Prepositions after "uneasy"

"uneasy about" or "uneasy with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases uneasy about is used

Yet he was not uneasy about it.

Im a bit uneasy about this site.

I am uneasy about the joke below.

But at least some of the woolly liberals remain uneasy about our Ancient Liberties.

So i would say they would be even more uneasy about being the product of that pain.

If it is a simply a startling request and you're initially uneasy about it, try not.

Uneasy about Jim's absence, Blair filled a cup with coffee and wandered down the hall to check his friend's room.

Yet for all our macho I think we're mostly uneasy about our manhood: no one seems to know for sure what it means.

He shrugged when asked if it made him uneasy about his race that Obama appears to be holding an edge in his state.

Some modern readers might begin to feel uneasy about this Pauline motif of the apostle's weakness and God's power.

In 17% of cases uneasy with is used

I was getting very uneasy with that.

He remained uneasy with such labels all his life.

His decision sits uneasy with me for two reasons.

No need to fuel the fire!!! I think Lloris looks dodgy, he looks uneasy with crosses.

I have felt uneasy with the way DC paraded Ivan for the cameras for a very long time.

Private K felt uneasy with the military duties and wanted to avoid military situations.

Kelly seems pretty uneasy with the media, which is a hard place to be in if you have to deal with the Philly media.

Whilst I'd slightly uneasy with the situation, at least I can export my data quickly and easily using Google Takeout.

There is a vested interest among the establishment that is also uneasy with this new class of public representatives.

My boyfriend, felt uneasy with this new church that I was going too, and a few months later we stopped seeing each other.

In 7% of cases uneasy in is used

I am uneasy in rooms with small windows.

The patient feels uneasy in bright light and loud sounds.

The British were beginning to feel uneasy in their colony.

But I'd uneasy in the matter of putting temptation in the way of those who don't want it.

We saw facebook clips of Louise/Alex saying that they felt uneasy in house at times with Jay.

Even if the boy does not believe this, he begins to feel uneasy in his stepfather's presence.

But Sripati, who readily agreed to anything Jogmaya said, cut short her story, and left his wife uneasy in her mind.

And if she thinks fans are going to watch JJ getting uneasy in the face of all these disrespectful crap, she's crazy.

And even if you were not the victim, you probably might have felt uneasy in a working environment where bullying exists.

In Mahayana, i was advised to learn and recite the Great Compassion Mantra (???) when i feel uneasy in certain situations.

In 6% of cases uneasy at is used

The animals felt a little uneasy at this.

Khaled looked a bit uneasy at my proposal.

Even then, they were tense and uneasy at the beginning.

Jiang was very uneasy at home, worried for the safety of the college students in the Square.

I'd told the cycle parks will be guarded, but I'd feel uneasy at leaving my bike poorly secured.

These won't protect you, and will just make a savvy programmer uneasy at the additional liability.

If you feel uneasy at a trade exhibition going over your network marketing business, then you definitely will never do well.

Unknown to me, he had made me a ward of court, so the family became uneasy at giving us refuge and eventually Mum took me home.

Let it not be overborne with selfish passions; let it not quarrel with fate, or be uneasy at the present, or afraid of the future.

That's the reason, the whole night leo was uneasy at JSG presentation feeling like quitting on receiving any music award in the future.

In 3% of cases uneasy for is used

However, it's uneasy for platinum to regain its premium over gold like 2011 and before.

Never make that poor person uneasy for providing ease and comfort to you, lest he becomes indebted.

But at this time the three cows, which have seemed uneasy for some time fast, set up a loud lowing.

Morsi is widely seen as Qatar's man and relations between Riyadh and Cairo have been uneasy for some time.

So that we have not more reason to be uneasy for what is denied us, than to be thankful for what is allowed.

Hero is excited, but she is also uneasy for reasons she can not name; she has a strange foreboding of disaster.

The locals were a little bit uneasy for me to take a video of the market and said that I have to pay to take the video.

They will have to contend with a pumped up Corsican crowd that will make it uneasy for them, not to mention their opponents.

Israeli politics remain divided left and right, while in Palestine, Arafat's leadership has been uneasy for at least twenty years.

The nylon soluble fiber during the vest keeps you cozy and Moncler Down Coats proves that these are not uneasy for a test run with colors.

In 2% of cases uneasy by is used

He makes his owner a bit uneasy by times.

She also felt that her family members would be uneasy by the security detail.

He was also made uneasy by reports about increased government snooping on communications.

It is the minorities that feel threatened and uneasy by the mighty victory recorded in the north.

She was calm and brief about it -- and was justifiably made uneasy by the man's approach of her in the elevator.

I felt quite uneasy by this behaviour and I wanted to delete all the mails I had sent him while we were dating to his old email id.

Many decent people are made uneasy by the constant in-junction to give alms and to dwell among those who have lost their self-re-spect.

