Prepositions after "unconscious"

unconscious of, in, for, on or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases unconscious of is used

Job was unconscious of wilful sin.

It has remained unconscious of them.

The person may be unconscious of this.

I was practically unconscious of the names in the first twenty pages of the book.

And it is what we think it is, whether we're conscious of it or unconscious of it.

It was a bad night on the river, but the passengers were unconscious of that fact.

Her pose seems perversely luxurious, almost unconscious of the repellent qualities being shown to best advantage.

Being unconscious of death that could come any time, people miss the opportunity to attend to Buddhist assemblies.

The girl sat upon the floor by the children, who, unconscious of the peril that hung over them, had both fallen asleep.

Lack of perspective means to be unconscious of the space that one lives in and of one's own position within that space.

In 17% of cases unconscious in is used

To be unconscious in the means.

He was found unconscious in bed.

Jeff found her unconscious in the desert.

At last a man told me that the boy had been ill and lay unconscious in the forest.

Just that she was unconscious in hospital and wasn't expected to live much longer.

The 24 year-old was found unconscious in a tent and was declared dead at the scene.

Morgan, 24, punched, kicked and stamped on 43-year-old Jonathan Gilbert and left him unconscious in his lounge.

Also the Black represents the Shadow, all that is relegated to the unconscious in early life in order to adapt.

It's Lord Choi's head minion, Evil Junior, who has both Arang and Bang-wool lying unconscious in a storage room.

Tragedy struck on November 13, 2005 when Eddie was found unconscious in his hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 14% of cases unconscious for is used

He was unconscious for sometime.

He went unconscious for a minute.

He was unconscious for three weeks.

When I recovered a bit, I was told that I remained unconscious for almost 2 months.

I was lucky; I'd sustained no major injuries, but I'd been unconscious for two days.

With practice, I am able to render the patients unconscious for only thirty seconds.

Once the door was wide open, Margot, unconscious for being locked up in a closet for around 3 hours, fell out.

Well, jobiuspublius is either not old enough to remember Carter or was unconscious for the four years he served.

However, while at hospital I was unconscious for 2 days, lost my balance completely and lost hearing in both ears.

Not an essential trip, and I could've put it off as I was suffering fevers that rendered me unconscious for hours.

In 10% of cases unconscious on is used

Amin left him unconscious on the floor.

Ian collapses unconscious on the floor.

Market is not unconscious on the floor.

The American people rejected all of this while Boehner was unconscious on Tuesday.

He rounded a final bend, before he found Belle unconscious on the ground of an alley.

Geoff and Charlie found her unconscious on her bed and she was diagnosed with diabetes.

I couldn't manage and took a major overdose, did not alert anyone and was then found unconscious on the street.

The girl was walking from her house when the man attacked her from behind, leaving her unconscious on the floor.

After washing up unconscious on the shores of a mysterious island, he is awakened by the sound of a fairy's voice.

But when they found Ambassador Stevens unconscious on the floor, they stopped looting and rushed him to a hospital.

In 7% of cases unconscious by is used

Once was beaten unconscious by heavy handed police.

Wake me if still unconscious by (insert time here).

In the woods Dale is knocked unconscious by someone.

Bharata and Sugriva, both, were attacked and became unconscious by Lava and Kusa.

Seigenthaler was beaten unconscious by the mob and Zwerg suffered a severe beating.

She was knocked unconscious by the force of the blast and cut by shards of flying glass.

This would ensure that you stay afloat even if you are knocked unconscious by any type of unfortunate accident.

When he also threatens her he is knocked unconscious by the saloon owner and dragged to a nearby railroad track.

She further distinguishes the conscious and unconscious by juxtaposing dark, rough images to light, soft illusions.

But all four were overcome by the poisonous fumes and were unconscious by the time rescuers arrived to pull them out.

In 5% of cases unconscious at is used

Colin was found unconscious at the bottom of the ladder.

They hurried down and found him unconscious at the bottom.

Kill nothing and avoid knocking anyone unconscious at all costs.

My lovely young wife fell down unconscious at the thought of life-long separation.

Many times one becomes unconscious at the time of passing, but it is not always the case.

A female client who was found unconscious at home is brought to the hospital by a rescue squad.

