Prepositions after "unemployed"

"unemployed for" or "unemployed in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases unemployed for is used

I was unemployed for two months.

I've been unemployed for 4 months.

I have been unemployed for 3 years.

I am unemployed for the last near 3 years, trying my bleeding heart to get a job.

And I don't see how you can blame the unemployed for ' the system breaking down '.

June 22, 2012 at 10:53 pm (97) 00g says: Well I was unemployed for about 5 months.

I've been unemployed for the past couple of years-well I've had short periods of employment during that period.

Prior to that I was unemployed for a couple of months, because the company I worked for did go out of business.

Five years ago there were only 28,000 people unemployed for more than a year but today it is more than 200,000.

Most arts graduates I know have been unemployed for the majority of their working life (those not in teaching).

In 25% of cases unemployed in is used

I've been unemployed in England.

There are unemployed in America.

The unemployed increased by about 5.

Why can't the register as unemployed in any case? Lethal: 16 May 2012 8:42:31am J.

To the unemployed in CA -- EDD has been providing inaccurate numbers of UE claims.

But in 2-3 years you may be one of the poor 26 million unemployed in this country.

Also, the unemployed in the ' community ' aren't interested in volunteeering opportunities: they need real jobs.

To all those other young people who are unemployed in Ireland, I would say, go travelling, go and see the world.

It is close the number OVER 25 unemployed in April 2011 (under 25s about 49k male and 29k female in April 2011).

The unemployed in the world continue to migrate looking for jobs driving down wages and increasing unemployment.

In 5% of cases unemployed at is used

The man was unemployed at the time.

He was unemployed at the time of the shooting.

I was unemployed at that time and needed help.

It meant both parents would be unemployed at Christmas, with young mouths to feed.

I was unemployed at the time) to have my wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago.

My older sister was a qualified school teacher, but she was unemployed at that time.

It is amazing how i am spending big money over these few months when i am actually unemployed at home with no income.

And later she returned to him, it was even me that paid her flight even though I had just become unemployed at the time.

Great article! I've been thinking of volunteering since I am unemployed at the moment and looking to add some experience.

I'd 42 and unemployed at the moment so I had more than enough time on my hands to devote myself entirely to your program.

In 4% of cases unemployed with is used

No one unemployed with a family, mortgage, etc.

Jolie is still unemployed with nothing in sight.

Many German workers were unemployed with few prospects.

I was 29 years old, unemployed with four kids and a wife, with no money to my name.

He is now registered as unemployed with the CES and receives the unemployment benefit.

They are selling out the unemployed with benefit rates that are of third world standard.

I think comparing the 350,600 who classify themselves as unemployed with the 305,500 the CSO uses is interesting.

Of the 59 individuals scored, 97% reported themselves as unemployed with 40% reported as current TANF recipients.

I was unemployed with no reference and having resigned from my last job was unable to collect unemployment benefit.

We need to at least provide the unemployed with the ability to survive and seek employment rather than the current.

In 3% of cases unemployed to is used

Again, varied - from struggling unemployed to wealthy.

Remember, from unemployed to employed is a targeted journey.

It's the failure to match the unemployed to the jobs there are.

It has come to mean everything from unemployed to inventor, oligarch to innovator.

A young male who prefers being unemployed to being in a job is electing welfare poverty.

Did they compare the number of people looking for a job or unemployed to those working? No.

And the longer this persists, the greater the risk that this generation goes from being unemployed to unemployable.

There ought to be a lot of unemployed torturers from Libya and Egypt, they could apply for jobs at WP's or Jobc*ntres.

What has changed since you started blogging? Life! I've gone from being fully employed to married to unemployed to a full-time student.

The report was based on the transition from unemployed to employed and found that 11% of job seekers took a year or longer to find a job.

In 3% of cases unemployed by is used

They will be unemployed by next election.

Six million of were made unemployed by 1932.

Latest figures flash up 2 million unemployed by Christmas.

It reduces the happiness of those unemployed by as much as bereavement or divorce.

