Prepositions after "unfazed"

unfazed by, about, at, with or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 89% of cases unfazed by is used

He was also unfazed by criticism.

He's unfazed by anything or anyone.

He seemed unfazed by the situation.

Paul, Palin was completely unfazed by the boys ' club fraternity she had just joined.

Seemingly unfazed by his overwhelming success, Yates is not one to rest on his laurels.

Unfazed by this setback, in June 2010 FCI brought before the Juzgado de lo Mercantil n.

Unfazed by the huge crowd that faced her, she delivered an awesome performance earning four encores in the process.

Unfazed by pressure, week after week he delivers for Crystal Palace, driving opponents to the point of distraction.

He came as a 16 year old into the Pakistan ODI squad and was unfazed by all the speculation regarding his real age.

Des Moines married couple Patricia Harris and Will Smith seemed unfazed by temperatures in the mid-40s or the wait.

In 3% of cases unfazed about is used

Wereko-Brobby is unfazed about his imminent prosecution.

For now, Ginobili remains unfazed about his erratic start to the season.

Siti, however, is unfazed about being the only Malaysian left in the field.

We all became very fond of this brave little bird who hopped around so happily, totally unfazed about us camping in her space.

Another diver called us over and showed us a carpet shark that was sheltering on the bottom, unfazed about having its picture taken.

So I was unfazed about un-installing the painlessly installed Ubutu obsolete/boogered version of Calibre and pasting in the really scary looking command line supplied on the Calibre download page.

In 3% of cases unfazed at is used

Condit seems unfazed at fighting in St-Pierre's backyard.

I did not just emerge unfazed at knowing how far in life my former classmates had gone, I was.

But speaking to conservative talk host Martha Zoller, Broun was unfazed at all the jobs that would be lost.

They were completely unfazed at the prospect of dealing with my natural, curly hair which I always take as a sign of a good hairdresser.

Lambert himself, meanwhile, has insisted that he is unfazed at any potential backlash he may face when he hooks up with the band this summer.

Kidney started him on the left last weekend, though, before swapping with Fergus McFadden at the interval and the coach is clearly unfazed at pitching him into the fray.

Having got to know Shanta on tour he would be totally unfazed at missing out, just delighted to have enjoyed everyone's company and been part of this amazing wine experience.

Chairman Jin seems unfazed at the underhanded insults to his granddaughter, and cheerfully announces that he'll make an important announcement about the vice presidential issue tomorrow.

In 2% of cases unfazed with is used

Not only was he unfazed with all the glaring lights and cameras, but with that small gesture I was suddenly speaking to a friend, not a future Olympic medallist.

Despite the pressures you might think the relatively new Stephen Fung might be facing, he says that he was unfazed with the challenge of attempting his first big-budget blockbuster.

In 1% of cases unfazed as is used

Local residents appeared unfazed as a heavily armed convoy rolled through Kismayu.

Only a true veteran like Jerry Stackhouse could continue on with his meal and remain completely unfazed as a 6 ' 10 man with a mouthful of chicken is sprawled out on the floor next Kris Humphries.

In 1% of cases unfazed in is used

He was always unfazed in his mission for trade liberalisation, downsizing the state-owned enterprises and balancing the budget.

Seemingly unfazed in the company of the more youthful Clarence Seedorf and Lee Dixon, Harry had rocked up (I believe that is the appropriate phrase) in a black Vivienne Westwood shirt, no less.

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