Prepositions after "unchanged"

unchanged from, at, for, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases unchanged from is used

Coverage remains unchanged from last year.

Both are unchanged from the previous quarter.

That was unchanged from the middle of October.

Price of broiler chicken was Tk 160 per kg, unchanged from the last week's price.

The provision therefore remains basically unchanged from the proposed regulation.

This rate remained essentially unchanged from 2004, when data were last collected.

Roibul bowled twelve overs unchanged from the City End and took two for 38, a world away from his Lord's debut.

The basic structure of Irish banks remained unchanged from the latter part of the 19th century until the 1960s.

Australia remain unchanged from the team that drew with the Proteas in the series opener in Brisbane last week.

Villa named an unchanged from the side that performed so well in defeat against Manchester United last weekend.

In 19% of cases unchanged at is used

Electricity is unchanged at 10.

It will remain unchanged at 10%.

The shares were unchanged at $3.

Comparatively, the Annual Percentage Rates (APR) of banks remained unchanged at 28.

The Bloc Quebecois and Green Party support was unchanged at 7% and 6% respectively.

As widely anticipated the benchmark interest rate in the US was left unchanged at 0.

Elsewhere, data showed that the final euro zone manufacturing purchasing managers index remained unchanged at 46.

As a percentage of the gross domestic product, domestic debt remained unchanged at 22 per cent during the period.

Tax Rates and Tax Bands The tax rates and tax bands remain unchanged at 20% (standard rate) and 41% (higher rate).

This is who Sam has always been - unchanged at his core despite all the Supernatural crap he's been afflicted with.

In 15% of cases unchanged for is used

Pollens remain unchanged for thousands of years.

The standards have been unchanged for twenty years.

Dow Jones was almost unchanged for the same period.

The process of making felt has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years.

The new vehicles index, unchanged for the second month in a row, was an exception.

How many sites can survive -- and thrive -- unchanged for a decade? That's special.

Feed amounts will have changed although the time of the feeds will be pretty much unchanged for the first month.

Boot capacity has been reduced from 350 litres to 238 litres, but seating capacity is unchanged for five people.

Apart from minor nibbles at that principle, such as prescription charges, it has remained unchanged for 60 years.

The main exemptions and reliefs The exemptions, apart from the nil-rate band have remained unchanged for many years.

In 14% of cases unchanged in is used

That method was unchanged in 2004.

Their's structure is unchanged in 5.

And it is largely unchanged in Japan.

Prices of office space remained unchanged in 1st Quarter 2012, compared with the 1.

However, Act 650 has remained in force and unchanged in its original form until now.

Trace soft tissue attenuation along the gallbladder fossa appears unchanged in size.

Such species must be capable of surviving and must remain unchanged in spite of continuous changes of their genes.

Brothels showed a mixed picture with rates declining in brothels from three cities and remaining unchanged in six.

The socio-demographic profile and sexual risk behavior described earlier 9 remained unchanged in our present study.

Maternal mortality has remained largely unchanged in Ghana for a decade; 215 out of 100,000 women die in childbirth.

In 4% of cases unchanged by is used

Reserves are unchanged by the loan transactions.

Neither of us has remained unchanged by the other.

These provisions remain unchanged by the final rule.

Note: the current contents of your flash drive will be unchanged by this operation.

Few aspects of human activity have remained unchanged by this scientific revolution.

Note that the standard deviations of these two main effects are unchanged by centering.

Therefore the number 6174 is the only number unchanged by Kaprekar's operation -- our mysterious number is unique.

If a sample of matter remains unchanged by carrying out operations of this kind, then it could be a pure substance.

To be truthful in his seeking, unchanged by afflictions and hardships, and not diminished by reprobations and vexations.

The resulting scene is a rare vision of timeless, immemorial Africa, unchanged by modern life and contemporary influence.

In 3% of cases unchanged since is used

Yet, they bought them and left them unchanged since then.

Its forecast for jobs is largely unchanged since November.

Both of those numbers are virtually unchanged since June 4.

The spread of performance for the industry has remained almost unchanged since 2002.

The general structure of energy taxation in Finland has remained unchanged since 1997.

The shopping list has remained unchanged since 1986 to allow consistent price comparisons.

Repak fees remain unchanged since 2008 Material Cost 2005: Cent per Kilo Cost 2006: Cent per Kilo Aluminium 6.

Overall, URM graduation from medical schools has been essentially unchanged since 1985 as can be seen in Figure 1.

