Prepositions after "undisturbed"

"undisturbed by" or "undisturbed for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases undisturbed by is used

She was undisturbed by their actions.

May I be undisturbed by praise and blame.

A Nirvana peace, undisturbed by passions or pity.

Undisturbed by other trampers, the soundtrack of the world around us comes alive.

Grant that those who love you above all else may be undisturbed by thoughts of evil.

Seven open eyed figures lay peacefully inside, undisturbed by the blazing sun outside.

Many of those who ambled past seemed unaware of -- or undisturbed by -- the grisly events that unfolded inside.

The radiative balance of the planet would be undisturbed by the presence (or absence) of the gas at equilibrium.

Durron, undisturbed by Solo's arguments, left with his squadron to investigate odd activity in the Helska system.

This denial supports Native myths that they were undisturbed by white men until John Cabot's unfortunate discovery.

In 26% of cases undisturbed for is used

They had lain undisturbed for 82 years.

It should be left undisturbed for 8- 9 hours.

This ground has lain undisturbed for many years.

You should look for a place where the plant can grow undisturbed for many years.

In the meanwhile, the work of destruction could continue undisturbed for ten days.

If you want a sustainable garden, leave a part of it undisturbed for wildlife to enjoy.

Place the tins back in the oven and leave undisturbed for 12-15 until the puddings have puffed up and browned.

That's four times as much stuff for moth larvae to devour -- much of it left undisturbed for months at a time.

The only time I ever saw green beer in Ireland is when I once left an undrunk pint sit undisturbed for a month.

If the bacteria on your tongue lies undisturbed for long periods of time, it can build up and cause a bad smell.

In 12% of cases undisturbed in is used

For the next six years, it sat undisturbed in this box.

Leave the tray undisturbed in the mouth for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Make no compromise with sin, let no sin remain quiet and undisturbed in your heart.

That night, said Ibn Sina, he had slept peacefully and was undisturbed in his study.

He had blessed Maryam's secret shrine, too, so that Maryam could pray undisturbed in its womb.

In the event that mold and mildew can grow undisturbed in a property, it might spell disaster.

And its status as the most ruinously contentious place to operate remains undisturbed in eight years.

FYI, You can sleep safely and undisturbed in any Wal-Mart parking lot (walmart is good for that one thing).

The company's truck drivers from Dubbo already sleep undisturbed in soundproofed bedrooms at Melbourne on their trips south.

A man who understands what tathata is becomes undisturbed in every situation; nothing can disturb him, he becomes unperturbable.

In 2% of cases undisturbed from is used

I ndependent and undisturbed from the main house is the life in the guesthouse.

Over wintering: Alliums can be left undisturbed from year to year and as long as they are well fed will continue to flower.

That's how the foreign militant organizations could operated almost undisturbed from 1991 to 1998 and then between 2001 and 2005.

Read more? 1/6 2/6 3/6 Watching elephant drinking undisturbed from the vantage point of the riverbank The Luangwa Valley is probably Zambia's best known wildlife area.

In 2% of cases undisturbed on is used

The mist settled down undisturbed on all exposed bits of his flesh.

Unless and until, Jews--and Jewish graves--can remain undisturbed on land ceded to the Palestinians, no peace is possible.

I will never forget seeing Joe Calzaghe, sitting quietly and undisturbed on a bench in central Cardiff, soon after he bear Eubank.

The Monitor lay undisturbed on the Atlantic sea bed for 101 years, discovered by scientists in 1973, its location now a Marine sanctuary.

In 1% of cases undisturbed about is used

It was clear that no-one would come into Gregor's room any more until morning; that gave him plenty of time to think undisturbed about how he would have to re-arrange his life.

In 1% of cases undisturbed as is used

But still there were many sections undisturbed as the road makers hadn't got that far yet.

Through timed reading, I have discovered that I can read two to three times faster when I am sitting at a desk undisturbed as opposed to lying down on my bed.

In 1% of cases undisturbed at is used

Moreover the remains of Charles I have since been discovered undisturbed at Windsor.

Having let go of passion, aversion, delusion; having shattered the fetters; undisturbed at the ending of life, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

In 1% of cases undisturbed during is used

In purely practical terms, trees surrounding sites such as ditch traps or rune carvings on dead tree stems can be left undisturbed during felling operations.

In 1% of cases undisturbed over is used

Nonya cooks also do this in a double boiler, but also typically go on to steam the kaya undisturbed over low heat for another couple of hours at least, until it sets to a sliceable firmness.

In 1% of cases undisturbed through is used

Like a true thoroughbred, he sailed undisturbed through the subsequent uproar and paid nobody back.

Kiser, a rare snapshot in time, undisturbed through more than a century of urban construction around it.

Since then they should have been roaming undisturbed through intergalactic space, some 200 of them in every cubic centimeter of our Universe, altogether a billion of them for every single atom.

In 1% of cases undisturbed throughout is used

I was happy to receive this punishment as it meant I could just sit undisturbed throughout the retreat.

In 1% of cases undisturbed to is used

The troops lined the streets so as to permit the whole to pass slowly and undisturbed to the spot intended for the execution.

They smashed, pillored and burnt the statues but apparently they never got to Emperor Qin's tomb - so it remains undisturbed to this day.

In 1% of cases undisturbed with is used

So, lenders who accord obese allowance confirmation are more undisturbed with the chances of getting a return on their investment.

While the Muslim supplicates, he, like a mystic, beholds undisturbed with concentrated gaze one Supreme Spiritual Reality Who is the Embodiment and Repository of all values.

They go to rest in perfect confidence that God will watch over them; hence their sleep, being undisturbed with foreboding and evil dreams, is sweet and refreshing, Proverbs 3:24.

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