Prepositions after "undaunted"

undaunted by, in, about, after or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases undaunted by is used

However, Dayamani seems undaunted by all this.

He was undaunted by this early failure however.

Alberto is undaunted by the dirt roads and wind.

However, undaunted by these adverse war effects, President Blas Rayos and Amado Ll.

From his first day in the White House, he showed himself undaunted by any challenge.

The Doctor is undaunted by the Mayors threats and vows to make the truth known to all.

Asabee said he was undaunted by what was happening, urging the government to remember that the precedence it was.

Undaunted by his near miss, Theo remains an enthusiastic Beatles fan and he follows their progress with interest.

But Slaughter seems undaunted by the challenges posed by running a campaign while she's healing from a major injury.

A slight woman in carefully coiffed hair and a navy blue suit, Gimenez, 79, appeared undaunted by the modest turnout.

In 10% of cases undaunted in is used

Ryan seems undaunted in his monetary views.

When we were young, we had a vision for our future, and we were undaunted in our pursuit of dreams.

I hope he recovers and that he is undaunted in his quest to do the right thing for those who need an assist.

He would carry it ahead, undaunted in his determination to transform the destiny of his people to make Shonar Bangla.

He supported Islam and Muhammad consistently, and he was undaunted in the face of opposition and threats from the pagans.

Bold in appearance, and undaunted in courage, he was uncompromising with everything except what he believed to be exactly right.

Sikh bravery continued undaunted in WWII, as they helped to swell the Indian Army's ranks from 189,000 at the onset of the war to over 2.

Still undaunted in my search for something not satisfactory, I headed for the Yam Festival certain the project would have been abandoned years ago.

Some have fallen prey to visa racketeers and been duped of huge sums of money meant for visa arrangements yet remain undaunted in their determination to leave the country.

Nuruzuman was publicly tortured by the military in February 2007, the, NC and other civil society organizations have remained undaunted in their opposition to the Phulbari project.

In 1% of cases undaunted after is used

Undaunted after being rejected by every publisher, each maxed out her personal credit card to self-publish the book and manufacture the elf doll.

Newt, on the other hand, showed the character we need in a President -- emerging undaunted after being outspent 8 to 1 and being shamefully smeared both by the Romney campaign and much of the press.

In 1% of cases undaunted despite is used

Their resiliency to overcome these difficulties is a symbol of the steadfastness of the Filipinos who have always remained undaunted despite these adversities that their way.

In 1% of cases undaunted to is used

Bend bravely and undaunted to your work.

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