Prepositions after "understandable"

understandable to, in, for, by or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases understandable to is used

ThatTs understandable to some extent.

This is understandable to some extent.

The law was meant to be understandable to all.

This appears to make the process more manageable and understandable to others.

It is understandable to the average fan to demand results from his or her team.

In the early days of the internet, that was perhaps understandable to a degree.

This permit, issued by your home country, is a translation of your license and makes it understandable to U.

It refers to the Hermeticists or alchemists who only wrote in code understandable to others in their school.

Boko Haram uses the religious card because religion is the only sign of belonging understandable to everyone.

In 19% of cases understandable in is used

It is understandable in some ways.

Perfectly understandable in a 2,250-seat.

This should be understandable in any case.

Understandable in the sport But the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, etc.

This resolution was perfectly understandable in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Morals have characteristically been more understandable in children's literature.

It's understandable in our society and with the way things are set up, but you have to break away from that.

It is understandable in many senses because you never know who might turn up and what their agenda might be.

Passion is understandable in politics -- if you love your country, you have to hate someone who is hurting it.

How to convince your management Keep it simple &; transparent Data must be understandable in a blink of an eye.

In 18% of cases understandable for is used

This was understandable for me.

Figures are not understandable for me.

It is understandable for her to be nervous.

This change in behavior, I believe is understandable for the following reasons.

Maitreya's explanation of these rules is logical and understandable for everybody.

Home Sick It's understandable for foreign students to feel disconnected from home.

You need to make your writing clear and understandable for the reader, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Understandable for Hines because he was getting a bunch of rants on his page but why can't they give updates.

That means, if the findings are effortlessly understandable for the readers and useful for the policy makers.

I am also a writer and I always try to write simple English because that is understandable for all and sundry.

In 10% of cases understandable by is used

It should be understandable by the reader.

It is understandable by the common man by simply reading it.

Those are simple and easily understandable by a beginner too.

To be semantic, the information must be understandable by machines and humans.

Yeah, and she didn't really do anything to show it's understandable by anyone else.

In short the design should be easily understandable by the user as well as by robots.

But for the purposes of a press release, it makes good sense and is readily understandable by the lay reader.

When there is a perfectly good common term understandable by a layman, one should not use professional jargon.

A good business plan should not contain too much inside baseball and to understandable by an outside audience.

Implementation is easy and understandable by anyone; however, a little PHP programming knowledge came in handy.

In 5% of cases understandable as is used

Thankfully, David is understandable as well as instructive.

Information can be made literally understandable as a result.

This is understandable as the period when companies take on graduates has finished.

This is quite understandable as the leaders of these parties are aware of their fate.

It is tough at a young age to prepare for big issues that are less understandable as a kid.

I only think he played more defensively in big games CG -- and that's understandable as to not give anything away.

Of course, it's understandable as a business decision, and I have nothing but admiration for the writers who do it.

Conclusion: Dassault Systemes new 3DExperiences is understandable as a way to introduce a bigger picture than PLM alone.

It's totally understandable as to why some prefer to remain very vague indeed about being a property developer or banker.

In 4% of cases understandable considering is used

The panic was understandable considering the defensive record of late.

That is understandable considering the information that the public has been given.

This is understandable considering the terms and their current econimic condition.

This is understandable considering the terrible violence seen in other parts of Kenya.

This is totally understandable considering the considerable financial pressure people are under.

Partly understandable considering Modi had slapped a sedition case against their Ahmedabad edition.

This is understandable considering the huge Ron Paul and immigration news but this story is equally as huge.

That's understandable considering the massive fraud that's been perpatrated against humanity for so long now, but.

But this is understandable considering the fact that full details of the research was not presented in the article.

In 4% of cases understandable from is used

Understandable from a business perspective.

Quite understandable from a Congress view point.

But understandable from LaRouche's marxist standpoint.

Some saw the opposition to the 1957 Act as understandable from a political point of view.

It got understandable from the 8 channel ci onwards but the best was the 20 channel by far.

This is understandable from the characters ' points of view but it can make watching draining at times.

But this is understandable from the fact that He did not wish to make known the time of His second coming.

Transparency Transparency is the property of being intuitively clear and understandable from any point of view.

It is understandable from the looks of their cars that they don't own any of the products from those companies.

The comments about Morrison are well-written and understandable from a position of someone who does not like him.

In 2% of cases understandable at is used

This is entirely understandable at one level.

I read your article on GERD and it is very understandable at how it works.

The Nexus 7 lacks a back camera but that's understandable at this price-range.

The waitresses are not always friendly but it's also understandable at the pace they work.

Some of us, of course, think that all solutions including AA are understandable at a human level.