THE POLITICAL IMPACT 47% of New Yorkers approve of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's handling of his job, unchanged since June.

The old-fashioned, stone structure of the building has effectively remained unchanged since being under new management.

In 3% of cases unchanged over is used

Production process remains unchanged over time.

The FTSE 100 was broadly unchanged over that period.

The public view on this has remained unchanged over time.

It is illogical to expect these behavioural patterns to remain unchanged over time.

Some of these are lethargic, and have been content to remain unchanged over decades.

Prices of other essential commodities including rice remained unchanged over the week.

And Religious belief has the advantage that its central tenets, depending on sect, are unchanged over centuries.

In fact, both the Spanish and the German indexes are unchanged over the last six months, the Irish one is down 0.

Efficiency defined as the conversion from potential donor to actual donor has remained unchanged over this period.

Follow the coastline south into a Swahili culture whose rhythms have remained in many ways unchanged over the centuries.

In 2% of cases unchanged with is used

Venous blood lactate levels remained unchanged with either treatment.

The top 5 remains unchanged with Chipmunk ' s ' Oopsy Daisy ' still on top.

The phone client also looks to be mostly unchanged with the exception of the branding.

The team ranking is largely unchanged with Sky Procycling in the number one spot with 803 points.

The rest of the hardware and features remained unchanged with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of on board storage, 12.

The Pacific market remained stable with rates mostly unchanged with fair amount of cargoes and tonnages.

By comparison support for Initiative 502 and Amendment 64 remained almost unchanged with no drop at the end.

But the map is still there and the time stamp remains unchanged with the same number in its middle as before.

The risk of death from the surgery is one in 1,700, and life expectancy is said to be unchanged with one kidney.

The qualitative behaviour of our circuit was basically unchanged with different sets of parameters that we tested.

In 2% of cases unchanged on is used

Adelaide is unchanged on the new boundaries.

Commercial construction was unchanged on 36%.

The Coalition's primary vote remained unchanged on 39.

Please note that your arrival time will remain unchanged on this day (8:45 am as usual).

Sterling is unchanged on the day against the euro and the franc and a touch softer elsewhere.

In a reversal way, 9 issues gained, 171 suffered losses and 6 remained unchanged on Wednesday.

Absorption rates of sodium, water, and short chain fatty acids were unchanged on replacing chloride with sulphate.

In contrast, in the other UK nations where fee levels are unchanged on last year, application rates ' continue on trend '.

It's still viewed to be a good time to buy a major household item, but this net balance was unchanged on the previous month at +26.

The rupee also remained weak and got depreciated on buying side while staying unchanged on selling side against the pound sterling.

In 1% of cases unchanged during is used

The subscriber numbers themselves are reportedly unchanged during this consolidation.

The wood in these rings once laid down remains unchanged during the life of the tree.

Also, the catalyst itself is supposed to remain completely unchanged during the reaction.

The group remains unchanged during a chemical reaction, and has a single oxidation number.

However, the yields on the Malaysian government bonds were unchanged during the said week.

According to his predictions, the demand should remain unchanged during the next two years.

Out of 273 issues traded, only 14 advanced, 252 declined and seven remained unchanged during the week.

It has also been predicted that prices for homes will remain largely unchanged during this same period.

The primary findings indicate that police priorities have remained largely unchanged during this period.

Interest rates are historically kept unchanged during an election year and are predicted to start rising again in 2005.

In 1% of cases unchanged despite is used

The game ended with the score line unchanged despite both teams having chances to win.

That evening in my wife's presence I told the nurses my numbness was unchanged despite the loss of the epidural at an unknown time.

On the other hand, the number of suicide bombings in Pakistan remained unchanged despite the escalation in drone attacks there were 60 in August 2007 and 65 in August 2009.

Overall rates of depression seem stable or increasing in most technological countries, and the suicide rate is stubbornly unchanged despite all the new efforts to recognize and treat depression.

In 1% of cases unchanged between is used

However, the proportions were unchanged between 2002 and 2006 -- 2010.

These have remained unchanged between 1978 and 1991 Acts of the Convention.

Government spending as percentage of GDP remained unchanged between 1999 and 2008.

The outputted Open Graph protocol markup strings are unchanged between plugin versions.

Overall the sense of place GPI is relatively unchanged between 2001 and 2010 with only a 2.

The expression domains of the trans- acting factors are unchanged between Calliphora vicina and D.

The proportion of the working-age population remained virtually unchanged between 2006 and 2011 at 68.

