Prepositions after "uncertain"

"uncertain about" or "uncertain of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases uncertain about is used

Wayne is uncertain about the future.

But there's nothing uncertain about it.

I'd uncertain about the tidal situation.

I got something very unique, and something that I'd still quite uncertain about.

But given the team's performance, he's uncertain about his future with the club.

One who is fettered by doubts always hesitates and is uncertain about the truth.

But the same time when you're uncertain about what the laws are going to be is very difficult to -- innovative.

It proved a little harder than I had expected, but not because I am uncertain about the value of such research.

If you are uncertain about what is required for you, then just take a closer look at youir particular situation.

If you are uncertain about who should provide your references we encourage you to contact the Admissions office.

In 21% of cases uncertain of is used

My husband was uncertain of this explanation.

Petraeus seem uncertain of his own statements.

Anyhow, I'd uncertain of how to even get there.

Uncertain of himself, not understanding of how United played and generally nervous.

If you are uncertain of the time zone for a location, refer to our Time Zone Table.

We slide into adaptations when we are uncertain of the impact of what we are doing.

By searching for meaning he is obviously uncertain of his position in declaring that the universe has no meaning.

For us, we have always been curious of things we are uncertain of and the only way to find out is to ask questions.

After an unsuccessful attempt to blackmail his employer, the audience is left uncertain of what Reece will do next.

Now you are adopting a new role as a teacher, and it is only natural for you to feel uncertain of yourself at first.

In 13% of cases uncertain as is used

The stranger was uncertain as to what to do.

I am uncertain as to why the constant warnings.

Not that he was uncertain as to what he should do.

In fact it's a little uncertain as to whether or not the game even exists any more.

But more often than not, you're uncertain as to exactly what's causing the problem.

I am uncertain as to the number of Port Dover kids who migrated to SCS at the time.

It is generally advisable to seek advice from a professional firm if you are uncertain as to what should be done.

If you're still uncertain as to which course you want to apply for, take a look at our page on choosing a degree.

And if you are uncertain as to what the meaning of the word is, I'll give you the definition: Selfish adjective 1.

Uncertain as to how Flo would cope with hills, we'd anticipated staying on flatter ground to the north of the Alps.

In 7% of cases uncertain in is used

Life was uncertain in these early settlements.

Two laws make land ownership uncertain in Nigeria.

The only a few attire we've got uncertain in the closet.

Going into this season, David Cooper's future was very uncertain in the organization.

I chose to exit that business in 2009 when things were really uncertain in the economy.

In addition, these forces generally are uncertain in intensity, direction, and duration.

In the greater part of mechanic trades, success is almost certain; but very uncertain in the liberal professions.

In the greatest part of mechanic trades success is almost certain; but very uncertain in the liberal professions.

Through your insight, you are no longer groping at or uncertain in your understanding of the body and the way it is.

Due to the fragmentary nature of these letters their translation has proved difficult and may be uncertain in places.

In 4% of cases uncertain for is used

So, for now, the future seems uncertain for 4G.

The future was uncertain for the mexican striker.

His status remains uncertain for Saturday against Army.

Nothing would be uncertain for him; the future as well as the past would be present to his eyes.

He was replaced by D Dan Hardy on the roster, who will play Friday but is uncertain for Saturday.

The fate of the vacated Hall remained uncertain for many years, although various proposals were put forth for its use.

This is being stated in no uncertain for India to hear and to move away from this liaison fraught with danger to India.

A share system makes life more uncertain for those who feel sure that they will not be laid off during an economic downturn.

These provisions of the Sharia make life unsafe and uncertain for someone who lives under Sharia law and who is not a Muslim.

In 3% of cases uncertain at is used

He is uncertain at this point of time.

However, the outcome remains uncertain at this stage.

How many, and they will be, is uncertain at this point.

His status for Monday's game against the 49ers appears very uncertain at this point.

I swear it happens more in the 20's and college time cause life is so uncertain at that time.

It's uncertain at this time what, if true, the FBI and the DOJ were doing with 12 million UDIDs.

A veterinarian who treated Suzy Q was uncertain at this stage whether she would recover from her serious hoof injuries.

This lets me know that there are just two significant digits in 30,000, because it is uncertain at the thousands place.

It's uncertain at this time if ' will be available ' means that Occupiers will have to pay to watch their own revolution.

The most controversial of these feedbacks involve the clouds types and distributions in a way that is uncertain at the present time.

In 2% of cases uncertain on is used

What happens next, though, is uncertain on both fronts.

I'd just uncertain on how to convince them to let me get one.

I believe I'd one of many students who are still uncertain on what course to take up.

Individual climb trial or mass start? Hell, even the start time was a bit uncertain on the day.

Revised and left uncertain on a note of my facebook page, where I occasionally publish other new poems.

Because the United States and Japan are uncertain on just that point, they are hedging against China's rise.

I'd uncertain on whether to move or not, I've asked UB to revert to us with a proposal and to include all costs.

Numerous policyholders tend to be uncertain on the difference between a Loss Adjuster as well as a Loss Assessor.

The Captain's heart gave a pang, as of pleasure, seeing the young fellow bewildered and uncertain on his feet, with pain.

In this case they felt that it was not in order to invest in businesses that were very uncertain on their future prospects.

In 1% of cases uncertain after is used

But things get much more uncertain after 2012.

But when she still was uncertain after two more weeks I prompted her to take an alternate route.