This is why Jennifer was almost immediately knocked unconscious at the beginning of Back to the Future Part II.

The warden's head bashed into the door, a sharp and hollow crack, and he sprawled unconscious at Aragorn's feet.

If the person fell unconscious at night, it is not wajib on him to make qada of the fast of the following day as well.

Shariful also said he saw a passenger fell unconscious at the airport on Tuesday as his visa period expired by the time.

In 4% of cases unconscious with is used

Don't Confuse Unconscious with Irrational or Bad.

Hit men made them unconscious with golf sticks and Dr.

Like the referee staying unconscious with one eyes open.

I thought back and wondered if I had been that unconscious with my own children.

Pippin tries to call to Merry, who is unconscious with a gash on his right brow.

Patting an appealing animal was as unconscious with the man as drawing his breath.

Up to now you have programmed your unconscious with information based on lack of awareness and understanding.

When they were about to attack, the Councilman retaliated, knocking them all unconscious with his dark ability.

There is an injection called glucagon that can be given to someone who is unconscious with a low blood glucose level.

The final straw came on Aug 27, when Jayern claims he was almost knocked unconscious with a wooden souvenir golf club.

In 4% of cases unconscious to is used

This is simply unconscious to them.

Monkey dropped unconscious to the ground.

He, himself, was also shot, and fell unconscious to the ground.

Harry dashed back outside leaving the dazed wizard to fall unconscious to the floor.

The bigwigs of Uefa seem unconscious to the sensitivities associated with racial matters.

The man ran toward the emperor before falling unconscious to the ground, where he lay groaning.

A person can be unconscious to our eyes, yet a lot of activity between God and that soul could still be going on.

We realize that when we convert unconscious to conscious mental processes, a sort of broadcasting function goes on.

Schumacher's forearm connected with Battiston's face, removing two teeth and knocking him unconscious to the ground.

As I have already sufficiently indicated, I regard the relation of the unconscious to the conscious as compensatory.

In 4% of cases unconscious from is used

The next day he was completely unconscious from Fajar.

But she lifted herself up and fell back, nearly unconscious from the pain.

They came in and drug me unconscious from a downed chopper in the middle of hell.

Felled by a bullet in a subsequent battle at Uruwela, he was carried unconscious from the field of battle.

If the character has fallen unconscious from dehydration, they awaken after an hour of consuming any water.

Since I was unconscious from that point onwards, they delivered me directly to the nearby hospital in their jeep.

Ben in all likelihood was already unconscious from possibly slipping or a medical issue and then Griz did what is natural.

If a person remains asleep or unconscious from Dhuhr to Maghrib on the day of Arafat, his Wuqoof at Arafat would be Batil.

Dad disentangled mine, unconscious from the beloved Chopper metal and I cradled his on a Spanish mountain just months back.

Kazemi was later transferred unconscious from the Evin Prison to a hospital, ultimately diagnosed as suffering from a brain injury.

In 3% of cases unconscious during is used

In the month of Ramadaan a person became unconscious during the day.

A general anaesthetic will make you unconscious during the operation.

He said he was knocked unconscious during his first day of confinement.

You will be unconscious during this procedure, as a general anaesthetic is used.

One of three elderly Kenyans claims he was beaten unconscious during the incident.

And it was Shaykh Mufid himself who said that the Prophet was unconscious during this time.

No one realized this, however, because the real body usually remained completely unconscious during the process.

The Prophet was unconscious during this time and the people did not at all refuse the Prophet? s order to his face.

He chose to appear in the form of her father so that she would not be frightened when she awoke after being knocked unconscious during the trip.

Nobody who is unconscious during or after a seizure, whether or not they have intellectual disabilities, can give informed consent to treatment.

In 2% of cases unconscious as is used

These happen on an unconscious as well as a conscious level.

She was quite unconscious as the Ambulancemen carried her out to their conveyance.

She was quite unconscious as the ambulance men carried her out to their conveyance.

In fact this is how to think of all information in the brain, unconscious as well as conscious.

This deliberately aims to elicit unconscious as well as extremely personal feelings and emotions.

It explains unreason and emotion as well as rational behavior, and unconscious as well as conscious urges.

It acts by rendering a person gradually unconscious as a result of even short duration high concentration exposures.