I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers.

Redknapp has only a year left on his current deal and wants a longer-term commitment, but he has been left uneasy by the club's reluctance to offer it.

Lots of people must have been intimidated and felt uneasy by your presence which is why the policeman who were there in contact with you were trying to justify themselves.

In 2% of cases uneasy on is used

He's just incredibly uneasy on the eyes.

The Prophet felt very uneasy on that account.

I'd uneasy on the 16th floor and run down to the lobby.

The Nobel Peace crown lies uneasy on President Barack Obama's head as he ponders the next U.

I know many disgruntled Udub senior leaders who are already uneasy on the upcoming Udub congress.

Some of the things GOSL is doing are because they are very uneasy on the intentions of the Tamils.

This may seem you are bit uneasy on the subject but will help you gain more information when people condemn or condone your thoughts.

But saving only all that money, the mendicant received nothing from the Gods at all, and the heart of the money-lender was uneasy on account of expectation.

Avoid hashtag overload It's generally a good idea not to put too many hashtags in a single tweet as it's uneasy on the eye and just looks a bit naff (damn I'd old.

In the 2 nd round we had a very heavy clash of heads, this instantly gave Shawn a shooting pain down his left hand (his best hand for throwing shots) and made him feel uneasy on my feet.

In 1% of cases uneasy after is used

It may not even give you a scare, but Which will leave you feeling a bit uneasy after finishing.

Bloated Stomach -- Do you feel uneasy after a meal? Health Oh, Matcha Green Tea is prepared differently.

Last night to resume normal dinner, eat with friends, eat really is not much, but just grew more uneasy after eating.

By exposing ourselves to too much noise pollution from vehicles and overcrowded places -- it tends to feel uneasy after a while.

In 1% of cases uneasy around is used

She had always felt uneasy around Shanti.

Mothers are uneasy around him because they think he is a bad boy.

Lady Park was very uneasy around the Court Lady fearing that she may be recognized.

Due to being harassed by rats while locked in a dungeon as a child, she becomes highly uneasy around them.

Ask yourself why do you do this? Is this only because you feel you do not love him? Are you still feeling shy and uneasy around him.

He'd never asked because he'd always figured she'd deny any loneliness, and then probably be uneasy around him, but he'd worried about it a little.

In 1% of cases uneasy as is used

I began to find the atmosphere uneasy as the afternoon wore on.

Climbing under you normal personal computer is both uneasy as well as possibly unsafe.

After sitting down there was always a silence - not a tense silence, uneasy as between two people who were not sure of each other, but a silence of expectation.

I mean, you know, every now- 1ST MAN What's your name? Alvy is getting more and more uneasy as the man talks; more and more people move through the doors of the theater.

In 1% of cases uneasy during is used

She felt uneasy during my presence.

They are not air-conditioned, you might feel uneasy during summer time.

Saxena looked uneasy during the 90s and played a couple of false shots.

Yet, although science is our very own brainchild, we remain uneasy during this period of its adolescence.

A Often, individuals that are tense, stressed or overly nervous become uneasy during the interview process.

There are couples who feel awkward and uneasy during the shoot because they picked a very common place to hold it.

Saxena looked uneasy during the nineties and in desperation of get his hundred even played a couple of false shots.

She wrapped her head in a diaphanous veil to protect the seamstress from feeling uneasy during her as she was not certain that she often preformed this practice.

It is advised that whenever you set off on a longer journey and vacation, you take with you enough time that does not make you uneasy during the vacation regarding heading back home.

In 1% of cases uneasy from is used

Most countries accept advice from a non-neighbour in a way that they would feel uneasy from another European.

Tris isn't completely strong or brave though, as she is still haunted and uneasy from witnessing so many deaths.

However their relationship was uneasy from the start with Rossi struggling during the Valencia test the day after finishing on the podium in what looked like being his final ride for Yamaha.

In 1% of cases uneasy over is used

View Details Auto component makers are uneasy over the strike at Maruti's Manesar plant.

At the same time Washington has been feeling very uneasy over the alleged cooperation between Pakistan and North Korea in missile production systems.

Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly, he in the upper berth and she in the lower.

Although Kenyan units are better trained and disciplined than Ugandan forces, Kenyan leaders are uneasy over an official assessment questioning the will of the army to defend the nation's borders.

In 1% of cases uneasy to is used

It would be uneasy to itself and all about it.

The same night that Isaac came weary and uneasy to Beer-sheba, God brought comforts to his soul.

Cruelty and covetousness are two daughters of the horseleech, that still cry, Give, give, and they are continually uneasy to themselves.

Election-night tears As one state after another fell to Obama, the mood inside the Romney camp went from confident to uneasy to despondent.

Then I thought of getting a hat the natural color of the fur, but the apprehension of being looked upon as one affecting singularity felt uneasy to me.

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