Prepositions after "unaffordable"

"unaffordable for" or "unaffordable to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases unaffordable for is used

Sadly it remains unaffordable for many.

This is not unaffordable for the student.

The prices used to be unaffordable for the average person.

Jamaica is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many of its ordinary citizens.

Health insurance is unaffordable for millions of Americans (until 2014 that is).

Romney would voucherize Medicare, making it unaffordable for millions of seniors.

Excessive speculation would make home unaffordable for many, especially for young families just starting out.

The act that allows one person to buy a house, causes house prices to become unaffordable for the next person.

The cost of DRS is estimated to be around $5,000 a day which is unaffordable for some nations in Test Cricket.

These cars are expensive as compare to the petrol or diesel cars and unaffordable for majority of populations.

In 26% of cases unaffordable to is used

What is affordable to some is unaffordable to others.

The HOS units became unaffordable to eligible households.

Canberra has become unaffordable to the rest of Australia.

This in turn makes the product, the home, unaffordable to the majority of people.

The bonded houses are unaffordable to 99 percent of the residents who are unemployed.

The cost of college/ university is always increasing and becoming unaffordable to most.

Another sign of the decline of the middle class is that having kids becomes unaffordable to a large proportion.

However, compensation for an outside director is often something that is simply unaffordable to a small business.

Even as a college education has become unaffordable to most Americans, college graduates now find themselves jobless.

Therefore, these rehabilitation costs are unaffordable to the country and rural and urban poor communities in particular.

In 10% of cases unaffordable in is used

Housing remains unaffordable in Auckland.

If your mortgage is just unaffordable in the long term.

Housing will always be unaffordable in a low income nation.

Any level over 30% is considered unaffordable in the longer term for such a household.

I am afraid massive overspending has made the public sector model unaffordable in the west.

The only barrier is that due to political problems, transit is unaffordable in most of the US.

Firstly, mobile data is still unaffordable in this country, despite the downward pressure that has been instigated by Cell C.

First, houses are so damned expensive and unaffordable in Australia that we suspect a lot of people are barely making ends meet.

Doesn't meam they are less costly in whatever way As but nonetheless, or is it unaffordable in comparison with present day functions.

Wellington Water Watchers argues that the water-taking permits and Nestl's two wells in Wellington are unaffordable in our energy-scarce society.

In 3% of cases unaffordable by is used

First off it's unaffordable by the state - hence we have the current problems.

When not acted thoughtfully, you might land up paying him an amount unaffordable by you.

At the time it was a level of quality that had been hitherto unaffordable by mere mortals.

However, sunglasses made by brand names are quite expensive and are probably unaffordable by ordinary individuals.

Taxis are a massive waste of space/congestion and simply unnecessary (and unaffordable by all but the richest Londoners).

A trip to watch your local football team (now unaffordable by most) has been replaced by trips to the mall to spend, spend, spend.

If these criteria are fulfilled then obviously the camera is going to cost very high which can be unaffordable by a normal person.

Inevitably, not all persons were able to increase their standard of living through the use of cellular phones as their prices rendered unaffordable by most potential customers.

I totally agree with Hasan that the drugs like Herceptin does nt have enough market and thus it is priced at a higher rate in other countries too unaffordable by the lower strata group.

In 2% of cases unaffordable at is used

As a Council we have been told by NZTA that a tunnel is unaffordable at the present time given budget pressures.

It might become unaffordable at times, in such situation a fair value of compensation can be your savior and help you to come over from the crisis period.

In 1% of cases unaffordable due is used

I completely agree that cars are unaffordable and that foreign cars are even more unaffordable due to the tax structure of this country.

In 1% of cases unaffordable except is used

I find farmer's markets unaffordable except for a rare treat.

It's just that, in the past, implementing redundancy was unaffordable except for a tiny percentage of truly mission-critical applications, given the cost of hardware and software.

In 1% of cases unaffordable from is used

Treating all data as ' highly business critical ' is quite simply unaffordable from a storage perspective.

In 1% of cases unaffordable on is used

The cheapest was unaffordable on any local wage.

However, despite that always times there ar discounts, can still be overpriced and unaffordable on her behalf.

He was very grateful that I was offering to give him proper lessons that would have normally cost him around $15 an hour, which would be unaffordable on his $100 a month salary.

In 1% of cases unaffordable with is used

The property price of Hong Kong is being categorized as severely unaffordable with the average property price of 314.

Buying a house in Gloucestershire is increasingly unaffordable with the average home costing 230,782 -- over 11 times the average local wage.

In 1% of cases unaffordable without is used

Ministers argue that the pension system will become unaffordable without reform.

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