Prepositions after "unfair"

"unfair to" or "unfair for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases unfair to is used

He must not be unfair to either.

This is unfair to the unemployed.

Also it's very unfair to the girl.

Hope they let these poor voices rest before finale as it's very unfair to the singers.

Perhaps we are being unfair to the commish in referring to him as ' Bernie Two-Dad's '.

Half of Americans think the economic system is unfair to the middle and working classes.

It is supremely unfair to the other employees to continually ask them to pick up the slack for their absent coworker.

For example, it will be unfair to the taxpayers if he or she has to pay taxes on Indian income in India and USA both.

I try to be conscious of the reader of anything that I'd writing, and to not do anything that is unfair to the reader.

And I do understand that selfish people like me causing the internet traffic to jam and it's unfair to the other users.

In 16% of cases unfair for is used

Life is unfair for the rest of men.

Its been unfair for a few years now.

And unfair for African americans too.

Kwamena Donkor, has said it would be unfair for a country like Ghana to allow school.

It is unfair for our present crop of students to be examined in a myriad of subjects.

And their defense was that it is unfair for a woman to have to pay anything for them.

Others are screaming that it is unfair for the pharmacy employees, as they are merely overworked pawns in this mess.

It may seem unfair for those who lack connections, but for recruiters, it's quite an effective way of hiring people.

Many ministers and elders advised Ravana o return Sita back, as it is unfair for a king and not good for the nation.

I feel bad but Spencer and I have a lot of history so maybe it was unfair for him to get with me in the first place.

In 13% of cases unfair on is used

I thought it was unfair on him.

That's slightly unfair on lads.

That was unfair on the teenager.

This cycle is unfair on our children and is a tremendous waste of money and resources.

If this is the case, then I daresay it is unfair on the rest of Ghanaians living abroad.

It seems unfair on a man who has done his time and come back to right the wrongs he did.

It is all a little unfair on George Entwistle, who had only been in post for 54 days, and who departed with dignity.

But then again, I'd like that at home if there's a moth in my bedroom! I thought it was a bit unfair on some of them.

Dong Zong join in the criticism of national education policy which it claims to be unfair on the multi-stream schools.

It seemed unfair on him that he'd feature so little last season as Welbeck and Hernandez forced him into fourth choice.

In 6% of cases unfair in is used

It's very unfair in my opinion.

There's nothing unfair in this.

It was unfair in most situations.

He really turned a lot of supporters against Clint which is really unfair in my opinion.

Right? What else is unfair in Indian politics? I don't think you should take it personally.

This it does well, but I do not feel I am being unfair in claiming that this appears to be the limit of its ambition.

Maybe I'd being unfair in picking up on the use of pictures of murdered civilians as propaganda, undoubtedly it's done.

It is unfair in a sense to ask Sourav Ganguly and his men to pose as diplomats, but perhaps most other ways have failed.

And to take it a step further, anything that is deemed unfair in the actual vanilla game itself gets banned or modified.

In 5% of cases unfair of is used

This is really unfair of the U.

Which is hideously unfair of me.

It would be unfair of me to do that.

Proving only that it is seriously unfair of us to judge him with modern sensibilities.

It also seems a bit unfair of B &NES; to have at the same time locked everyone else out.

It was unfair of me to associate defenders of our freedom with such bitter enemies of it.

Actually, one piece of yours that we saw reminded us of Brian Ralph ' s work, I hope that's not unfair of us to say.

Maggie August 20, 2012 6:57 pm I think it is unfair of you to say that the group of Key Spouses are gossiping wives.

It is unfair of Europe to demand from Africa that it worsens its terms of trade by giving Europe preferential access.

Is it unfair of us to criticise him for mis-judging Hitler? Students could try to construct the case for Chamberlain.

In 2% of cases unfair about is used

I've been unfair about my father.

So there's nothing Unfair about it.

I can't see what's unfair about that.

What's most unfair about this charge are all the households that don't have to pay it.

He will only say his father is being unfair about the role of Jehovah's Witnesses in the affair.

I play above board and if there is anything unfair about my writings I am the first to apologise.

What is unfair about paying the same percentage as everyone else? Jesus taught the concept of proportional giving.

