad in the opening fixture, and it failed once more against Manchester United at St Mary's.

The left back was let go by Newcastle United at the end of the 2012/13 season, and was immediately plucked by Jnoubi.

The son of the former Cov-entry winger Donato Nardiello was a prolific striker for Man-chester United at youth level.

In 14% of cases united for is used

He's at United for the long-haul.

One of them blamed United for 9/11.

And to Manchester United for Robin.

Wesley Sneijder is a player who has been linked with United for the last few seasons.

Minnesotans United for All Marriage changed that through an immense calling campaign.

I have no affiliation with Manchester yet have proudly supported United for 13 years.

Saying Glazers are at Manchester United for the long run is something to be said to the innocent ones (read naive).

You have to hold your hands up and give credit to Manchester United for the way they set up and approached the game.

Bezos announced Friday that he was making the donation with his wife MacKenzie to Washington United for Marriage, a.

So much so that one of my distinguished colleagues from the UfC United for Consensus group accused us of diplomatic.

In 10% of cases united on is used

Big win for United on the cards.

A 4-3 win over Newcastle United on the.

Setting United on route to an impressive 4-0 win.

I paid one fee to American on the first leg, then one fee to United on the return leg.

It came to a shock in 2009 when he transferred to Manchester United on a free transfer.

His goals have saved, and won matches for West Ham United on many occasions last season.

On 2nd November 2000 Tinkler sign for Hartlepool United on a free transfer, despite protests from the Southend fans.

They will, however, have a big test to their record in their next match when they travel to Thika United on Saturday.

Manchester United On the face of it, it appears as though Manchester United do not necessarily need Christian Eriksen.

Ahead of the monstrous game, Neil Lennon made four changes to the side which drew against Dundee United on the weekend.

In 6% of cases united with is used

Stand united with your higher thoughts.

Become united with one purpose and serve Hari.

Kevin Kimani is the best at Mathare United with six.

But we all realized that what matters most is that we stand united with our friends.

We stand united with you in your sympathies for our beloved President and his family.

It is clear that, if we are to remain united with Christ, we must lead fruitful lives.

After coming to the club with such promise, Anderson could now leave United with that promise largely unfulfilled.

The loss leaves Arsenal in 10th place, 15 points behind leaders Manchester United with a third of the season gone.

However, a bit like Manchester United with their defeat atNorwich, this could be the kick up the backside they need.

Your example about the sperm is quite illogical since a sperm it self is nothing until its united with a female egg.

In 4% of cases united to is used

For United to move on, youth must gain the chance and experience.

A win for Chelsea would stretch their lead over United to seven points.

The last time a player moved from United to Arsenal was Brian Kidd in 1974.

That same night Rangers defended manfully to hold Manchester United to a scoreless draw.

To a Rochdale fan, Rochdale will forever be just as vital as Manchester United to a United fan.

Economic dependence and political submission united to bring down and break apart the nobility.

I think Neil Warnock, is an Icon for taking Sheffield United to the premier league despite going straight back down.

It led to the signing of Eric Cantona, who would catalyse Manchester United to an extent that still boggles the mind.

Corry Evans, Oliver Norwood and James Chester have all previously been loaned from United to the Brunton Park outfit.

The 29 year old Dutch striker partnered well up front with Wayne Rooney, and led Manchester United to 2nd place in the league.

In 3% of cases united vs is used

Newcastle United vs Martimo (20.

Live Wayamba United vs Kandurata.

The match was Manchester United vs.

Thanks to Grantland I decided to have a running diary during the Manchester United vs.

And we are now witnessing the effect of the court's 2010 decision in Citizens United vs.

West Ham United vs Swansea City vs live HD TV with Unlimited Access to Over 3,500 Channels.

The supposed Almunia foul on Rooney that led to the equalizer in the Manchester United VS Arsenal league game in August 09.

Over lunch he will discuss the ample charms of the office buxom, Manchester United vs Arsenal and how bollocks the government is.

Newcastle United vs Swansea City at St James ' Park Newcastle will be looking to bounce back from their loss to West Ham last weekend.

And by sitting his striker's deep Pardew prevented his midfield from being over run numerically -- as what in part happened to United vs.

In 2% of cases united from is used

Joel Porter Played for Gold Coast United from 2009 until 2012.

A goal had to come, and it came unusually for United from a corner.

The Hoops will be at home to Avenue United from Clare in the next round.

Prior to that he had been signed by Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon as an 18-year-old.

Marouane Fellaini's individual highlights v Manchester United from August can be seen on the video below.

Marnick Vermijl Playing Position: Fullback The Peer born right-back joined United from Standard Lige in 2010.

The Highly Rated Italian midfielder joined his fellow countryman Federico Macheda at United from Roma in July 2008.

I write about United from my own perspective and my own heart and up to now very few people have had issue with that.

Mendes ' reputation in Spain was growing and he was the man who secured the deal for Ricardo to United from Valladolid.

Other popular football teams are the AFC Leopards, Mathare United from Mathare Valley, and the Coast Stars from Mombasa.

In 2% of cases united of is used

Amputees United of Australia Inc.

We're the Manchester United of television.

It's like the Manchester United of TV programmes.

In particular the delivery to United of its 2nd 787.

Boakye began his career with Bechem United of Ghana.

But you cant have a united of 1 singe Kngdom and a province.

This basically robbed United of his effectiveness in the box.

Should he get the role at United of which he so vocally dreams? Goal.

Holland United of Zion, Martha Brae are the new Trelawny Knockout Champions.

But Spalletti was quick to remind United of their moderate away record in Europe.

In 2% of cases united after is used

City have a two-point lead over United after 16 games.

Patrice Evra added a second for United after the break.