There are people on the benefit who would not qualify as unemployed by the HLFS definition.

Also, why would you want someone who is unemployed by choice (if it was out of their hands I could sympathise.

What I find most objectionable is the slur that is constantly hurled at the unemployed by many in the community.

Theorists are not going to be unemployed by abstaining in the meanwhile from the wild and the far out, as Peter's example shows.

Companies moving overseas in their thousands to remain profitable and millions made unemployed by this socialist black president.

We have to be careful about a one size fits all solution for the very long-term unemployed by requiring them to work for their benefits.

In 2% of cases unemployed as is used

I don't see our unemployed as a challenge; I see them as an opportunity.

Roughly one in 30 Americans is unemployed as a result of the financial crisis.

The unemployment rate is the number unemployed as a percent of the labor force.

The unemployment rate is the number of unemployed as a percent of the labor force.

There are training loans available for those who are unemployed as well as other support.

She graduated as an architect in 1930, but was unemployed as a result from the Great Depression.

I think the Left and the Right get it so wrong on the issue of unemployment because they imagine the unemployed as a stock.

Of course, being unemployed as of yesterday, it's not like I have anything else to do while shooting resumes all over the place.

The labour force participation rate (employed and unemployed as a percentage of New Zealand's working age population) rose from 68.

In 2% of cases unemployed since is used

I have been unemployed since then.

Hell yeah Unemployed since May 2011.

I've been unemployed since February 2008.

Rhys Harrison, a 24-year-old chef from Pontypridd, has been unemployed since 2009.

I've been unemployed since October of 2009, and not by choice, however by necessity.

He didn't even have a bank account, having been unemployed since leaving school with no qualifications at the age of 16.

My husband has been unemployed since 2007 but two weeks ago he has got something to do -- and we trust our GOD for better and greater things.

To obtain access to credit, this first-time bankrupt, who had been unemployed since 1999, would declare yearly income of $48,000 his discharge.

Jamieson Wilson, unemployed since 2008, was informed that he must complete 30 hours of unpaid work every week for six months or else lose his JSA for up to 26 weeks.

In 2% of cases unemployed of is used

This is not creating employment for the unemployed of Chelmsford.

Polly Toynbee is also far too forgiving of the unemployed of London.

The unemployed of the Falls and the Shankill rioted together against the police.

The organized unemployed of the Great Depression were in many ways pioneers of the.

He gave up his privileged education to spend time with the unemployed of the Great Depression.

The unemployed of this country are holding out hope that this Government will help create jobs.

I doubt if the unemployed of Bradford -- or anywhere else -- see their situation in terms of either Marx or Mao.

The unemployed of Yorkshire should be urging higher taxes on spending rather than on jobs, and on the masses, not the few.

While no security is just offered, lenders truly to see the money repayment capacity for this unemployed of the candidate.

It's an opportunity, given that resources will be cheaper now than in the future, now is the time to the unemployed of Europe.

In 2% of cases unemployed into is used

We want to turn the unemployed into employers.

Her next concern was to disperse the unemployed into the country.

I want to let people over age 50 who are long term unemployed into Medicare.

As Judith points out it in no one's interest to push the unemployed into grinding poverty.

At such time that unemployment reaches 30% or more they will just manipulate the unemployed into fighting each other.

He also called on CESA members to change design in order to absorb the high number of unemployed into the construction industry.

Sanctions are the only thing these welfare to work providers understand, they are the stick used to beat the unemployed into submission.

In principle it is possible to raise the retirement age, as the OECD shyly acknowledges, and to bring many more of the unemployed into work.

Consequently, there has been a forced migration of impoverished peasants and urban unemployed into coca growing as an alternative to starvation.

The final solution: to have all sick/disabled people in addition to the unemployed into long term workfare on threat of losing minimum benefits.

In 2% of cases unemployed after is used

We don't have to be afraid about becoming unemployed after graduation.

Despite his own and my best efforts he is still unemployed after 9 months.

