Prepositions after "unhappy"

"unhappy with" or "unhappy about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases unhappy with is used

I'd VERY UNHAPPY with this feature.

They are unhappy with the system too.

They'll both be unhappy with the deal.

It would also seem that the allies are not terribly unhappy with the new reshuffle.

Unhappy with this Alliance many Afrikaners saw this as betrayal and left the party.

If you are unhappy with the care you're receiving, whether it's in your own home or in a care facility, speak up.

Unhappy with this, Microsoft is now lobbying the Supreme Court to change the law under which it was found guilty.

If you are unhappy with the service, product, or the way I look please articulate your feelings in a calm manner.

Unhappy with our own thoughts, we asked him if he instead would think of things that would really make him happy.

In 18% of cases unhappy about is used

We are unhappy about the service.

The Shiv Sainiks were unhappy about it.

Wickremesinghe is obviously unhappy about.

They were also unhappy about the state of the outside toilets, which were blocked.

Many are seen to be unhappy about the large influx of Han Chinese, which they say.

He is also on Statins, after a heart attack, a fact that we are most unhappy about.

Ekpo, was unhappy about the discriminatory practices of the colonial administrators at the Aba General Hospital.

However, it is conceivable that stories such as the baptism were being used in ways that John was unhappy about.

But even at the times when I was unhappiest about what Paragon was doing, I still respected the people there.

The F/A took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft (757???) and why she was unhappy about it.

In 7% of cases unhappy at is used

I was not unhappy at that prospect.

The servant was unhappy at this order.

Jang looked very unhappy at that wish.

I am not in a position to change things when she's unhappy at the spur of the moment.

According to the Province newspaper story some of the group were unhappy at the jail.

He also dismissed the reports claiming that the 26-year old is unhappy at Real Madrid.

Despite having been unhappy at Cambridge, Hardy returned to the Sadleirian chair there in 1931 when Hobson retired.

She was pretty unhappy at the cargo depot but now she is home she seems to be better now she has some distractions.

Now, he is unhappy at the bit part role, with reports suggesting that he would welcome a move back to the Emirates.

In 7% of cases unhappy in is used

Am I unhappy in my universe? No.

I feel unhappy in this situation.

He seems unhappy in his marriage.

The main reason I want to start my own company is that I'd unhappy in my current job.

Now your boss knows you are unhappy in your position and that you want something new.

Tr 26 Most painters appear in this light to have been very unhappy in their subjects.

He worked on writing an elementary book on the teaching of geometry while remaining desperately unhappy in his job.

I believe many who have found themselves unhappy in religious communities or priesthood joined for the wrong reasons.

That someone unhappy in their marriage is free to divorce is common knowledge and I wasn't aware had to be specified.

Risk unnerves bondholders; the sight of clueless debates among angry politicians makes markets unhappy in good times.

In 2% of cases unhappy for is used

Gu was very unhappy for a long time.

And now I am unhappy for -- for life.

She was unhappy for such a long time.

Not many people would be grateful for their parents remained unhappy for their sake.

Patrick seemed lonely and unhappy for days and my friend thought it was normal behavior.

I have been unhappy for a very long time and the marriage is progressively getting worse.

She was extremely quiet and unhappy for her first few days - sleeping lots and wanting to be cuddled continuously.

Those living on the luxury of power on the other hand will always be unhappy for the power can leave them any time.

But many retirees, even those with a healthy nest egg, find themselves unhappy for the final stretch of their lives.

We are not unhappy for this delay, since there is little time to choreograph the dances and hold rigorous practices.

In 1% of cases unhappy after is used

We were supremely unhappy after that.

I felt unhappy after learning about this rumor.

If you are still unhappy after trying then consider moving on.

The customers were unhappy after a long wait for service, but left smiling after being dealt by Mr.

If you remain unhappy after the insurance company has reviewed your case the FOS may be able to help.

It heard he was unhappy after his cut of transfer profits was reduced to 5% when he took over as manager.

Deeply unhappy after the recent end of a relationship, she has no desire to pick up her old life in her birthplace.

It was sort of hard because my stomach is generally unhappy after a 20 miler, but I figured these elite runners must know something that I don't.

We ended up parking behind a hotel somewhere and sleeping in the car, me extremely unhappy after a 14 hour day or so, most of which had been driving.

If you are still unhappy after receiving the response and after you have followed all of the steps, it may be then be the right time to submit a complaint to the OCO.

In 1% of cases unhappy as is used

I know he'd been unhappy as a child.

Wenger was very unhappy as the chance slipped by.

Emma is horrified to find that she is unhappy as an adult.

We in the private sector use these services and we are equally unhappy as to their quality.

All subbies are unhappy as the company is exploiting them and it shows in the work that they do.

You have to figure that at least one or two of them will be growing unhappy as the year continues.

It allows us to run from the past or compare the dull present to a fantasized future and to be unhappy as a result.

Pan down to show that the patient is GIBSON PRAISE, very much awake and silently unhappy as the doctors work on him.

I, too, am sorry for one who professes to be unhappy as an American, for this country is great and our people are good.

People fail to realize that if they are unhappy as a single person, they will continue to be miserable when they are married.

In 1% of cases unhappy because is used

I was very unhappy because of that.

They are unhappy because of their separation.

Happy? Certainly not unhappy because of coding.

Its a 1-time factor however i am very affected and totally unhappy because of it.

The populace is getting increasingly unhappy because of your ill thought out policies.

If you are unhappy with what your doing its important to name if your unhappy because of the job or because of you.

Think of the homes that are happy because of what we did and realise that no-one is unhappy because of what we did '.

Canada and Australia are unhappy because of dithering over new regulations that affect major projects in the south of the country.

In 1% of cases unhappy over is used

He was? I knew? deeply unhappy over the case.

He is unhappy over the transfer window period.

They become restless and unhappy over trifles.

He felt unhappy over the victory, which he had won at the cost of so much suffering.

Unhappy over not being invited on the dais, the TRS leaders left the venue in a huff.

I complained to the then prime minister, Morarji Desai, that JP was unhappy over his lack of contact with ministers.

But the mind which has not probed the depths of the secret of life becomes perplexed and unhappy over the idea of death.

Mamata is unhappy over the two consecutive incidents of police firing in Birbhum and Nadia districts in the past two weeks.

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