Prepositions after "unconnected"

"unconnected with" or "unconnected to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases unconnected with is used

But it really stands unconnected with them.

This might not be unconnected with your Origin.

We had a Duchess of Kendal too, quite unconnected with the Duke.

However, bimatoprost acts on a quite different receptor unconnected with androgens.

But Oliver thinks very justly that the two Orders were unconnected with each other.

There are eminent reasons for that quite unconnected with religion for why that is so.

We may at least suspect that the Slavic vowel is not historically unconnected with its Ural-Altaic parallels.

This is not unconnected with the perceived inaction of government over the controversial $620,000 (about N96.

Whatever you do today can not be totally unconnected with the intention or the purpose of your existence here.

The secondary name may be a translation or a transliteration of the primary name or wholly unconnected with it.

In 40% of cases unconnected to is used

Mechanical, unconnected to emotions.

It let them wash over me, unconnected to the past.

That might mean making friends unconnected to school.

Spirituality that is not incarnated is just an ideology, unconnected to anything.

Both men are currently in custody on corruption charges unconnected to the deaths.

Bhoite said that prima facie, the agent appears to be unconnected to the incident.

Many of the wind farms have since been sold on to genuine energy companies completely unconnected to the Mafia.

These changes, while superficially unconnected to culture, have contributed profoundly to the erosion of culture.

At one end, we have a catalogue interface which is unconnected to popular user discovery environments or workflows.

As unconnected to the war as the US population appears, the project continued to attract those closest to the trauma.

In 2% of cases unconnected from is used

But I would not go and murder anyone, let alone people unconnected from it (other than being from the same country).

Accept that the money's gone and that the next trade you make will be on its own merits, completely unconnected from the last one.

They are getting benefits which are completely unconnected from their taxation -- hence they are stealing from those who are paying for those benefits.

The best way to understand the line about the last year being the best year of Roger's life is to read it as unconnected from his subsequent line about being unhappy before he met Joan.

In 2% of cases unconnected in is used

And so they go unconnected in the mind of the pol.

Remaining unconnected in that way assured her of their physical presence every day.

The concepts of new covenant and a death that brings it about are unconnected in Jer 31:31-34.

Such as the personal losses we have experienced that leave us alone and unconnected in our aging years.

In the mind of a poor learner, different pieces of knowledge remain unconnected in different compartments.

Yes, those kinds of stunts are also often unconnected in any meaningful way to the product, brand or its values.

It was completely fleshless, a collection of bones blackened by flames that simply floated unconnected in the air.

But the pain of feeling unconnected in two major areas finally forced me to sit down with God, a legal pad, and a pen.

MOOCs can be overwhelming, chaotic, disconcerting, and give learners many anxieties about being unconnected in the vast swirl of connectedness.

The tribes speak so little to each other these days because they all live in completely different universes unconnected in any way to each other.

In 1% of cases unconnected by is used

It is true that the land and all its inhabitants are dissolved - unsettled and unconnected by the bands of civil interest.

The bond throughout was kinship and persons unconnected by blood relationship could not become members of a tribe unless as a special case one was admitted by adoption.

Its mission is to connect some of the global dots regularly left unconnected by the mainstream media and to offer a clearer sense of how this imperial globe of ours actually works.

Look, Straw Dogs, like the rest of John Grays work, is a flimsy collection of magazine articles: arm-waving but nonsensical generalisations unsupported by evidence and unconnected by argument.

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