It seems to like that we are all become unemployed after a particular period.

She remains unemployed after injuring herself when a tractor tyre fell on her arm.

Tired of remaining unemployed after years of graduation, he opted for a daily paid job.

Others are still unemployed after graduating from secondary school and University mid last year.

I guess they want to see as much of the capital as possible since most of them will be unemployed after November.

You can find yourself suddenly unemployed after having a steady job for years, and now you are not sure what to do.

March 26, 2012, 1:48 pm 1:48 pm If I have anything to say about it Obama will be unemployed after the next election.

The news comes as the staff now face the prospect of being unemployed after the last number was published on Sunday.

In 1% of cases unemployed from is used

I was unemployed from after Hurricane Katrina until Dec.

More Americans are unemployed from the time he took over the office.

They would only make to 15-35,000 more unemployed from the Health Industry.

You'd have to think they're on the fast track to being unemployed from football for good.

Dare I say my design blog days are over given that I'd gainfully unemployed from that gig.

That will level out and reduce now that We the People have decided to dump those long unemployed from unemployment.

This is especially correct for individuals who are unemployed from their jobs due to businesses cutting their downsizing.

I said that the British make up the largest % of unemployed from a Non-Irish point of view Your link backs up my argument.

This time their numbers were augmented by unemployed from Burnaby, North Van, and South Van (still a separate municipality in 1922).

In 1% of cases unemployed during is used

Heck, I knew a *lot* of people unemployed during the 2003/2004 recession.

It's just unfortunate that we ended up unemployed during a rough economic time.

They are unemployed during their peak earning years when, in other times, they would be purchasing our products.

It wasn't lost on Americans that college graduates were much less likely to be unemployed during the past few years.

I was unemployed during the recession and found it extremely difficult to even get one look in and it is frustrating, I know.

It said the total number of people unemployed during the first quarter of this year was 33,800,? a significant increase of 30.

More than 20 million long-term unemployed during Obama's term, and Obama and his job-killing policies like Obamacare are to blame.

Hugh Linaker's design for the new park was built by workers in a scheme that provided work for the unemployed during the Great Depression.

If the dates of employment and education don't line up properly in a candidate's resume, 89pc of recruiters will assume he or she was unemployed during those gaps.

As the information was collected from families over a period of about one month, it was not unusual for members of the family to become unemployed during that time.

In 1% of cases unemployed like is used

Ever become unemployed like that again? Too bad.

Hope he enjoys dealing with being unemployed like the rest of the 99%.

However, she's no longer unemployed like me, so I sniff in her general direction.

When that day comes Simon will be unemployed like those who have affected by policies he supports.

Maybe both sides should be unemployed like a lot of us and then they would appreciate the huge money they do make.

If they live in private rented accommodation then they aren't asylum seekers, they have been granted asylum and are merely unemployed like everyone else.

In 1% of cases unemployed due is used

Many graduates remain unemployed due to their poor command of English.

Its been a little over three months ONCE AGAIN unemployed due to economics.

At present, more than 30% of graduates are unemployed due to several reasons.

Thousands of workers have become unemployed due to the prevalent shortfall, the report says.

Some others who are high calibre may be temporarily unemployed due to their employer's decision to reduce costs.

If only Dickens had written about a Tiny Tim whose father remained unemployed due to artificial barriers to his entry into the labor market.

In 1% of cases unemployed on is used

Ford more unemployed on the way http: **34;5258;TOOLONG.

Being unemployed on the estate, he found work with a firewood contractor.

The Jobcentre send the long-term unemployed on a course called Inspire for Inspirations.

With such presuppositions he approaches the young men he finds unemployed on the streets today.

Latest reports indicate that refugees are becoming a new class of long term unemployed on welfare.

The single unemployed had to rely on private charity, and the married unemployed on a mixture of charity and very sporadic municipal relief.

If policy makers really want to help, then a discussion forum with the unemployed on an individual and regional basis needs to be carried out.