Results: Total melatonin metabolite output (concentrationxurine volume) was unchanged between the two exposure conditions (active 14.

The number of unspecified disturbance, mischief and other unspecified ' drug-related ' events were largely unchanged between 2003 and 2006.

Interestingly, the effect was specific to the SYN2a variant (Figure 2 ), as the SYN2b variant remained unchanged between conditions (Figure 3).

In 1% of cases unchanged as is used

The Bank of England left the Base Rate unchanged as expected at 0.

However, we are keeping our EPS estimates unchanged as the dilution effect will be gradual.

The ECB met and the Base Rate was left unchanged as the inflation outlook was seen as balanced.

If it is took, Be certain that the many appears, Sippers, Along with pics are still unchanged as well as.

The purpose of the organisation itself is unchanged as a Daily Telegraph article commented at the time: ' In this case.

Even after privatization the performance of KESC remains unchanged as the new management does not fulfill the natives requirements.

Yet buildings etc that had areas protected by a human body were relatively unchanged as the body had taken the full impact of the heat and had absorbed it.

On the one hand, production from its fields which could have been ramped up, have remained unchanged as the government has been unable to make up its mind.

Underlying sequential activity growth probably was largely unchanged as a result of the offsetting forces of stronger domestic demand growth and slowing exports growth.

In 1% of cases unchanged through is used

It remains unchanged through all transmigrations.

Economists surveyed by the central bank forecast that the Selic will remain unchanged through 2013.

This angle is maintained at the top of the backswing and is virtually unchanged through impact too.

Generally if this price remains relatively unchanged through out stages A-E we would not adjust our fees.

They have done well where others had given up in despair, and they have remained unchanged through the ages.

Gazir pat has specific images painted on a single canvas which have remained unchanged through the centuries.

You must envision some solid materials that emit far infra red that passes unchanged through the non-GHG atmosphere.

It is transported unchanged through the network, and delivered to both intermediate nodes and receiving applications.

These themes, guided by their pounding five-note rhythm, are intentionally largely unchanged through the first two scores.

Then, how can a body of laws remain unchanged through the ages? If we look at this question from a purely philosophical point of view, the answer is simple.

In 1% of cases unchanged throughout is used

The cost of the cover remains unchanged throughout the policy term.

It's the same shallow **27;6344;TOOLONG combo which remains unchanged throughout the entire game.

The number and rank of companies remains unchanged throughout the year until a new list is published.

Indeed, the core conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has remained almost unchanged throughout the past 60 years.

The eleven days were skipped, but the weekly cycle of days, Sunday through Saturday, remained unchanged throughout the Middle Ages.

We use other unique characteristics too, such as manes in males, but only the whisker spots remain unchanged throughout a lion's life.

I wrote the literature review in the first three months, and that remained pretty much unchanged throughout nearly six years of a part-time PhD.

Their IES avoidance scores remained high and were almost unchanged throughout the five years, whereas their IES intrusion scores fell with time.

In 1% of cases unchanged to is used

Our message never gets through unchanged to the public.

Their appearance has remained virtually unchanged to this day.

They were part of a tight-knit group that remains almost unchanged to this day.

Unemployment benefit slashed as well, and maximum benefit duration unchanged to 12 months.

This was soon modified into language that has remained substantially unchanged to the present time.

Adjusted EBITDA for the nine-months period ended September 30, 2012 was practically unchanged to $99.

The three-party system which preferential voting helped to support has remained fundamentally unchanged to this day.

America is a deeply divided nation and, politically, remains virtually unchanged to what it was before the election.

Since ' 54 better designs have been developed, but the electric manipulator remains relatively unchanged to this day.

Consequently, the outmoded examination system persisted unchanged to 1905, with its final abolition occurring in 1911.

In 1% of cases unchanged after is used

If the current results are unchanged after the official recount, and Mrs.

My snap reaction from a week ago remains unchanged after a week of daily use.

This finding remained unchanged after socio-economic background was taken into account.

Although the English occupation of Jamaica was uneasy, it was unchanged after the 1670s.

Total traffic volumes remained unchanged after three years of decline during the recession.

The top five of the Pro XCT team standings are unchanged after the previous standings update.

The e-Cert subscription and revocation procedures will remain unchanged after the Sub CA rollover.

Economy-wide prices, as measured by the GDP implicit price index, were unchanged after edging up 0.

In other words, the geography of American politics remains unchanged after the vitriolic, $6 billion election.

This association between mode of transport and mortality until discharge was unchanged after further adjustment for ISS.

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