For most of the days in captivity, Faiza remained unconscious as the kidnappers used to force her to take sleeping pills.

We should see behind the quota of affects the drive, and behind ideas the structure of the unconscious as a network of signifiers.

In 2% of cases unconscious after is used

He was left unconscious after a soldier smashed his jaw with a rifle.

He fell unconscious after which they abandoned him near Anarkali Bazaar.

Rescue attempts: Mrs Knight fell unconscious after taking a ride on Maelstrom.

I became unconscious after a while, that that was due less to my lovely company than my boots.

Again, there is no mention of personal care from his parents while he lay unconscious after the amputation.

According to reports he was unconscious after the fatal accident and never spoke until he finally kicked the bucket.

But then they turned on the man who was knocked unconscious after being struck on the head with an empty vodka bottle.

February 24 caregiver We would only bring my brother to the hospital if he became unconscious after the seizure stops.

Akhter became unconscious after 80 lashes and later died in a hospital just 35 kilometers outside of the capital city, Dhaka.

Although the animal seemed to be apparently unconscious after the stunning blow on its head, the EEG recorded severe pain signals.

In 1% of cases unconscious about is used

She is completely unconscious about it.

We need to keep sending instructions to the unconscious about what we want to have happen.

We need to communicate to our unconscious about how we want the music to feel, and how we want it to sound.

Most people are unconscious about the choices they are making in life and are unaware of the role their thoughts play in creating the reality they experience.

In 1% of cases unconscious due is used

Jennifer, rendered unconscious due to her unnecessity in saving Marty Jr.

They said several doctors were wounded and fell unconscious due to shelling, while more than 100 were arrested.

Shahram Azam soon found that she was deeply unconscious due to a skull fracture and had wounds and bruises all over her body.

In some of these cases, persons who were supposedly unconscious due to cardiac arrest were able to give accurate descriptions of medical procedures being used to revive them.

In 1% of cases unconscious into is used

She bounced off the bonnet and fell unconscious into the road.

I don?? t want to train my unconscious into scarcity or poverty.

They suffocated on the bridge, or drowned having fallen unconscious into the water.

In this was you are not fighting your unconscious but are bringing the unconscious into alignment with the conscious mind.

At Seoul 1988, America's Greg Louganis fell unconscious into the pool after hitting his head on the 3m springboard at the start of a preliminary-round dive.

In romance, for instance, love bursts through from the unconscious into our conscious world, seizing us with its power and beauty, often bringing chaos to our day world.

He saw his scientific role as a phenomenologist always open to the ambivalent and many aspected ambiguous intrusions of the unconscious into the ego field of conscious existence.

Yesterday, the Israeli navy claimed three commandos had been dragged unconscious into one of the ship's halls ' ' for several minutes ' ' before regaining consciousness and escaping.

In 1% of cases unconscious before is used

However, he can not say if that occurred where they were found, or if they were unconscious before the drowning.

The narrator observes that most things are already written by the unconscious before the first word is put on paper.

It didn't take long before the rum hit me like a hammer and I went from legless to unconscious before the clock struck 12.

CSI: naughtee: 12 Nov 2012 1:56:13pm not so sure i agree with you there CSI, personally i'd prefer to be unconscious before having my throat slit.

Whoever is unconscious before dawn and remains unconscious until sunset, his fast for that day is invalid and it is obligatory for him to make it up.

Sekot overwhelmed the Jedi, rendering them unconscious before waking up Solo so that he could take landing instructions from one of Zonama Sekot's inhabitants.

If she became unconscious before the commission of the offence on her it is not possible on her part to see or know as to who committed the offence of rape on her.

So every murder of a sleeping person, or shot which instantly kills someone or renders them unconscious before death, has to be reclassified as not harming anyone.

In 1% of cases unconscious because is used

I became unconscious because of collision and fright.

Sakura first became unconscious because of heavy alcohol use and a druge overdose.

In China, a father throwing her into the river was a year old, thinking his son dead after the unconscious because of abdominal pain.

Scenes of policemen being beaten was also witnessed on the occasion while some doctors also fell unconscious because of the shelling.

This guilt generally tended to remain unconscious because of the great importance it assumed for the subject, who attributed an all-powerful destructiveness to his own aggression.

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