It may be understandable at the level of emotion (or cynical advantage) but it is not morally defensible.

And even though he's barely understandable at his age, I get that Lando would be some kind of politician.

While this is understandable at this early stage of market evolution, it further confuses retailers and users.

I think you guys should have just gave the phone back, but it's understandable at the time that it was so hard to not let go of the scoop.

But they had a grudge against Vietnam, probably something only understandable at the rarified level of political paranoia and insanity that they practiced.

In 2% of cases understandable with is used

It's more understandable with many SF authors.

Understandable with its screen size, resolution etc.

It is perfectly understandable with natural warming and cooling events.

Ben Ross Thanks Desley, much appreciated and understandable with that answer.

However, it is understandable with the rising costs of health care and cuts in public funding.

This is understandable with John Lasseter being in creative control in both animation departments.

This is understandable with Europe still dragged down by uncertainty about what will happen in the Eurozone.

Which was understandable with the first one where he, as a fan, was buying his first CEREBUS from me at a comic convention somewhere.

While this approach is certainly understandable with friends, your immediate family will undoubtedly feel the need for more information.

Our room was not yet revated (understandable with our groupon voucher) and I can expect the other renovated site of the hotel as worthful.

In 1% of cases understandable after is used

Understandable after the previous few days ' IED strikes that we had suffered.

It's really very good if you take permission on VANOC, it's understandable after all.

Which part of being paranoid is rational? Is it understandable after the Holocaust? I guess.

We looked a team short on confidence and belief, understandable after Old Trafford and our general post-Interlull form.

This is quite understandable after all given the fact that the state media demonstrably lacks the basic linguistic skills needed for such a task.

In 1% of cases understandable because is used

That is understandable because of what happened last year.

It was sort of understandable because of the history of the recent years.

The anger is understandable because of what he caused but he's dead now let it go and leave the innocent alone.

He said it was understandable because of the elections next year where the Catholic influence could play a role.

And so understandable because of the very powerful and healing experiences many of us have just in the process of reading the material.

Their attachment to their less than idyllic way of life is understandable because of the civic spirit that reside within these people, and without.

This is understandable because of the many instructional guides of this kind have been earlier introduced and none of them really worked noticeable results.

It is unexpected because of the differences in their situations, and understandable because of the strong conviction the two women have in individual freedom and human dignity.

The first person was barely understandable because of her broken accented English and the second one eventually told me if I had booked for a different day it would have worked.

In 1% of cases understandable due is used

Totally understandable due to the different price range.

If you are and islamist that is understandable due to your relious training.

This is understandable due to their respective economic importance to the world economy.

The French words mix with Lingala is understandable due to the French influence in the region.

This is quite understandable due to the Stalinist/Maoist one-party dictatorships of the last century.

They probably feel you are giving up and can not deal with this which is understandable due to you being so young.

Poor Media Coverage The games are also not well promoted in the media, which is understandable due to low interest.

The problem is that many students overlook this fact and don't go through the motions of checking every option and this is understandable due to the time-constraints and often complex patterns.

I too enjoyed the miniseries but as it seems with everyone else it sparked more questions and there is frustrating little info on the internet which is understandable due to the lack of records.

In 1% of cases understandable on is used

It is understandable on one level.

So two has to be understandable on its own merits.

The emotional drain is completely understandable on my part.

In any other situation, Merkel's opposition would be understandable on these grounds.

While understandable on a human level, this doesn't make her ideas philosophically sound.

While this is understandable on one hand, it has created an even larger problem for them overtime.

I think that's perfectly understandable on a human level but some of the political rhetoric of the time is pretty awful.

While this is totally understandable on a hot Saturday, it's a little dangerous trying to navigate with a loaded motorcycle.

The prevalence of today's mobile devices creates the need to display graphics in a way that is easily understandable on every device whether full-screen or part of a video.

If the Tamils were not considered as equals to the Sinhalese, it became quite understandable on the part of Tamils to organise themselves for having a separate and sovereign state.

In 1% of cases understandable without is used

Don't worry: Most if not all are understandable without problems.

The caption should be understandable without recourse to the paper itself.

In the film this had changed and Bane's voice was understandable without a problem.

I will do my best to make all of this understandable without stressing everyone's attention span.

It ranges from basic explanations to more complicated, but it's all easily understandable without sacrificing information.

Figure legends should provide enough information for the figure to be understandable without frequent reference to the text.

At the moment it is classic design elements a little offbeat, if that is at all understandable without sounding self-absorbed haha.

These sentiments are perfectly understandable without an explanation of what we actually mean by mentoring and what we are trying to achieve.

This sutta is easily understandable without requiring a parallel translation, if you refer to the Satta saddhamm? Formulae as will be suggested in the text.

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