Babylon says: 03:04pm 29/08/12 Let's just assume that not all black Australians spend their benefits on grog and all white unemployed on pokies.

When I heard this pre-Christmas pronouncement about the unemployed on the radio yesterday, I felt an overwhelming sense of anger and frustration.

There are, on the contrary, many savings unemployed on account of the difficulty in employing them, or being employed are lost in consequence of bad management.

In 1% of cases unemployed between is used

People are on the move between jobs, and temporarily unemployed between them, and B.

They've done everything they were told to do, they've studied hard, and yet they're one of the 1 million unemployed between 16 and 24.

According to BLS household data (which looks at more than nonfarm payroll ), 451,000 women became unemployed between January 2009 and September 2012.

Africans are also highly educated, more than 80% had completed their university studies and 64% stated they were unemployed between one to five years.

They are also noticing how some applicants are repeat applicants which means they (more than likely) have remain unemployed between both positions being advertised.

For example, if you want the probability of a worker remaining unemployed between the two months you would divide the flow (U to U) by the initial stock of unemployment.

Here for each region is the number of people unemployed between June and August, the change on the previous quarter, and the unemployment rate: North East 129,000 (-11,000) 9.

More than one million adult Filipinos joined the ranks of the unemployed between November and March, according to the latest survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night (wherever you are in the world ), As we see today in the UK the unemployed between 16-25 year olds has fallen for the first time in a while.

In 1% of cases unemployed through is used

Some people are unemployed through no fault of their own.

You can often go from unemployed through training and be employed in around six weeks.

The Queens Jubilee has seen the disgrace of exploiting the unemployed through workfare.

And that's absolutely no dig at those who are unemployed through no doing of their own.

Look, this isn't about people who are genuinely unemployed through no fault of their own.

I myself and my partner and step son (unemployed through no fault) are not anywhere near this.

They will support the unemployed, but only if they are unemployed through no fault of their own.

But, because of the legal problems, he was unemployed through the first quarter of this NFL season.

For those who have worked and end up unemployed through no fault of their own it is a very stressful life.

And I am saying that there are college graduates who are currently unemployed through no fault of their own.

In 1% of cases unemployed because is used

She was a very bright mid 20's women yet unemployed because of her condition.

The trick is to make it so people aren't stuck unemployed because of a lack of jobs.

Wilbur himself, his video is here: That is right, 18,500 people now unemployed because of the UNION.

I am on the process of recovering myself from being unemployed because of my wrong decision here in abroad.

If your Imam tells you your are poor and unemployed because of American imperialism, you won't know any better.

Maybe it wouldn't have helped, I don't know, but if anyone ends up unemployed because of this, that's what I would will be most angry about.

But the thing is, a bunch of us were unemployed because of the recession and more of us were still in college! Of course we didn't have great jobs.

Will all the leisure time they will have being unemployed because of this government's ignorance, they will need something to do in their spare time.

Thus, the speech of refusal uttered by people who are made unemployed because of relocation and restructuring is conceived simply as the noise made by a victim.

Specialisterne Scotland has taken the idea from the Danish project that helped autistic people to find jobs, as they remain unemployed because of their condition.

In 1% of cases unemployed without is used

I was appropriate, but I was also unemployed without a client in the globe.

My boyfriend has been unemployed without benefits for over a year and a half.

I wonder how many folks would be unemployed without something new to work on.

With the looming recession in 2008, most were too scared to jump ship, or were cut and left unemployed without choice.

The policy of providing jobs for the unemployed without stimulating production is tantamount to papering the wall cracks.

This country getting more frustrating by the day at least if you are unemployed without kids you can leave and get a job abroad.

His Honour accepted the evidence given by Mr Stevenson to that effect that prior to the advance to Mr and Mrs Moon he was not told that Mr Moon was unemployed without income.

He also was extremely happy to be able to pass your savings on to me! Thank you again! Sincerely, Janice Rebmann-Richards - Janice, Feb 15th, 2011 Currently unemployed without health insurance.

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