Again, there's nothing unfair about that, and nobody insists the government force the two groups to negotiate to a deal.

Re the rest of the article I think you are unfair about HK people queuing up for things without knowing what they are doing.

Doesn't something seem a little unfair about that situation, then, as if his enjoyment might come at her expense? Clearly, M.

In 2% of cases unfair by is used

That was inherently unfair by the Tamils.

I think it is unfair by every definition.

Seems cruel and unfair by today's standards.

A daughter settles scores with a father she considers unfair by luring her sister into tragedy.

According to him, it was very unfair by the innocent students to boycott answer script evaluation.

Those who are criticising her are being unfair by taking her words and putting them out of context.

Decried as unfair by veterans groups, considering the sacrifices and hardships of disabled veterans, this denial was supposed to be reversed.

Families who earn more than $112,000 pay 70% of federal taxes, but they're condemned as greedy and unfair by people who can't be bothered with numbers.

The complainant also said the reporting of a named official was unfair by casting him as a likely war criminal yet not specifying any law he may have broken.

In 1% of cases unfair as is used

That is unfair as well as costly.

He thought it was unfair as a question.

If true, that's unfair as well as a waste.

This is unfair as the fosterer had only agreed to FOSTER for an agreed period of time.

Putting it in inverted commas is perhaps unfair as for all I know its very good science.

This seems unfair as the parallels between the releases are stronger than the divergences.

Comparisons with Johnson, the World Cup winner, are of course unfair as no finer player ever graced the England shirt.

The Tamils of Sri Lanka have no such contract, fair or unfair as the contract with Shylock was, with the rest of the country.

These were met with anger by the colonists who argued that they were unfair as the colonies had no representation in Parliament.

Summary: This method was unfair as the selection process could pick a student's name multiple times while not picking others at all.

In 1% of cases unfair at is used

Womanhood is insanely unfair at times.

Seems unfair at the time, but there it is.

But, pastor, he is selfish and unfair at times.

It's very unfair at a time when we should be helping small businesses.

It's unfair at this point to say the people involved were incompetent.

Some of the French press even conceded that the fans had been unfair at the match.

Looking back, though I thought it horribly unfair at the time, I agree with my mother.

Find out and help them deal with this situation instead of focusing on what is unfair at this particular moment.

Adding DiCroce to a group that includes Robert Babic, Brad Fochesato and Max Cameron almost seems unfair at this point.

All the same, it would have been unfair at that moment to label former President Kuffour in any manner based on that statement.

In 1% of cases unfair towards is used

But I still object to this being termed either inequitable or unfair towards men.

Things like how he learns the jury is being unfair towards Tom Robinson, and how Mrs.

Don't get me wrong I love both Marvel and DC, I just feel as though you're being very unfair towards DC.

The position adopted by the chairperson was clearly incorrect and, in fact, unfair towards the applicant.

You have put me quite in good spirits; I did so dread having been unintentionally unfair towards your views.

Taking just one sample (the wrong one) would therefore have been unfair towards Jenni and taking things out of context.

I would feel more sympathetic for him if he had endured the trial and if that trial had been as unfair towards him as he claims it would have been.

What I'd saying is that I have often been unfair towards Christians in the belief that they have refused to accept any LGBT person, but that's not true.

We need to communicate that his implementation of the laws is autocratic, often unfair towards us, rash, and bitter and his behavior towards teams is arrogant.

In 1% of cases unfair with is used

It is unfair with the very dedicated ones.

This is truly unfair with child and parents.

My father had been extremely unfair with her.

Society is becoming increasingly unfair with people being over paid because they are members.

It's probably a bit unfair with things like Kenny (Egan) the last time, because we're unused to it.

Arsenal board, its unfair with the way you treat us all, just change your ways for God's sake! Up Gunners.

And I think you, and many in the liberal community have been wholly unfair with Obama with respect to this domain.

But here, if you are unfair with your 16 year old child, if he is feeling threatened, he will leave and go outside.

Unfair dismissal Under the Unfair Dismissals Acts, dismissal on the grounds of age is unfair with certain exceptions.

Tribunals are becoming unfair with newer judges and pressured targets, I see this for myself - it's not how it should be but it's inevitable you will get good and bad.

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