Prepositions after "unimpressed"

"unimpressed with" or "unimpressed by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases unimpressed with is used

Completely unimpressed with his play.

I've been very unimpressed with Clegg.

Overall unimpressed with the dialogue.

The Opposition is unimpressed with the Chief Minister's response on the matter.

So far I've been unimpressed with attempts to bring pop-ups to the e-book world.

The judge was clearly unimpressed with the arguments put forward by the council.

Meanwhile, Megson was unimpressed with new signing Rahamat Riga Mustapha - subjecting him to harsh criticism.

If the austerity is motivated by libertarian ideology, true libertarians will be unimpressed with the results.

I am equally unimpressed with the Mills government, and I place the blame squarely on the Rawlings ' doorstep.

I think I have a couple of insurance-related savings things, but I'd deeply unimpressed with their performance.

In 44% of cases unimpressed by is used

Yet I remain unimpressed by it.

Jon Davis is unimpressed by this.

The fact that the UCS representative was unimpressed by any of it is a good sign.

But the imagery seemed ' made-up ' and I was unimpressed by its level of realism.

Having said all that, I am unimpressed by his complaints about feeling an outsider.

In the High Court, Judge Cross was unimpressed by the Okunades ' arguments, and his judgment is available here.

I know a few of you have Kindles -- any tips? I'd unimpressed by the selection of covers and cases for a start.

Surprised myself by how handy the tablet format was but I was unimpressed by the **34;5050;TOOLONG of the iPad.

Jay-Z arrives but leaves before Rihanna appears (who again looks deeply unimpressed by the whole gaudy charade).

In 2% of cases unimpressed at is used

I was also very unimpressed at having to spend 35 for an Ikea furniture delivery which had a 12hr delivery slot.

When he got there, Berry was unimpressed at the couple of hundred people in a run of the mill protest against the Pass Laws.

Fatai is unimpressed at the surging popularity of hip-hop in Nigeria and questions the musical credentials of the genre's artists.

Again, we were unimpressed at the bar prices which were pretty outrageous for Jamaica -- $20 for a flask of rum!? (AND $6000JMD for a full bottle.

I have seen children unimpressed at the thought of being given a Bible, as a leaving gift in year 6, get very excited about this and start exploring.

There has been a queue to the door at our local branch during the lunch period so I am feeling very unimpressed at the pressure this now creates for us.

As he had no land to call his own, Boulong was constantly shuffled along the beach by landowners who were most unimpressed at the thought of him inhabiting their beach.

Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN A vaunted initiative to have Neighbourhood Watch members accompanying paramedics attending incidents in Khayelitsha left paramedics unimpressed at its launch today.

In 1% of cases unimpressed about is used

I'd still unimpressed about the capabilities of the much vaunted 4X4 genre though.

She got four shots today, which she was singularly unimpressed about even before she was jabbed.

They had no regrets about the target -- a traitor to Russia and someone who deserved to be murdered -- but were unimpressed about the bungling and messy way his assassination had been carried out.

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