Always wanted friedel at United after Peter Schmeichel.

They were back at Wembley in 1952 but lost 0 -- 1 to Newcastle United after an injury.

For the basketball challenged think to Manchester United after Ronaldo's move to Real Madrid.

Anyone prepared to write off Manchester United after their defeat at Norwich? NO? The same should apply to the Boro.

But Mignolet says it will be a different game when the Black Cats host Newcastle United after the international break.

The Uruguayan took eight months and 27 games to score his first goal for Manchester United after signing for them, for 6.

In 2% of cases united by is used

Wolves sneak ahead of Manchester United by 0.

In the FA Cup final Arsenal beat Newcastle United by 2 -- 0.

They lead Drogheda United by six points going into this encounter.

Hughes was a player for Oxford United by that time and football was his passion all his life.

Arsenal fans can give up on the league now, they already trail leaders Man United by 11 points.

In the past a visit to United by a player of Kagawa's skill would've resulted in an instant deal.

Fulham sneaked ahead of United by convincing 16 year old Noe Baba that his immediate future belonged at Craven Cottage.

Ipswich won their delayed game at Burnley 3-0, Sheffield United by the same score over fellow promotion favourites QPR.

The following season we weren't able to retain the league or FA Cup, we lost the league to Manchester United by one point.

This setback allowed current Premier League Champions, Manchester City to go to the top of the league ahead of United by a point.

In 2% of cases united as is used

Stick to United as a valued player.

Or maybe it's easier to use Manchester United as an example.

All using United as the Golden Goose to line their own pockets.

Manchester United as a football club is associated with fast wing play and scoring goals.

This is a club who has zero respect for Manchester United as the whole Evra debacle proved.

Also, FFS, he's only spoke of Manchester United as a club he still regards very, very highly.

There is no doubt that this was the game breaker, as events turned from bad to worse for United as the game wore on.

The 22-year-old carries plenty of pace and has been reportedly looked at by United as a long term option along with Fabio.

Considering that Forbes magazine labelled Manchester United as the most valuable sports club in the world (with a worth of 1.

How to Detect: Clear doubling of all obverse elements; look for a tiny gouge near the edge above the D in UNITED as a die marker.

In 2% of cases united against is used

Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism: (http: //www.

He has played in the middle and on the left for United against Liverpool.

For the third year in a row, CECAFA and United Against Malaria have partnered.

The best before that was Wayne Rooney's for Manchester United against Manchester City.

Wallace, the chief executive of United Against Nuclear Iran, said in announcing the campaign.

STAND Canada is a strong supporter of United Against Genocide and our mandates completed align.

Ron worked with Allan Einstoss of Canadians United Against Terrorism to find a venue for a round table discussion.

According to Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction, the Cook County sheriff has agreed to a meeting.

Finally, in 2006 Alan Shearer, while playing for Newcastle United against Sunderland, suffered a knee injury after a collision.

Javier Hernandez secured a win for United against Chelsea with the winner, and this weekend transformed the game against Aston Villa.

In 1% of cases united during is used

You had plenty of options when you left Manchester United during the summer.

Indeed, Ghanaians were more united during the period of Nkrumah than any regime.

Kagawa joined English Premier League side Manchester United during the summer windows this and has.

Nani has said for a long time now that he would be more than happy to stay at United during his peak years.

Carey's Goal Scoring Record for Man Utd Johnny Carey scored 17 goals for Manchester United during his career.

One of his greatest performances was during the 5-1 thrashing of Man United during the Maine Road massacre in 1989.

It wasn't until February 2008 that Faye scored his first - and only - goal for Newcastle United during the 5 -- 1 defeat at home to Manchester United.

In fairness, the calibre of the Welsh team has been nowhere near the level of United during his career, but special players can still produce great moments playing for weak sides.

Juan Mata of Chelsea celebrates after scoring his team's first goal against West Ham United during their English Premier League soccer match at Upton Park, London December 1, 2012.

Retiring from international football has contributed to a sprightlier player who has significantly taken over the goalscoring mantle at United during Rooney's extended spell of impotency.

In 1% of cases united over is used

Players at Manchester United over recent years are not receiving that.

Instead of sniping at United over it, just enjoy the success of your team.

Villa Park has been a favoured stomping ground for Manchester United over the years.

For example, the Italian has made just 12 starts for United over the past three seasons.

DDG and Kagawa were class, both will prove to be invaluable to United over time for sure.

I don't mean any disrespect to the great achievements of Manchester United over the years.

But what sets a team apart is Champions League glory and Man United over history, have under achieved.

Across town in M16 and Rio Ferdinand has said he will decide about his future with Manchester United over Christmas.

Match of the Day and others used to tally up points Peter Schmeichel had ' won ' for United over the course of a season.

The winking, smug, arrogant diving, cheating play acting ronaldo who won about 30points for united over the 07-09 campaigns.

In 1% of cases united before is used

On knowing about drawing Manchester United before the game.

Best had numerous falling outs with Manchester United before being finally released in January 1974.

He returned to India in 2005 and played for Mahindra United before rejoining his beloved Bagan the next year.

Barton made no bones about his desire to leave Newcastle United before finally sealing that switch to QPR on Aug.

Solskjaer made an art out of scoring off the bench in a decade at Manchester United before coaching the reserve side.

Beckham came through the ranks and enjoyed a glittering career at Manchester United before joining Real Madrid in 2003.

The 21-year-old came through the ranks at Selhurst Park, even going on trial at Manchester United before breaking in to the Palace first team.

Redknapp watched from the stands at Old Trafford on Saturday as rock-bottom Rangers took a second-half lead at Manchester United before conceding three goals in an eight-minute spell.

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