Prepositions after "undecided"

"undecided about" or "undecided on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases undecided about is used

She said she is undecided about Question 2.

He spent the night being undecided about them.

Kennedy, appeared undecided about certain issues.

It did piss off a bunch of voters who had been undecided about whom to vote for.

I had been undecided about what to wear for the run by way of cold weather gear.

You should: Mention your budget, but appear undecided about who to spend it with.

I've had mixed experiences (having tried them on several occasions ), hence undecided about them being the best.

Zaha, 20, who has dual nationality, is said to be undecided about whether to play for England or the Ivory Coast.

If you're still undecided about whether or not to pick up the game, now would seem a good time to pick up a copy.

What about people who are undecided about what they would really like to do? If you are surprised at this, don't.

In 24% of cases undecided on is used

I'd undecided on that one myself.

Just 4% are undecided on the issue.

TBL I'd a bit undecided on this one.

They all ordered their food except for one guy who looked undecided on what to eat.

I'd still undecided on whether or not I'll start incorporating them into my routine.

While I'd a conservative on most issues I'd actually undecided on the gun-control debate.

With the US still undecided on the issue operators are looking at other destinations where online poker is legal.

Thomas Aquinas have been undecided on the issue, and in the Eastern Church, the three are seen as distinct figures.

Looking at the history of the current Vice President, he has a tendency of being undecided on very critical matters.

I'll say upfront that I do not believe in the resurrection, and I am undecided on the historicity of the empty tomb.

In 10% of cases undecided as is used

Still undecided as to get a 3DS or Vita.

Still kind of undecided as a sit here today.

He was undecided as to which lane he needed to be in.

When the war broke out, he was initially undecided as to how to approach the conflict.

Where's the miracle coming from this time? I am still undecided as to what way to vote.

I have considering doing the PMP for a while but am undecided as to if its worth my time.

I'd undecided as to whether I should apply to work at Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, or any other big name places.

Not surprisingly, they were all going to vote Liberal, or were undecided as to whether they were going to vote Liberal.

Take note that republicans still lost upwards of 4 seats (probably more, but they're still undecided as of this writing).

Various groups within the opposition are trying to unite in order to present themselves to the undecided as a credible alternative.

In 6% of cases undecided in is used

It was still undecided in midsummer.

Even then, the shape of a war is still undecided in terms of its outcome.

A majority of the voters either support Romney or are undecided in almost every poll.

The other 32 percent of likely voters remains undecided in their choice for president.

Others whose percentages are not reflected in this report were undecided in their response.

We were both undecided in our 20s and just recently discovered that we want different things.

Second, I believe, the undecided in round one will have to make up their minds come the run-off.

I would say there are probably 8% who are truly undecided in my contacts but there are soft leaners.

I was undecided in what I believed in so I went along, with an open mind, learning for myself what religion was.

Romney and Obama are going after roughly 10 percent of the electorate that remains undecided in the presidential race.

In 5% of cases undecided at is used

He is still undecided at this dying minutes.

If you happen to still be undecided at this hour, well.

He is undecided at this time as to which religion he will be baptized.

Are you confident there will be a next year? The future seems to be undecided at the moment.

I'd undecided at this stage over which sport I'd going to do, but it needs to be one I love.

This complicated matters and we have the date of the first Christmas undecided at 4 BC or 6 BC.

IF THIS IS THE CASE, too bad for the Prez because anyone undecided at this point has not been (or is unable) to p.

How can any voters still be undecided at this point? Clearly, Obama and Romney offer different visions for the country.

Only New Zealand First list MP Richard Prosser admitted to being against the bill, while 18 were undecided at this time.

Reader Comments (2) There is a very small group of people who are undecided at this time who will be impacted by debates.

In 3% of cases undecided between is used

He was undecided between MBBS and BDS.

I am undecided between a shot gun and a hand gun.

Imo, that debate ended undecided between austerians and Keynesians.

I was undecided between Camphill Blair Drummond and Camphill Devon.

However just like other people, I was somewhat undecided between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

There are also a few who he would like to look at who are undecided between England and Jamaica and that includes.

As I've written before, there are good reasons that a nonideological voter might be undecided between these two futures.

If you ever undecided between beige and gray, than the best coloring to be able to deliver the results with is actually green.

Neither for what I probably want next (undecided between what I used to do and what I do or what else I would like todo) nor even updating with what I do.

