Prepositions after "unheard"

unheard of, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases unheard of is used

That's certainly not unheard of.

To her players, it's unheard of.

For me to say that is unheard of.

Android Apps in Windows This may sound unheard of, but it is on its way into reality.

That's Surface Power's patented MPPTt technology at work with UNHEARD of performance.

Just like I was a woman in business when it was unheard of, I mean, in many respects.

More humans made their century than did n't; birds and animals often lived to thirty, and fifty was not unheard of.

Jakob Kohler (Frem) This one will be relatively unheard of, but that shouldn't exclude it from a list of greatness.

The moment the Nigerian Army, hitherto unseen or unheard of, interfered with governance of Nigeria, things changed.

Because of the exciting discoveries the world began to embrace the technology with a passion previously unheard of.

In 1% of cases unheard by is used

Dre, all unheard by the public.

His pleadings were unheard by the deaf ears which surrounded him.

He ran to enter the ark, but his calls were unheard by those inside.

In dramatic films, it may be the voice of one of the characters, unheard by the others.

As a Community Correspondent, Amita gives voice to those unheard by traditional media structures.

As such, the critical context for interpreting the rest of the narrative is frequently unheard by Catholics.

Unfortunately being the criminal mole she is - she backflipped police causing so much vital evidence to go unheard by the jury.

Occasionally the speaker catches such an error on its way out and corrects it, though just as often it goes totally unheard by all parties.

As Paul was setting-up certain routines, I realised that he was providing us with more information off microphone, unheard by the audience.

In 1% of cases unheard in is used

It will probably go unheard in the corridors of power but I don't care.

And then the finance whiz did something that was unheard in the industry.

Justice Concern is one such organisation, which was unheard in UK till-to-date.

Without such specifics their positive voice will continue unheard in the din of negativity.

Sick and disabled people have found a voice on social media that often went unheard in the past.

We women can feel unheard in this situation, as we would like our partners to remark on the content of our feelings.

A journalists job is to be the voice of the unheard, the unheard in this case being the students who are being bullied.

If there was anyone in Pakistan who questioned the sagacity of such a decision, his or her voice went unheard in the deafening silence.

Had it not been for the internet, the Lefties would have made sure that Clint Eastwood's speech was a tree falling unheard in the forest.

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