Prepositions after "uncommon"

"uncommon for" or "uncommon in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases uncommon for is used

Stress is not uncommon for a cat.

But they are uncommon for journalists.

UNCOMMON for two girl groups to collaborate.

It was not uncommon for the men who were on duty to freeze to death at their posts.

It is not uncommon for a leader to spot an employee in need of a performance boost.

It is not uncommon for a lawyer to dispose of three or four ' cases ' in a morning.

Despite tremendous improvements, even today it is not uncommon for a plane, pilot or deck crew member to be lost.

It is not uncommon for the average churchgoer to assume theology to be the sole task of professional theologians.

The show itself is sure to entertain, and it's not uncommon for a member of the crowd to become part of the show.

It's not at all uncommon for a guy to stray just so you'll do this -- sort of a weird confidence booster for him.

In 24% of cases uncommon in is used

This is uncommon in young children.

The style wasn't uncommon in its day.

Begging is not uncommon in some places.

The videos above are some extreme examples but not uncommon in this extreme Village.

White-bellied sea eagles calling and circling the sky are not uncommon in the island.

It's not uncommon in the Middle East for people to enjoy nightly feasts of lavish food.

This must have been one of the first Indian-owned dairies in New Zealand; it was certainly uncommon in the 1950's.

And this sort of dynamic is not uncommon in the chemical industry one mans waste is anothers critical raw material.

It was to say that she has a legitimate fear of being harassed or raped and that this fear is not uncommon in women.

Decapitations, guttings and eye gouging are far from uncommon in the God of War universe, so softies need not apply.

In 3% of cases uncommon among is used

Celibacy is uncommon among the Fulani.

That's not uncommon among black and Hispanic families.

Such mindset is wrong and is not uncommon among today's NZers.

You have an interesting background and skillset that is uncommon among your peers.

But rolling over old debts with new borrowing is not uncommon among Chinese cities.

PapaKarl, your opinion is not uncommon among physicists, but I do not agree with it.

She seems to be searching for a depth of relationship which may be uncommon among the wives of the countryside.

President Obama's surname is not uncommon among the Luo tribe, one of the three largest ethnic groups in Kenya.

Lactose intolerance is now relatively uncommon among Europeans -- although it is still common among some cultures (e.

In contrast, it remains uncommon among adult HIV patients, accounting for 3% of adult HIV-related pulmonary pathology.

In 2% of cases uncommon at is used

The death of children was not uncommon at the time.

Delays of up to 2 hours are not uncommon at peak traffic times.

Side-effects are uncommon at the low dose used to treat leg cramps.

This William arranged and they went without the ranger, not uncommon at the top of the mountain.

In summary, the data confirm that AML is uncommon at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

Gyamfi brought an athleticism and ability to shoot well that was uncommon at the time in Germany.

It is uncommon at the age of twelve to find yourself sitting with your best friend and his dad in front of an Amiga.

It's not uncommon at all to see people from Egypt studying in India, or people from Russia volunteering in Thailand.

Affairs and flirtations are not uncommon at the workplace, for reasons ranging from the personal to the professional.

According to the Hong Kong -- based human-rights agency China Labour Bulletin, riots are not uncommon at Chinese factories.

In 2% of cases uncommon on is used

Automobiles were still uncommon on the streets.

The man's problem was not uncommon on the face of it.

The practice was not uncommon on southern plantations.

While not uncommon on Earth, it hasn't been widely found in other Mars explorations.

Before we had progression standards, they weren't exactly uncommon on my class lists.

You chose (A ): He was a regular clinic frequenter which is not uncommon on a reserve.

So it would have behooved that project to pick a longer time frame like 60 or 90 days (not uncommon on kickstarter).

Features of epidermal naevi Epidermal naevi usually arise on the trunk and limbs, and are uncommon on the face or scalp.

Clinical features Pityriasis versicolor affects the trunk, neck, and/or arms, and is uncommon on other parts of the body.

However, to get past this problem, it is not uncommon on rivers such as the Moy or Mourne for anglers to use bubble and fly.

In 1% of cases uncommon during is used

That, in itself, is not uncommon during a lengthy surgery.

Late afternoon rain was uncommon during summer in the Andaran hills.

Social unrest as a result of the disease was not uncommon during 1832.

Punishing innocent people to prove a police case was not uncommon during the British Raj.

Arthur Kennedy says such fun talks are not uncommon during election periods such as this.

Then he says that adultery was not uncommon during the Middle Ages, prior to the Renaissance.

But what are the actual facts? Threats to commit suicide are not uncommon during pregnancy and suicide attempts do occur.

Accidents are not uncommon during military operations so there should be no unnecessary excitement over the helicopter crash.

Being a thriving business, it wasn't uncommon during rush hours and on weekends to have orders flying in at unprecedented speed.

The period between August and September are the wettest in Bangkok and flooding across the city is not uncommon during this time.

In 1% of cases uncommon to is used

A story that is not uncommon to our ears.

Crying over TV shows is not uncommon to me.

The place of worship as the centre of learning was not uncommon to us.

Players on tilt are typically reckless, and make poor decisions and errors uncommon to them.

The current situation is unfortunate but not uncommon to the Muslim community of Stellenbosch.

It actually balances body temperature, and the urge to spit is not uncommon to people in hot temperate climates.

The bird is sometimes described as uncommon to rare, although in appropriate habitat it may actually be quite common.

Every inch is thoroughly and magnificently used, exploring levels and depth in a fashion that is uncommon to many productions.

Glad the adplanner is useful, shows you are not attracting a chunk of the demographic, which to be fair is not uncommon to news sites such as this.

Most snake catchers I have talked too since have been surprised by this as apparently they are uncommon to this area, preferring other habitat types.

In 1% of cases uncommon with is used

For famciclovir, exposure was uncommon with 1 infant of 26 exposed having a birth defect.

We suspect it could be a bad factory image, which is apparently not uncommon with HP systems.

And, as is not uncommon with paranoiacs, there was a kernel of justification for the behavior.

Her sandals, chariot and throne were all of pure gold, but that was not uncommon with the gods.

Such has been a scenario that is not so uncommon with Ateneo campus politics throughout the years.

This needs some time in a humidor to age a bit, not uncommon with newly released cigars I have tried.

While in the shower I started vomiting which wasn't uncommon with my pregnancy but that day it was different.

Escapist tendencies are not uncommon with the 3 life path, and you find it very hard to settle into one place or one position.

Isolation wise, I'll call it just slightly below average, which isn't uncommon with a shallow fitted IEM with small vent on the back.

While it's possible to develop an allergic reaction or sensitivity to any chemical, this would be very uncommon with petroleum jelly.

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