Prepositions after "ungrateful"

"ungrateful to" or "ungrateful for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases ungrateful to is used

Mimiko as ungrateful to Tinubu the godfather.

It was clear that they were ungrateful to God.

Most surely man is ungrateful to his Lord) 100:1-6.

Why are you ungrateful to me now? I will resist, persist and recur again and again.

We should never be ungrateful to our family, to our parents, grandparents and fore fathers.

Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, And be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.

Own Worst Enemy: Ungrateful to ownship for finally getting the chance he deserved by briniging up the race card.

Maybe we wouldn't be as ungrateful to Allah if our eyes moved away from our dislikes towards that which we like.

Verily the mubadhireen (spendthrifts) are brothers of the shayaateen and Shaytaan is ever ungrateful to his Lord.

Lucky Mensah informed Ghanaians that the NDC have not only been ungrateful to him but also, completely ignored him.

In 34% of cases ungrateful for is used

Not that I'd ungrateful for employment.

Yet some people are ungrateful for this.

Nor am I ungrateful for some of the wonderful people I met.

Yet we live our lives in sin and are ungrateful for Allah? s countless blessings.

I have to mention that now and again so nobody thinks I am ungrateful for my children.

They tell me I'd spoiled and ungrateful for always bitching -- as if I've had it so bad.

We don't mean to sound ungrateful for the donations we've already received -- we're incredibly thankful for them.

Ungrateful for living in a free country, having rights and well paying jobs that afford them fantastic lifestyles.

So don't be ungrateful for the opportunities you were given and take advantage of learning some culture; any culture.

Indeed I remember at the time wondering whether I was being ungrateful for turning my nose up at this chance to work.

In 5% of cases ungrateful of is used

That seems ungrateful of some good writing.

Yes, Im just that ungrateful of the weather.

It would just be ungrateful of me to say I'd not happy.

They become ungrateful of how Allah has been merciful to them.

How ungrateful of them! Best take Brecht's advice and dissolve the people.

It is beyond appropriate expectation to have demanded more and I think rather ungrateful of the courageous job he did do.

After all, it's not drinks with the resident director of the CIA and the awarding of some US bauble at the end of A View to a Kill, is it? Slightly ungrateful of them, on reflection.

In 4% of cases ungrateful towards is used

To not ask Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) for good things is to be ungrateful towards Him.

It is not because they are ungrateful but they felt the country is being ungrateful towards them.

But I did not agree with her that I have been ungrateful towards her and other relatives who supported me financially.

G claims Baby Cham is ungrateful towards Bounty Killer Veteran Dancehall deejay, Chad Simpson, more popularly known as Mr.

It showed that Kate always appreciated Ella's friendship and help, even though she always seemed so ungrateful towards her throughout the series.

What amuses me is how they call Patrick for being ungrateful towards the country, being an extremists and the grass is always greener on the other side for him.

It's exceedingly poor form to be ungrateful towards both those people giving you services for very little pay, and those who pay for those people to give you services.

Many have referred to Lewis as being ungrateful towards Mclaren, because of what they have given him, by financing Lewis through Karting, lower formula 's, and finally Formula 1.

In 2% of cases ungrateful after is used

Then whoso is ungrateful after that, they will be the rebellious.

Then who so is ungrateful after that, they will be the rebellious.

He works hard to support his family, like he was taught, and really doesn't feel the energy to wonder why she's bithcy and ungrateful after sitting around all day.

In 2% of cases ungrateful in is used

I'd not being ungrateful in this post.

It would be very ungrateful in me to desire to leave your ladyship; because as why, I should never get so good a place again.

In 1% of cases ungrateful about is used

When you find yourself feeling particularly ungrateful about your life -- or a spiritual director or.

There might be something ' crushing ' about getting an unsuitable gift - but for me there is also something materialistic and ungrateful about expecting too much from a gift.

In 1% of cases ungrateful considering is used

They might think, some people might think that you're ungrateful considering your good health and life.

WTF! Service has been rendered and I have all the right to demand on my own terms! That to me is very disrespectful and ungrateful considering the fact that I've already done so many favors for them.

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