Prepositions after "uniform"

"uniform in" or "uniform across"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases uniform in is used

Very uniform in shape and size.

Zip codes are not uniform in shape nor size.

Human bodies aren't uniform in their perfection.

See, those atheist science-loving Democrats aren't uniform in their support of Singer.

The open space in each of the top corners of the viewfinder should be uniform in size.

Unfortunately the basic immunization providing centers are not uniform in the country.

Or that the layers are not uniform in mass, or that the layers are not uniform in their neutron-emission abilities.

But for the most part, bankruptcy is largely uniform in its application becaues the law is Federal and pre-emptive.

The group under consideration are thus by no means uniform in their visual acuity or the conditions that favor them.

Damorbel, your post #38 suggests that you think the atmosphere is fairly uniform in temperature from surface to top.

In 16% of cases uniform across is used

Poverty level is not uniform across India.

Cycling isn't uniform across places and days.

Whatever is done should be uniform across the EU.

Those interfaces are uniform across hardware platforms and kernel base platforms.

The expansion of the banking industry will not be uniform across the continent, however.

Now, here's where it gets more interesting: bone maturation isn't uniform across the body.

Thomas said the rate of increase in prices during the last five years has not been uniform across the commodities.

Final power rested with the central government, which made the laws and practices more uniform across the country.

The delegation level for determining whether an infringement notice should be issued is not uniform across councils.

Another surprising data point: Emergency room spending is pretty uniform across different types of insurance coverage.

In 13% of cases uniform with is used

The spread of the heat will not be uniform with time.

This rule is not uniform with rule 313 of the Road Rules.

This rule is not uniform with rule 313A of the Road Rules.

Subrule (3) is not uniform with the corresponding subrule in rule 234 of the Rules.

Subrule (6) is not uniform with the corresponding subrule in rule 271 of the Rules.

Dippy wore a green felt uniform with a small green hat with a gold bell at the end.

Paragraph (b) of the definition of enclosed is not uniform with the corresponding paragraph in rule 268 of the Rules.

The binding is uniform with the Complete Novels edition, but bound in blue (rather than brown) buckram for differentiation.

This Library Edition is uniform with a similar edition of The descent of man, and the same cloth was used for Life and letters.

In 11% of cases uniform throughout is used

Such jurisdiction shall be uniform throughout the state.

However, the results are not uniform throughout the State.

One assumes the pigment complement is uniform throughout these algae.

The flow of value to the First World is not uniform throughout the First World.

Unfortunately the basic immunity centers are not uniform throughout the country.

Criminal law is solely a federal responsibility and is uniform throughout Canada.

But such ample resources and the scrupulousness of laboratory technicians are not uniform throughout the country.

The sedimentation rate and subsidence in the whole of the Bengal Basin were not uniform throughout the Quaternary.

As the weather pattern in the country is not uniform, the demand for power is also not uniform throughout the country.

The Legislature shall establish a system of County and Township Government which shall be uniform throughout the State.

In 7% of cases uniform for is used

It should be uniform for all series '.

Now the 35 per cent tax rate would be uniform for all.

Keikogi is a term used to check with uniform for training.

Public policies, including public health policies, have to be uniform for populations.

The appearance is far too digitally uniform for an era when blueprints were hand-drawn.

Justice became more uniform for all classes of society and more people had the opportunity to dine out.

The terms and conditions of all workers, including duration of breaks, are uniform for employees in Gurgaon and Manesar.

Said rules shall be uniform for all courts of the same grade and shall not diminish, increase, or modify substantive rights.

Finally, I think there is a control, software, and/or algorithm issue with the BMS, which should be mostly uniform for all cars.

Yes Victor, the change in output during high solar activity is not uniform for wavelength and I don't know how important that is.

In 3% of cases uniform over is used

This is not necessarily uniform over legal clauses.

Temperature changes will not be uniform over the globe.

This structure is not uniform over the petal? s surface.

First assume that the mobile speed is uniform over an interval a, b.

The vegetation tends to be very uniform over large areas of this desert.

Rainfall during monsoon is not uniform over time and space during the whole season.

The science: meltdown in the Arctic Planetary warming will not be uniform over the entire globe.

The ozone content of the atmosphere is by no means uniform over all areas of the globe and varies considerably with the seasons.

No one ever claimed shale plays were uniform over the entire geography of the shale formation, and no one ever claimed they'd be profitable at $3.

In 2% of cases uniform at is used

The retail price is uniform at US$60 for any model purchased.

The salinity of deep and bottom waters is uniform at about 34.

