Prepositions after "unclear"

unclear to, about, as, on or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases unclear to is used

Here the switch is unclear to me.

It is unclear to me then which of the.

Only state that is unclear to me is FL.

However, it remains unclear to me what kind of heuristics to apply in this selection.

It remains unclear to me what kind of return's Sorted used to arrive at those figures.

For reasons that are still unclear to him, he was sent to live with relatives in Spain.

Going into this camp it was very unclear to me, and although it was fun, I know this is not where my heart belongs.

They've made a mistake, but not with intent to deceive, and generally the nature of that mistake is unclear to them.

In a post financial collapse and post Enron era it's unclear to me that people trust auditors the way they once did.

Looking at Google Earth, it is still a bit unclear to me exactly what trail we were on after the bridge on that day.

In 19% of cases unclear about is used

I am unclear about the 1st mort.

There's one thing I'd unclear about.

We are still unclear about the attack.

If you're unclear about anything that's being asked of you, ask for clarification.

I was unclear about why France Telecom succeeded where the GNU/Linux group failed.

All along, I have been unclear about my discomfort until recently it became obvious.

The law is unclear about the extent to which directors of charitable corporations are considered to be trustees.

It will therefore be impossible to understand Christianity if we are unclear about the promises made to Abraham.

Even perfectly competent candidates can appear worked up and also unclear about by themselves at job interviews.

Weigh all your options and if you are undecided or unclear about what is best, consult with someone at Sl2College.

In 19% of cases unclear as is used

Unclear as to what is meant by this.

And I'd unclear as to how it matters.

I'd unclear as to your state of mind.

I noted one year ago that, It's also unclear as to how invasive this technology will.

I'd still unclear as to whether you are an advocate of competing governments, Shayne.

It was unclear as to who the 15-year-old girl was traveling with on the cruise liner.

It appears that KHTML is part of the WebKit string, but it's unclear as to where the rest of the string comes from.

It is unclear as to what actually caused the complete demise of the Tainos as part of the early history of Jamaica.

Everyone is performing at a high level and it is unclear as to how this wonderful little conundrum will be resolved.

While money is flowing into the stock market, it is unclear as to its source and whether some or most is from credit.

In 13% of cases unclear on is used

The Irish tax issue is one I am unclear on.

I suppose I'd unclear on why it's stretched.

To Rocky: Absolutely unclear on your comment.

We are unclear on the distribution and/or significance of the genders of the abusers.

It's nice to know I was kind of right on the concept, even if unclear on the details.

Third, the BPC proposal is unclear on the precise nature of the legislative backstop.

Last year's Theos study, for example, showed something like 40% of the UK's adult population unclear on the concept.

I've read elsewhere that's because the workbench displays differently, but am unclear on just what the difference is.

The child's father funds her/ their share of the rent and general living expenses but the evidence was unclear on this.

Also, did you spot from his speech, that our BoE Governor is a little unclear on how a fiat money system actually works.

In 8% of cases unclear in is used

Forgive me for being unclear in my comment.

Perhaps I was unclear in the way I phrased my post.

My apologies, I was lazy and unclear in my response.

Also, critical issues such as timelines and royalty rates remain unclear in our laws.

Additionally, access to credit may differ, although it is unclear in which direction.

Bush certainly pulverized the language, but he was never, ever unclear in his meaning.

I was apparently unclear in parroting the Libertarian logic process where all laws are enacted under pain of death.

Diplomacy &; Personal Affinity (Score: Obama) It was unclear in 2008 how good a friend Obama would be towards India.

If the website you are ordering from is unclear in any way, call them up and ask for clarification or shop elsewhere.

It is left unclear in Legacy and here in this short film, whether Alan is aware of the existence of the digital world.

In 7% of cases unclear at is used

Point 2 is unclear at this stage.

While the road seems unclear at times.

That path was certainly unclear at times.

It is unclear at the moment what potential alterations the Supreme Court might suggest.

What she found that wasn't already in the 1997 report is a little unclear at this point.

That is clear to us, yet it is still unclear at this point if the jury will believe him.

Although even his dialogues are unclear at a couple of places, he is superb in a difficult role and entertains a lot.

It is unclear at this time why the first child's death was not investigated after the autopsy showed the head trauma.

It is unclear at this point whether you will be restricted by a salary cap, and if you are that cap limit is unknown.

What is unclear at this point is how many generators, three or four, will be included in the final negotiated contract.

In 4% of cases unclear from is used

I'd still a bit unclear from your reply.

Again, it is unclear from the record whether Ms.

