Prepositions after "unanimous"

unanimous in, on, about, regarding or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases unanimous in is used

It was unanimous in not running him.

They were also unanimous in their call.

They are unanimous in their hate for me.

It turns out that victims of incest are nearly unanimous in opposition to abortion.

In terms of the future, organizations were unanimous in describing their priorities.

The Board was unanimous in its selection of Laurie from a strong field of candidates.

The uninspired witness of early Christians is unanimous in calling the first day, not the Sabbath, the Lord's Day.

The country was then almost unanimous in its applause of Isaack's performance during by elections and the referendum.

Where the different Pali recensions are unanimous in their readings, even in cases where the reading seems strange (e.

In 14% of cases unanimous on is used

They were all unanimous on this issue.

Almost all jurists are unanimous on this point.

The table was unanimous on this one -- excellence in edibles.

Islamic law, flexible as it is reported to be, is unanimous on a large number of points.

We would either convince all of ourselves and be unanimous on the point, or we would move on.

Opinion was unanimous on yesterday's Sunday Politics programme that they would be unsuccessful.

The traditional Muslim jurists (fuqaha ') are unanimous on the point that Bai ' -al-dain is not allowed in Shariah.

The eminent scholars are absolutely unanimous on this opinion and there is no difference of opinion in this regard.

The Court in Trochym was unanimous on another aspect of the appeal: similar fact evidence had been wrongly admitted.

But so far as the property is leased to the partner himself, all of them are unanimous on the validity of ' ijarah '.

In 4% of cases unanimous about is used

The Ummah is unanimous about following the four Imams.

Still, the voices are unanimous about the need for a current course correction.

In fact, the Imam of Haramain has reported that the Ummah are unanimous about this.

The different farmers ' organizations are not unanimous about the overall initiative.

But even if the Leos were reserving judgment on the whole situation, they're unanimous about one thing.

Nicky performed his routine well in the dance off and the judges were unanimous about sending Richard home.

If we find that the companions were unanimous about an issue, then we too should follow the unanimous opinion.

Otherwise, for the full twelve centuries prior to that time the total Muslim community remained unanimous about it.

Muslims may have many differences amongst themselves, however, they are unanimous about the finality of prophethood.

The death penalty could only be implemented if the prosecution witnesses and judges were unanimous about the sentence.

In 1% of cases unanimous against is used

Whatever the mind of man stood unanimous against probably had some merit in it.

The vote on Monday at the five-member committee will be near unanimous against Fontana.

It seemed to me that it would almost be unanimous against the taxing argument as the SG barely appeared to buy it himself.

I can't remember the other choices for names anymore, but the one we were all unanimous against was Benny, for Benny &; The Jets.

In 1% of cases unanimous among is used

The catch: it must be unanimous among everyone.

Following stereotypes were unanimous among all groups.

Yet, it's not unanimous among the central bank with regard to the monetary stance.

He then looked at the doctrine of uncritical support for the PLO, till then unanimous among Left students, and saw a point of attack.

What happens now? Agreement on the framework must be unanimous among all 27 member states and the European Parliament for the proposals to come into play.

Support for the invasion was nearly unanimous among an Israeli public long frustrated at having to endure rocket attacks from what they regarded as an implacable foe.

The main reason for poor police functioning in the country was unanimous among the participants-political interference in the internal affairs, investigations and recruitment of police officers.

In 1% of cases unanimous amongst is used

This decision was unanimous amongst the 100 judges.

It is unanimous amongst Muslims that the Qur? n is an authority for Muslims.

In 1% of cases unanimous by is used

By? people of Sunnat and Jama'at?, they meant that they named themselves so because they were unanimous by the same Imam despite all sectarian differences they had.

In 1% of cases unanimous for is used

However, I think it will be unanimous for Hendricks.

Madison, Chenango and Cortland -- may be called unanimous for Lincoln.

The decision was unanimous for Carlos, by scores of 10-4-1, 10-4-1 and 11-3-1.

In addition to that, it is seems to be unanimous for us to say that being too fat makes us unattractive.

In 1% of cases unanimous regarding is used

The UN's not necessary unanimous regarding what action to take on any single issue, Syria being an example.

The studies examined here are far less unanimous regarding the impact of privatization on employment levels in privatized firms.

In 1% of cases unanimous with is used

The Court's decision was nearly unanimous with an eight to one vote.

Brazilian jurisprudence is not entirely unanimous with respect this possibility.

To recapitulate, not all members were unanimous with regard to all the recommendations.

Interestingly, the vote for the decision was unanimous with one abstention -- Justice Antonio T.

Our editorial board was not unanimous with the decision, but a great majority did vote in favor of Prop.

The report is significant in that it was unanimous with both BC Liberal and NDP members supporting the recommendations.

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