This uncertain after death behavior is an indication of the first key, and the possibility of a spirit attachment.

Official sources said her visit to Pakistan became uncertain after Khar postponed her scheduled visit to Bangladesh on October 25.

If you are still uncertain after reading the FAQs on the software, it would be advised that you counter check with the software's developer.

This result became uncertain after two tests in the past three years, in which organic products were better represented than conventional foods.

An amount of Taka 800 million (80 crore) has already been spent and its future now remains uncertain after the latest collapse of its three more girders.

Podolski's inclusion coupled with the emergence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain makes the Ivory Coast forward's future uncertain after a dubious first season in England.

He has looked Prime Ministerial for the first time in his career and I expect he will stay on as Liberal Leader, however everything is all a bit uncertain after Saturday.

Such a state of affairs was far from a sure thing at this time last year with Manning's future uncertain after neck surgeries forced him to miss the entire football season.

In 1% of cases uncertain because is used

ESH trends are relatively uncertain because of poor sampling.

Final passage, however, remains uncertain because of time pressures.

Two, their lives are still unsettled, still uncertain because of inadequate compensation, neglect and apathy.

But despite having large amounts of money, banks currently are not willing to lend as repayments remain uncertain because of the weak economy.

Since 1980 the solar contribution to climate change is uncertain because of the severe uncertainty of the total solar irradiance satellite composites.

Mr Henry had consistently argued that policy in Jamaica is often skewed and outcomes uncertain because of the inadequacy of the data on which they are based.

It is inherently uncertain because of the unpredictable nature of the world itself and because of our limited ability to experiment on and/or understand the world.

With Lynch's availability uncertain because of a recent DUI charge in his hometown of Oakland, Lumpkin's services could be needed at the beginning of the regular season.

In 1% of cases uncertain by is used

Cash loan or more uncertain by dr.

He emphasized not to fear the challenges that lie ahead because innovation is uncertain by nature.

After how many collisions is the average ball position uncertain by an amount equal to the size of the billiard table? Answer: just 12.

Investors are rewarded for buying assets when the future is uncertain by higher returns than can be taken from more predictable assets like cash and bonds.

International trade prospects are made more uncertain by the threat of an Israeli attack on Iran, which would hit energy importers such as Europe especially hard.

In 1% of cases uncertain due is used

Market is uncertain due to the global financial crisis.

The effects on phobia and asthma were very uncertain due to high risk of bias.

However, this remains uncertain due to the lack of history in paying cash dividends.

Overland travel through Rwanda, Sudan and Zaire is uncertain due to security considerations.

Even now the future of Obamacare is uncertain due to the defiance of just a minority of states.

For several weeks, his future was uncertain due to his appeals to obtain more DNA testing on crime-scene evidence.

What we are experiencing now is a market that's a bit uncertain due to the macroeconomic issues we are dealing with.

This apparently radical shift in behavior (even if the exact magnitude of change is uncertain due to sample size limitations, etc.

Rincewind is of a particular fascination to Death, as his lifespan has become uncertain due to him having been bounced around the dimensions so often.

How long this will take for the Wilshire ramps is uncertain due to the long-term nature of the closure and number of ramps in need of **25;7020;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases uncertain over is used

If you are uncertain over which should take priority (i.

People and citizens are feeling uncertain over the progress of the situation.

The result: Returns are less volatile and less uncertain over many years at a time.

The people in the district are quite uncertain over the time calculation of the coins and the iron.

If you are still uncertain over this step, then pick a model that most people have successfully converted in the past.

Although he remained uncertain over his own origins, he dismissed it as irrelevant, stating that he had succeeded in breaking Vader's hold over him.

The Broome community, a magic mix of Aboriginal, Chinese, Malay and European families all melded together, initially seemed to be stunned and uncertain over this issue.

Nor they can not sate their lust By merely gazing on the bodies, nor They can not with their palms and fingers rub Aught from each tender limb, the while they stray Uncertain over all the body.

In 1% of cases uncertain to is used

That seems pretty uncertain to me.

Yet the future still remain uncertain to many.

I am still uncertain to whether shipping or buying a car in JA is cheaper.

We were very disorganized and the Luiz-Terry combination looks uncertain to me.

But it's quite uncertain to me whether that is the basis for broad-based growth.

At the end of the novel Kainene's fate is uncertain to the reader, as it is to her lover and her sister.

Islamic scholars have identified the conditions which make a contract uncertain to the extent that it is forbidden.

There is no dispute that this means ' Created (or given) by the Creator ', but it is uncertain to which divinity it refers.

If the antigen tested is not unique to the bacterium to be tested for, then it will be uncertain to which bacterium the test results apply.

In 1% of cases uncertain with is used

The life would be uncertain with such temporary jobs.

The learned judge was equally uncertain with them, whether, in truth, Mr.

I think it would be weird giving she already has teenagers and is uncertain with Peter.

With weather patterns looking more uncertain with each passing year, 2012 may not be the.

Now they've the support (they know what will click) India's future is very uncertain with this bill.

I once leapt into the uncertain with him in LA, but he took the risk of playing me at pool and lost.

His future at Madrid is uncertain with Modric's purchase and perhaps a move in January is in the cards.

Plans are uncertain with her at the moment as David and her owners are still tossing up what to do next.

I was a bit uncertain with myself, didn't completely know what I personally wanted to do in this situation.

For 10 months the fate of the synchrotron remained uncertain with no plans to fund the facility beyond June 2012.

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