If anything is unclear from me then feel free to ask me.

It is unclear from the report whether this group was of working age or of all ages.

Furthermore, it was unclear from the study as to how many patients had bilateral disease.

It is unclear from what the origin of the rights of the child would be in Honneth's schema.

Although it is unclear from the study, some of these patients may have had neck stiffness as their only physical finding.

It is unclear from the evidence whether the similar rates of switching insurer's means that these fears are not justified.

For many large corporations, the question of whether or not any money could be made from the Web was unclear from the outset.

It is unclear from the record whether the 1964 election project was intended to be a one-time intervention in support of a good cause.

In 3% of cases unclear for is used

No, this hasn't been unclear for decades.

Rob Painting #5: the point is unclear for me.

His first name had been unclear for some time.

The guide told us that it was unclear for what purpose the stone structure was created.

At the moment, it is unclear for amounts of capital needed to start mini start projects.

It may be implicated in several diseases, although its role is unclear for most of them.

These differences, however, have not been very consistent, and their meaning remains unclear for a number of reasons.

Good ideas, as well as bad ones, often remain unclear for decades, even for centuries (and, in some cases, millennia).

In your first process, search for any information that may be unclear for you especially about pertaining interest rates.

It has been unclear for some time as to whether the coverage of the UNICs includes the territories in the respective regions.

In 2% of cases unclear of is used

McChrystal, then, was unclear of the concept.

And an us I'd growing increasingly unclear of.

Three inmates were unclear of their remand status.

Many of the children have heard of Wildlife Works, but are unclear of their actual undertakings.

It remains unclear of those website owners will ever be able to retrieve their lost data, he said.

But it's unclear of what's going on here due to challenges w/ media transparency and verification.

At this moment, it is unclear of the impacts of the strike on ship's clearance neither crew/passengers replacements.

In this respect, he advised those who were still unclear of the new ruling to contact the department for further details.

If you unclear of what you want to do go and speak to a career advisor as you will not get the help you may need from a recruiter.

And don't forget that if you are unclear of the question, don't be afraid to ask them to repeat it or clarify what they mean by it.

In 1% of cases unclear after is used

That is as unclear after reading this article as it is before.

Follow the two email rule: if you're still unclear after two emails revert to picking up the phone.

A slow release of official information left the actual extent of the damage unclear after Sunday morning's magnitude-6.

A slow release of official information left the actual extent of the damage unclear after Sunday morning's strong quake.

Dunne coy on details of IT system update Details of the Government? s tender process to update Inland Revenue? s IT systems are still unclear after question time today, says David Clark.

In 1% of cases unclear by is used

Details of burial arrangements were still unclear by press time.

In addition, some points have been left unclear by the department.

It is unclear by what mechanism the WB feeding would protect from colonic injury.

What was left somewhat unclear by the ending was whether humanity survived, or just nature.

And although he promises they will be ' ' fully costed and verified ' ', it remains unclear by whom.

The umps have screwed up a couple big plays, which clearly helped the Tigers, but it is unclear by how much.

It is unclear by what mechanism Representative Kennedy maintains that the combined effect of a purchase and subsequent sale produces any net effect on the price.

This can become problematic when running up against statements which, due to poetic license, may seem convoluted or unclear by our current standards of thinking.

In 1% of cases unclear under is used

It is unclear under this proposal whether the two exceptions are covered by the privilege or not.

It is, however, unclear under the AML how the sales amount of the preceding year should be calculated.

Chris Ngige, it remains unclear under which platform the former Minister of Information, Akunyili, intends to use to actualize her ambition.

A court may use this and other ' extrinsic ' material to interpret what a law means if it is unclear under section 15AB of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

Unfortunately, under the Central Act it is unclear under the law whether the first Appellate Authority can impose penalties, although it is explicit that the Information Commission can.

It was not only unclear under which principles this council being regarded as a pretext by the dissenters, ought to be shaped, but not obvious who should be the member of such a council.

In 1% of cases unclear with is used

She was unclear with the Hamas.

After c6 the position was unclear with chances for both sides.

At the same time, he added, Pakatan too was unclear with its policy on the NEP.

The legislation's fate is unclear with other priorities demanding congressional attention.

It was very unclear with little time on the clock, I am sure there was something better for me.

However, the situation can be unclear with loose chicken fillets sold by independent butchers or other retailers.

If you are frustrated, rude, and unclear with your request, you are making it very difficult for them to help you.

The role of MRI is unclear with some studies citing a high rate of false positives and others showing good correlation with SPECT and CT 15.

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