Prepositions after "unhealthy"

unhealthy for, in, to, about or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases unhealthy for is used

They are unhealthy for everyone.

It was unhealthy for my body type.

It's so unhealthy for the culture.

Not doing so makes your home unsanitary and unhealthy for everyone who lives there.

Just like anything that's unhealthy for you can and should be enjoyed in moderation.

And we've been saturated with fatty sugary products that very very unhealthy for us.

Green is good, yellow is moderate, orange is unhealthy for sensitive groups, and red is unhealthy for all groups.

So here are some KEY INDICATORS on how to recognize food / snacks / meals that are going to be unhealthy for you.

The by-products of commercial dog foods contain essential elements that can be very unhealthy for a Gordon Setter.

The extremism, anger, paranoia and sense of victimhood that Fox incubates are all unhealthy for the United States.

In 10% of cases unhealthy in is used

So, it got a bit unhealthy in that respect.

That's really unhealthy in a society that's given up on manufacturine.

The situation at the moment is unhealthy in both the short and long term.

Fats in processed food are extremely unhealthy in some cases and can have no nutritional value.

Of course there are still another 8 ways of unhealthy in the way we express our anger so don't stop here.

This vicious circle is unhealthy in the extreme and is being entirely fuelled by zero tolerance legislation.

When you have those thoughts you are honoring the bond the two of you shared, and there is nothing unhealthy in that.

Such mentality is unhealthy in a place like a university which is assumed to be a citadel of learning and excellence.

When, in temperate climates, a house is more unhealthy in summer than in winter, it is a certain sign of something wrong.

Infatuation is said to be unhealthy in the sense that it puts human beings on pedestals when we know how flawed we can all be.

In 7% of cases unhealthy to is used

Fat, useless and unhealthy to the body and mental health.

It is unhealthy to critique if you can not add reason to it.

Some areas of Dublin go from being very unhealthy to very healthy,.

He said apart from causing loss in revenue, such activities are unhealthy to the economy.

The hopping from mlm to mlm is dangerous, destructive, and unhealthy to all that it touches.

In fact, the current proximity of Church to state is proving deeply unhealthy to Anglicanism itself.

I feel like it's unhealthy to not vent or talk about it, although I also agree it's not good to beat a dead horse.

Deep-frying turkey sounds terribly unhealthy to me, but at least there's a spin-off that's good for the environment.

With depression around it can bring all the negative vibes around you that is unhealthy to your mental and physical condition.

If you can't make money offering something that unhealthy to the American buying public, there's something really wrong with you.

In 4% of cases unhealthy about is used

There is nothing unhealthy about not having social media accounts.

There was nothing unhealthy about this, Roger, there's nothing unnatural.

There is something really unhealthy about looking back, and only looking back.

Can't be bad! What's unhealthy about that? Get real the Atkins or any strict diet is great for a week or two.

But, on reflection, there was something unhealthy about the comics ' refusal to engage with their readers ' universe.

He's also taking you for a mug -- read back what you've written and you will see what is so unhealthy about this relationship.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is nothing particularly unhealthy about the product, and it's approved by the Food Standards Agency.

Regardless of the kind of diet you choose, supplementation does not mean that there is something lacking or unhealthy about your diet.

I want the option to prevent a clone from taking place, if it can easily be determined that there is something seriously unhealthy about a drive - eg.

In 4% of cases unhealthy by is used

City life is becoming ill and unhealthy by environment pollution.

It is pyschollogically unhealthy by Black Americans to drag that baggage around.

This is of course very untrue and any healthy dish can be rendered unhealthy by.

But the bread for me is a big NO!!! it is processed and contains sugar, salt &; preservatives - gross &; unhealthy by my standards.

This is of course very untrue and any healthy dish can be rendered unhealthy by the number of additions or ingredients that are added to it.

The economic tipping point will come in this country and being unhealthy by choice will turn out to be one of the worst decisions we could make.