Suppose that an education policy specialist was undecided between having a secondary school student read a book as opposed to going to school for three days.

In 2% of cases undecided for is used

They are undecided for two reasons.

I'd still undecided for the main color (which we'll paint the walls).

One race is still undecided for us (although a network has called it).

Undecideds are undecided for a reason - because they haven't made up their minds yet.

The future of reportage is still undecided, and I'd suggest that it will remain undecided for some years.

Yes we are retrieving our jetties through legal means, though undecided for now but will be in the near future.

The Church should throw the RH bill to the Supreme Court where it will remain undecided for at least until 2016.

After a chargesheet is filed, the matter goes to the courts where it can stay unheard and undecided for decades at times.

We display each candidate's vote share and the percentage undecided for three populations: all Americans, registered voters and likely voters.

I couldn't recall a time when she gave sincere recognition; however, I hate to think of her as a bad person, so I was undecided for a long time on where to place her.

In 2% of cases undecided over is used

I am undecided over Leadbitter.

All this being said, I'd still undecided over whether Wenger should leave or not.

No one was believed to have been injured and City are apparently undecided over what action to take.

The PCB, however, was undecided over the colour of the ball to be used for day-night Tests, though it has preferred the orange ball to the pink one in domestic trials.

Roughly half of those people have been undecided since last year, but the other half have become undecided over the course of 2012 after initially preferring either Obama or Romney.

Who is likely to go this week? Our Betting Tip The bookmakers agree that Richard Arnold and Michael Vaughan are the most likely to get the boot but are undecided over which one will go.

In 1% of cases undecided before is used

If he changes his mind, or is undecided before covering 4 farsakh, he should offer full prayers.

Uncommitted voters in the CBS poll include those who were either totally undecided before the debate or who were leaning to a candidate, but said they may still change their minds.

Mr Romney's support increased among uncommitted voters, from 22pc before the debate to 34pc after, with most of the change coming from the 50pc who were totally undecided before the debate.

In 1% of cases undecided by is used

The question is left undecided by Alford).

BORING! Nobody is really undecided by this time.

For my GCSE 's, I got: 1 A*, 8 A 's, 1B and 1C (The C is undecided by the exam board apparently.

Anyone who's still undecided by next week probably shouldn't be allowed to vote, drive, or reproduce in large numbers.

Thus the example provided, is indeed an example undecided by the formal system but it is not an example of what reason could not decide.

If this topic interest you, or if you find yourself struggling to have it all, I highly suggest you check out Undecided by Barbara and Shannon Kelley.

I am also undecided by what folder the assets have to be searching for android to know the assets for nearly any display size a lot more than 1024x768.

In 1% of cases undecided of is used

I agreed to do this, but when I reached home I started feeling undecided of what to do.

I hate to think of the amount of time I have had to devote -- me, the least undecided of voters -- to reading the emollient blab.

My concern is that negative reporting like this will influence voters that are undecided of which candidate best express their wishes.

We also, in our lines as caregivers to our aged parents, are in a leaning where it is vital to handle with problems associated with undecided of viability issues.

On the other hand, our issues were not significantly from over simply because we ended up undecided of how to establish real products from a current market where anything at all is possible.

In 1% of cases undecided to is used

I quite frankly am undecided to what to use.

In all things else Miss Matilda was meek and undecided to a fault.

And some pleasant surprise vote conversions from Undecided to Committed.

The long contest between these two powerful rivals -- O'Brien and O'Loghlin -- remained undecided to the last.

This was one of the most lugubrious punts I have ever encountered, and yet, I am still undecided to whether I am the cause, or to whether I misinterpreted the whole occasion.

That means starting today -- not three months before the next election, and with a durable vision that will get the faithful to the polls, and drive the undecided to our corner.

You need your base to show up in full force not a 42% turn out of your base with hopes your soft spoken i offend no one likeability will turn the undecided to your camp on election day.

In 1% of cases undecided upon is used

Chavez and the Venezuelan (and to an extent Boliviarian) experiments I am as yet undecided upon.

In 1% of cases undecided with is used

If you are still undecided with your marketing.

He is down 4 points and seeing 7 points of undecided with women.

We were still undecided with regard to the election issue when I was placed under house arrest in July.

I suggest if you are undecided with many questions that you work with an unbiased travel agent, such as that Company.

The three polls show support for a Yes vote still remains strong but there are a large number of voters who remain undecided with polling less than a week away.

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