Prepositions after "unfortunate"

"unfortunate for" or "unfortunate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases unfortunate for is used

It's really unfortunate for him.

So far, so unfortunate for Bruce.

This is unfortunate for everyone.

Whatever the explanation, this is obviously extremely unfortunate for Mr Tucker.

How unfortunate for some rulers when men, women, and children continue to think.

It is unfortunate for them as you say, but they must have thought he wouldn't go.

It's unfortunate for you Steve that's you've a limited vocabulary from a less then par Texass education Stevo.

However it must be explained, that fact is as unfortunate for Ireland as it is lucky for the rest of the world.

This of course is unfortunate for music lovers who never get to hear hundreds of songs which never get airtime.

It is unfortunate for men to act like the animals as men were created by Allah to be superior than the animals.

In 16% of cases unfortunate in is used

This is unfortunate in many ways.

This is unfortunate in two respects.

Siobhan was one such unfortunate in 1968.

I'd active, I vote, I'd a public servant, I help the unfortunate in my employment.

What I found a bit unfortunate in Saigon was that the city lived for the tourists.

Their College Professors They have been very unfortunate in their college professors.

Kogi State is one state that has been so unfortunate in terms of leadership and the delivery of good governance.

I think it is unfortunate in the interests of making this 1778 matter perfectly clear that the appeal of the hon.

In the Diana Felismena is a maiden destined by Venus and Minerva to be unfortunate in love, but successful in war.

We need someone to offer a fresh perspective into how help can be rendered to the most unfortunate in our society.

In 6% of cases unfortunate with is used

I was just unfortunate with injuries.

Aaron It's really unfortunate with him.

P has always been class just very unfortunate with injuries.

At Chelsea he was unfortunate with injuries but now he knows Mourinho has given.

Turning to Africa, I have been unfortunate with respect to the negroes, though Mr.

Have been unfortunate with injuries to key players but who has n't?! Comment number 43.

We have been unfortunate with injuries; Lucas, Kelly, Borini who will all improve the squad when they return.

Their Physicians They have been equally unfortunate with their physicians in their sanitarium at Battle Creek.

But of course for me I was unfortunate with injuries and I didn't have as much impact as I wanted to but that's life.

We have also been a bit unfortunate with Puyol and Abidal -- our two best defenders being sidelined for quite some time.

In 4% of cases unfortunate about is used

And here was his: Well that is unfortunate about your friend Elizabeth.

It's unfortunate about Sandy and the probable outages in the east coast.

I think it's unfortunate about the prices, most science museums around the.

Unfortunately, I'll hasten to add that there's nothing unfortunate about the season.

Its unfortunate about your experience with the contact person at the German Embassy.

What's unfortunate about Ada is they could have put more impact in her final cutscene.

Although it is very unfortunate about our stuff, I am impressed with how the police are taking the situation.

But there is still something unfortunate about the fact that something so powerful could lose its power over me.

I've traveled 4 times in PE on VA long haul, excellent every time, but unfortunate about the toilet paper though.

What's unfortunate about the oil-for-food and other scandals of the UN is that they mask many of its real problems.

In 3% of cases unfortunate as is used

This is so unfortunate as the ruler of Sri lanka denied the assistance.

We are unfortunate as a nation that we failed to capitalize on these assets.

It was a bit unfortunate as the pigs were on the slope and I was in the dip.

This is unfortunate as the level of public anger directed at Scotland is showing.

This is most unfortunate as the world economy of today is unhindered by man-made borders.

This was unfortunate as a larger British element would have been for the good of the whole?

But for Ken Agyapong's utterances, unfortunate as part of them are, Ursula Owusu and Samuel Jinapor would have not known justice.

This situation is especially unfortunate as the reviews for Riad Khabia are so good and I'd we would have had a lovely stay there.

This too is unfortunate as the tutor has a great eye for cricket and has keenly supported my efforts playing for the school's first team.

This is unfortunate as the report deliberately seeks to heighten fear of a minority community based on what it might do, not necessarily what it has done.

In 3% of cases unfortunate of is used

Unfortunately in this unfortunate of a city.

If you don't have these skills, that's unfortunate of you.

An addiction is the unfortunate of anybody to stop using of several substance.

The fortunate and unfortunate of sushi is that it gains enormous popularity in the USA.

Ma Chi did not adapt to the much-disciplined SG culture and that was unfortunate of him.

It is rather unfortunate of how we treat our own fellow human being badly because of money.

This government will not stop until they have ground the poor and less unfortunate of our society into the dirt.

It was very unfortunate of you to try to redefine the topic of discussion when this point was proven to be incorrect.

However, even for the most unfortunate of communicators there are ways to overcome this and below we will refer to the perfect kinds.