The observations of what we can see are very uniform at the large scale.

In the 21st century, global sea level also will continue to rise although the rise will not be uniform at all locations.

Accept that educational efforts and achievements aren't uniform at all state and local levels, and begin to tackle the problem at a local level.

Humanity could adopt perfectly uniform atomic time now at the expense of letting our descendants figure out how to return to mean solar time if they so desire.

In 2% of cases uniform from is used

The knots should be uniform from one end to the other.

Shake it well so that the internal temperature is uniform from top to bottom.

This appears not to be uniform from library to library, either on Google or Worldcat.

The western half of North America, geologically the most recent, is uniform from north to south.

It means it was uniform from state to state as well as being uniform with the District of Columbia.

Our longings are not uniform from birth to death; they vary in their intensity and even in their shape and contour.

And, for that matter, reactions to severe abuse among family members are not typically uniform from what I understand.

Aquinas an Human Laws Some laws enforce the natural law and should be uniform from one society to another (laws against murder and theft, for example).

Compared with other varieties, its ears are relatively shorter (8 inches long) but the size of the cobs is uniform from base to tip that's why it has more kernels.

In 2% of cases uniform on is used

It's not uniform on that one play.

So tension is uniform on both sides.

Heat is not uniform on the moons surface.

The bezel is uniform on the top and bottom.

Oppositions this broad are not uniform on the details.

You will be expected to appear for breakfast dressed in full uniform on weekdays.

The reason is both T/F and T/B bed are active, so tension is uniform on both sides.

Formatting should be uniform on all reports to ensure the end product has a consistent feel.

And looking at the drawings, the road widths looked pretty uniform on both straignt and curved sections.

Liberal and moderate LGBT people tend to be considerably uniform on the issue--if 85% is an impressive statistic, then 95% is a remarkable one.

In 2% of cases uniform to is used

Most games have a plot, one that is uniform to the player.

Admiral William Brown proceeded sternly in full uniform to the place of honor, and silently took his seat.

Xi had crafted a low-key style and wears a cautious public mask almost uniform to China's Communist Party leadership.

Based on the principle, that if we were all crooks, we could at last be uniform to some degree in the eyes of The Law.

The implementation should be uniform to all categories of people and no differential treatment to be given for special people from: Unnikrishnan K.

Now, I don't have a problem assuming that gravity can be variable across the vastness of space, but on and near Earth, it does seem to be directionally uniform to a very high degree.

In 1% of cases uniform between is used

This is not uniform between stores, and is still limited by location.

Note that in (c) the field is uniform between the plates but non-uniform towards the edges.

Initially, the distribution of the opinions is uniform between 0 and 1, and the corresponding variance is 1/12.

It can not genuinely exist because human reason has limits and can not find God, and these limits are uniform between all humans.

It need not mean that the citizen takes part in the law's formulation, nor does it require that rights be uniform between citizens.

In 1% of cases uniform due is used

The rings are not always uniform due to gravity waves in the atmosphere.

The process of this evolution has not been uniform due to difference in the conditions under which the state developed at different places and times.

In 1% of cases uniform during is used

As the area is close to the equator, the daylight hours are practically uniform during the year.

Moreover, it has practically uniform during winter and interestingly it starts rising from February onwards.

These discussions also indicate that while the performance of the NLC has not been uniform during the entire period, there is enough evidence to indicate that overall the NLC has done a good job.

In 1% of cases uniform as is used

By slanting the bars, the torque is kept more uniform as the rotor turns.

And urban populations are becoming increasingly uniform as a consequence of globalization.

Though diverse, 14 areas (figure 1) can be distinguished that are uniform as regards people, agroecology, farming and food patterns.

In 1% of cases uniform through is used

Hence the freezing of melt can not be uniform through out the part.

Due to the dry adiabatic lapse rate the temperature is not uniform through the atmospheric column.

In 1% of cases uniform around is used

Car names are becoming more uniform around the world.

The loss in stations was not uniform around the world.

The composition of seawater is uniform around the globe, and is expressed as g/kg or ppt (parts per thousand).

WRES vs PRED: The shape of distribution of predicted concentration response should be uniform around the residual = 0 line, and within 3 SD.

Likewise, sea rises because of global warming are not uniform around the world, and the US east coast has experienced more rising than most places, making storm surges more deadly.

In 1% of cases uniform among is used

The placement and functions of the buttons is, once again, not uniform among the LG, HTC and Samsung.

That study showed that there is in public opinion a very definite scale of comparative moral values, and that this scale is remarkably uniform among students in different universities in America.

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