Prepositions after "uncomfortable"

uncomfortable with, for, in, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases uncomfortable with is used

It was uncomfortable with Iraq.

It was uncomfortable with Brown.

It was uncomfortable with the deficit.

Reactions The last 13S protest was clearly uncomfortable with the government.

I felt especially uncomfortable with the standing-on-the-table oration scenes.

It is obvious that we are uncomfortable with our success and also our failures.

But I'd like to express in some way that I'd uncomfortable with the direction that the newspaper has chosen.

I am uncomfortable with the number of South Africa-raised players in the team but that is a different issue.

However I was uncomfortable with the behaviors of some men whom other female colleagues have warned me about.

He's saying ' let's show **31;3940;TOOLONG ' that we're uncomfortable with this in the hope that they listen.

In 13% of cases uncomfortable for is used

It was very uncomfortable for them.

It was very uncomfortable for a while.

It's just far too uncomfortable for me.

Very uncomfortable for me to hear them, and interesting because it was my life.

Clearly, watching it in-flight could be very uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Very uncomfortable for them at the moment and not just because of the scoreline.

You are a harbinger of a new enlightenment- uncomfortable for the farmers, circus-owners, and bacon addicts.

It was uncomfortable for me as every time I took something up it seems there eyes were on me to put it back.

This may make the dressing difficult to position and, once applied, it may be uncomfortable for the patient.

I love Billy Burke to death and he's one of the coolest people alive, so it was a little uncomfortable for me.

In 11% of cases uncomfortable about is used

I'd very uncomfortable about this.

I feel very uncomfortable about that.

For me it is uncomfortable About AAPL.

People were already feeling uncomfortable about this link with the Brethren.

Australians simply feel uncomfortable about someone else doing the cleaning.

They do not feel uncomfortable about the attention that these trinkets draw.

I am also very uncomfortable about the idea that the church becomes an information gatherer for the state.

I felt a bit uncomfortable about the students being shocked that I didn't know my exact ethnic background.

The way Rebecca was approached was creepy and out of place, and feeling uncomfortable about that was fine.

Even so, children shouldn't be taught in the home to be uncomfortable about their or other people's nudity.

In 11% of cases uncomfortable in is used

It's uncomfortable in a good way.

And just as uncomfortable in his skin.

Making it uncomfortable in the middle.

Any adolescent can feel extremely uncomfortable in a face-to-face conversation.

It is important to note that women, too, can be uncomfortable in the workplace.

I don't really understand the concept of being uncomfortable in that situation.

People shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable in that way when playing a video game, whatever the rating is.

And partly, I felt very uncomfortable in this in-between state and wanted to get past it as soon as possible.

Romney seems uncomfortable in his own skin and, when pressed, tends to rely on statistics to make his points.

I've always felt uncomfortable in my clothes and my skin, so this was a strange and very rewarding experience.

In 4% of cases uncomfortable at is used

I am very uncomfortable at home.

That's a little uncomfortable at times.

They're very uncomfortable at being there.

I felt uncomfortable at those sessions critiquing or criticizing a colleague's work.

And about what to do to keep women from feeling uncomfortable at atheist gatherings.

And as someone who is ageing rapidly it makes me feel fairly uncomfortable at times.

Kneeling or sitting on a bag is uncomfortable at the best of times without good support under the ' behind '.

Perhaps he felt uncomfortable at City - if he did not talk with Bowkett, things don't sound rosy here either.

Uncomfortable at times but always thought provoking and downright honest it's on my weekly list to check out.

It was uncomfortable at the time, and obviously a bad idea, but it was over before I even had time to object.

In 2% of cases uncomfortable around is used

You are uncomfortable around them.

They're uncomfortable around them.

Yet a lot of society would be uncomfortable around them.

If they're uncomfortable around a nursing baby, perhaps they should simply.

This will freak her out and make her feel terribly uncomfortable around you.

To be perfectly honest, I'd always felt uncomfortable around disabled people.

As soon as someone realizes they are being manipulated, they will feel extremely uncomfortable around you.

Charlie was one of those people who didn't need to say anything and you wouldn't feel uncomfortable around him.

I don't know what to say to him and i'd kind of avoiding him atm coz I just feel a bit uncomfortable around him.

Geeky guys I know are uncomfortable around some nice girls, but its just an awkward thing, none of it like the show.

In 2% of cases uncomfortable by is used

Not uncomfortable by any means.

I felt highly uncomfortable by this request.

He asked me to let him know if I feel uncomfortable by him.

Why? Because a sizable portion of women are made extremely uncomfortable by it.

Different people are made comfortable and uncomfortable by very different things.

Is this wrong? I am made uncomfortable by this guise, and also strangely comforted.

I guess anyone/anything that's successful will be criticised by people who are made uncomfortable by their success.

With this knowledge, we will know how to make the body either comfortable or uncomfortable by regulating the breath.