It is unfortunate of CM a sport loving person to ban the Srilankan Football Team to play a friendly match with an Indian Team in Chennai.

In 3% of cases unfortunate to is used

Quite unfortunate to the deceased families.

It is unfortunate to the guys and girls working for them.

It could have went from Unfortunate to Disaster for England.

It is unfortunate to Srilanka that we a President and oppoistion leader.

That is my opinion friend That's really unfortunate to loss even if with the help of EA.

Even after that if one feels in the same way, it will be unfortunate to the left movement.

Democrats will confine the unfortunate to many forms of deprivation, but not deprivation of basic medical care.

It is, perhaps, unfortunate to only focus on that aspect of the message, and not focus on the ' gooooo science! ' aspect.

On this publicity business, it's unfortunate to me that I can't tell their story and give them the credit that they deserve.

In 2% of cases unfortunate on is used

This is very unfortunate on two fronts.

But truely its unfortunate on all of them.

The billion dollars can be put to better use, bye feeding the unfortunate on this planet.

This is unfortunate on some levels, but the red all metal chassis? construction is still well above average.

Unfortunate on June 3, 2010 at 7:01 pm My ex missus and me are currently finalising our divorce proceedings.

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer Another unfortunate on the list in regards to the dress outliving the marriage, but still.

Hopefully since they're restarting by cleaning up their credit they won't be one of the many unfortunate on the streets.

But this kind of a thing is very unfortunate on his part and he needs to pray for good luck and success in his dealings.

I could argue we have been unfortunate on occasions and days like the defeat to Wolves we have been a little bit careless.

This is unfortunate on a number of levels, not least because there is more at stake here than Nate Silver's reputation on Twitter.

In 1% of cases unfortunate among is used

Even in this editorial of yours you characterize the unfortunate among us as takers.

But one needs to hear the judgment which the most important and most unfortunate among them delivered on the learned men and artists of his time.

The wealthy merchants, who were also the leading men of the clans, were neglecting the traditional duty of caring for the needy and unfortunate among their kinsmen.

When govt spends less or rather taxes less the citizens have more money and they can use it to make lives better for themselves or help the less unfortunate among us.

In 1% of cases unfortunate at is used

And yes, I was always unfortunate at times when it was real emergency.

Vettel can certainly consider himself to have been hugely unfortunate at Valencia.

It is unfortunate at a time when the country needs non-partisan leadership in the Congress.

Nobody will be sacked, except possibly the lowest-paid unfortunate at the bottom of the town hall food chain.

This is particularly unfortunate at a time when these countries ought to focus their efforts on tackling immense internal challenges.

The 2002 Wimbledon champion was unfortunate at being drawn against fifth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the first round of the Championships and lost in three sets.

Lund said the handling of Fix's appointment was unfortunate at a time when port commissioners are still trying to rebuild public confidence after the Sheldon uproar.

What is unfortunate at the moment is that they can maintain an implicit veto without ever being brought upon up on to cast it, because nobody is taking the initiative to forge the issue through.

In 1% of cases unfortunate because is used

Don't become unfortunate because of any bodily being.

Unfortunate because of how closely linked the environment, economy and globalized trade really are.

The hides tanneries received during Bakra Eid are the most unfortunate because of the random unnecessary holes that come from the hands of untrained butchers.

In 1% of cases unfortunate by is used

This is an unfortunate by product of the gas boats.

I wasn't completely unfortunate by then -- I was a varsity athlete, and I had a handful of good friends, though not many.

What I DID say, is that white supremacists getting a small dose of what they advocate is not lamentable or unfortunate by any stretch of the imagination.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to review this weeks episode (Devil's Cherry ), which is made even more unfortunate by the fact that it's already become a fan favourite.

The territorial losses of the Assyrians were discounted and described as unfortunate by the Allied Powers, under the terms of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations.

In 1% of cases unfortunate considering is used

It is so unfortunate considering the talent they possess.

It's unfortunate considering the situation, but it seems sensible to me.

It is really rather unfortunate considering the small amount of plates, cups and silverware that I have.

And is somewhat unfortunate considering how impressive the accompanying interview in Vanity Fair ' s December issue reads.

Marquez's departure should be the new Red Bull's management's first order of business, which is unfortunate considering the opportunity he had to contribute to New York's first trophy.

In 1% of cases unfortunate from is used

He was in great shape so it's just very unfortunate from that point of view.

I should have a word to say to those who deem themselves unfortunate from a worldly point of view.

Oh, and she honestly thought boys enjoyed gentle raillery better than naive compliments, which was incredibly unfortunate from a teenage point of view.

It's unfortunate from Michel Martin's point of view to be having this spat with a grandson of the legendary Eamon de Valera, just days in advance of the party's ardfheis.

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