Some might say you could tax foods that are proven to be unhealthy, but no food is unhealthy by definition, except perhaps some processed foods.

They have learned to be unhealthy by following what their parents have done and will carry this learned behaviour with them throughout their lives.

In 3% of cases unhealthy because is used

You can reach your goal weight and still be unhealthy because of the things you are and are not eating.

I find that most developers aren't unhealthy because of work but healthy because of what they do after work.

We get over-weight and unhealthy because of the unhealthy modern lifestyle that most of the population leads.

Most of the society is still poor and unhealthy because of these few cynics (Mramba and hiss fellow ), it was a mess.

So worrying about if I'd being unhealthy because of my weight will not help there, because I'll be bigger no matter what I eat.

Plus I agree with an above comment about how it could be unhealthy because of them trying to appear fit, although they are pregnant.

These products are unhealthy because of the refined carbs and sugars in the breads, not because of the natural fats in the eggs, cheese, and meats.

BTW, Yakult is unhealthy because of its high content of fructose corn syrup, if those people want the benefits of probiotics, they should eat plain yogurt.

Every one who has had a slice of this, has said its both healthy because of the fresh fruits and unhealthy because of the amount of fat in the form of peanut butter.

In 2% of cases unhealthy at is used

There is something compulsive and unhealthy at work here.

Which usually neither very good nor unhealthy at first glance.

Whenever the hair starts looking thin and unhealthy at the ends, go for a trim.

Sadly, there are a lot of diet programs that can cause you to shed pounds, but make you unhealthy at the same time.

This district is very malarious during and after the grade 2 hemorrhoids rains, and most of it unhealthy at all seasons.

Like its getting a tad obsessive and unhealthy at this point but I have to admit i was very dissapointed with last nights episode.

In 2% of cases unhealthy from is used

Tremble this unhealthy from pursuing time.

A disorder SCREAMS unhealthy from the very beginning.

Sounds like a very expensive diet! A diet composed mainly of fats, seems very unhealthy from a cardiovascular point of view.

In 2% of cases unhealthy on is used

You can see how this is unhealthy on many levels.

The books present as ideal a **29;3379;TOOLONG relationship that is unhealthy on numerous levels.

Traditional meal patterns We already have a generation of children made obese and unhealthy on fast food.

I do not doubt that some religious people are happy, nor that some secular people are depressed, nor that a consumerist society is unhealthy on the whole.

In direct comparison, people who don't regulate their diet are more unhealthy on vegan diets than omnivorous diets, and people who do regulate their diet are roughly equal.

Question: Who is healthy and who is unhealthy on the path of knowledge? Answer: Those who churn the ocean of knowledge and experience a form of entertainment in their lives are healthy.

I remember thinking, as a child, that lighting sticks on fire and breathing the smoke was absurd and unhealthy on its face -- and later being the only one of my high school friends who didn't smoke.

In 2% of cases unhealthy with is used

What is healthy with people is unhealthy with God.

What is unhealthy with people is healthy with God.

The edges of the ulcer look unhealthy with no signs of granulation tissue.

The conditions in these factories are also unhealthy with no air circulation and often very dirty.

And quite rightly: it is precisely these emotions which would be thoroughly unhealthy with regard to the main dietetic objective.

Disappointingly they are often incredibly unhealthy with high amounts of fat, sugar and calories -- so not meals I want to be feeding the family as a regular evening meal.

In 1% of cases unhealthy as is used

Toxins in addition to left over foodstuff in your body is quite unhealthy as well as dangerous for you.

In 1% of cases unhealthy due is used

Programmers are often very unhealthy due to it.

More than time your hair can grow to be unhealthy due to employing also several harsh remedies, chemicals, and blow drying it also considerably.

In 1% of cases unhealthy of is used

It is the most unhealthy of the Subway subs but it is full of protein and if you put veggies on it, it can even give you a little fiber.

A close carriage, with the horse-hair cushions and linings always saturated with organic matter, if to this be added the windows up, is one of the most unhealthy of human receptacles.

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