I actually think he makes them nervous and uncomfortable by revealing some home truths that are too close to the mark.

Know that you can overcome memories that are perhaps unpleasant or uncomfortable by facing them and writing through it.

In 2% of cases uncomfortable to is used

She looked very uncomfortable to me.

It was uncomfortable to the extreme.

The GN125 did not seem uncomfortable to me.

These Ads Are Extremely Uncomfortable To Look At Please help us understand them.

Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable to my eyes while using computer for a long time.

It's a horrible shot, defying good taste, uncomfortable to the viewer, bad cinema.

I realize that asking a smoker to stop can be uncomfortable to them but I care enough about her to at least ask.

That's the case with food allergies, which can cause reactions that range from uncomfortable to life threatening.

Most people have to be made to feel really uncomfortable to an extensive degree before they get up off the couch.

Its making me feel very uncomfortable to the point if DP needs to get something from his mums, i stay in the car.

In 1% of cases uncomfortable after is used

I was uncomfortable after two minutes.

The unisex thing gets uncomfortable after a while.

We really didn't know what to do, it was uncomfortable after all that booing.

You may be a little uncomfortable after an ERPC but this should settle after a few hours.

Hospital chairs have upright backs and are extremely uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

There will be times that it can be uncomfortable after long periods, especially for people with small head size.

Freshener/ toner French natural cosmetics discovered that a lot of people were so uncomfortable after a long day of work.

People complain of feeling swollen and uncomfortable after eating, and this convinces them that they have eaten far too much.

You will be hot, but fairly comfortable in the deserts, but drenched and deeply uncomfortable after an hour or so in Singapore.

In 1% of cases uncomfortable as is used

And I was very uncomfortable as a singer.

Deep thrusts can become uncomfortable as the months pass.

Made me just as hot and uncomfortable as every other one I've tried.

So quick but I felt uncomfortable as a few nurses wanted to watch the procedure.

When the eggs hatch, the weight of the eaglets makes it uncomfortable as the thorns start pricking.

The application is uncomfortable as a result harmful while they done a lot of to provide a cluster.

Watching one thing after another go in the basket and feeling more and more uncomfortable as the cost totaled up.

They had spotted that our first sweeper was uncomfortable as the loose man and they wanted to keep him in that role.

I find this really uncomfortable as the climate here is hot, but it's usually worth it as my polish applies smoother.

Bright, stark lighting does little for even the top models and often makes a person feel uncomfortable as opposed to relaxed.

In 1% of cases uncomfortable because is used

They feel uncomfortable because of yellowness or broken teeth.

When I see people feeling uncomfortable because of the silence.

But it still made her uncomfortable BECAUSE of the above facts.

Rather, I was uncomfortable because of the way he felt it needed to be addressed.

The test may be a little uncomfortable because of the position you have to get into.

If she feels uncomfortable because of unwanted body hair, make sure you shave it off and keep it clean.

During the next day's service, I was feeling very uncomfortable because of sharp pains all over my body.

I'll be sure to tell him that it's ok for me to be uncomfortable because -everyone- has uncomfortable moments.

I was on the couch and noticed that they were all uncomfortable because I was being quiet and not responding to them.

That RW was made to feel uncomfortable because of the potential for harm shouldn't be a difficult thing to understand.

In 1% of cases uncomfortable during is used

I found clothes so uncomfortable during pregnancy.

The truth is any plane is uncomfortable during turbulance.

Paul Kelly even looked visually uncomfortable during the night.

While recovery is short, people are still uncomfortable during these times.

Kristen Stewart Even the interviewers were uncomfortable during this fiasco.

First of all I find discussion of gods somehow uncomfortable during such times.

Not used to taking instructions from a woman, the farm hands were a bit uncomfortable during her brief reign.

I have to say I mostly felt rather uncomfortable during the discussion (which at times felt more like arguing).

But the colleague often felt uncomfortable during the conversations as the suspect tended to discuss unnatural sex.

Before we embark on journey, we need to go with a set of footwear that won't make us uncomfortable during our journey.

In 1% of cases uncomfortable on is used

I found this uncomfortable on my iPad.

Johnny Cueto felt uncomfortable on the muddy mound.

The trip down was very uncomfortable on the knees and toes.

He can recount times where he was made to feel very uncomfortable on the field.

He seemed quite uncomfortable on stage, as he kept looking at the lead vocalist.

He looked very uncomfortable on Saturday, and I'd surprised he avoided the drop.

Both were uncomfortable on the concert stage (although Horowitz would, after periodic breaks, always return).

However, despite riding through all that could be thrown at us, not once did I feel uncomfortable on my Throne.

It promised to be uncomfortable on good days; in my pummeled condition at that moment, it was a torture device.

We decided to start watching it in the sitting room, and move upstairs if wife got too uncomfortable on the couch.

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