Prepositions after "unaffected"

unaffected by, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 93% of cases unaffected by is used

Unaffected by Process Variables 6.

The seer remains unaffected by the phenomena.

This position is unaffected by the Agreement.

Domestic life was not unaffected by the militarisation of international relations.

Participation in income? generating work remained largely unaffected by the program.

In Europe, the tuna market has been largely unaffected by the current Eurozone crisis.

In other cases the offer will be unaffected by the death of the offeror and may be accepted and bind the estate.

If your friend or relative appears perfectly calm and unaffected by the incident, this is a normal reaction too.

Thus the very rich are unaffected by the need to buy their lifestyle while the poor are economically suppressed.

We exude an air of detachment, objectivity and coolness as if above it all or unaffected by the issues at stake.

In 2% of cases unaffected in is used

Especially if he is unaffected in any way.

We, Indians seem quite unaffected in comparison.

The p75NTR mRNA was unaffected in both PCO and control rats.

The initial one-time payment for a Reserved Instance will be unaffected in this situation.

None were unaffected, nor will remain unaffected in future by changes to climatic conditions.

One thing is clear -- no brand will remain unaffected in the New gTLD landscape and preparation is key.

But increasingly, the site is filtering out certain posts, while leaving others unaffected in the search results.

Each switch interchanged two wheels in its active position and left their order unaffected in the inactive position.

Yosypenko would be unaffected in 4th, and Skujyte would remain in 5th, but be 99 points away from 4th rather than just 19.

It's like looking out your front window and seeing the rain falling while thinking everything remains sunny and unaffected in your back yard.

In 1% of cases unaffected for is used

I hope they remain impartial since their departments will be unaffected for the moment.

Critical European-Asian fiber-optic routes through Egypt appear to be unaffected for now.

I think Mattins will be left unaffected for one's centuries ' old delectation! Thank goodness.

Refreshingly unaffected for a young woman accustomed to attention and worth more than 30 million.

I did a test with the bulb in the darkroom and at full brightness the paper I used remained unaffected for over 15 minutes.

Keeping your insulin at room temperature is fine during trips as it can remain unaffected for about a month if not subjected to extreme temperature.

The White Wines: Most commonly served as the first course, these wines do not have a really strong flavor, therefore leaving the taste buds relatively unaffected for the next course.

In 1% of cases unaffected with is used

Despite the hot climate, Sabah tourism remains unaffected with 5.

They remained unaffected with the legacy of the blessed Haramain Sharifain.

Any-how the people of this land could not remain unaffected with the tussle for gaining liberty.

The Federal Government is unaffected with the fears of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Australian Private Hospitals Association.

International placements remain unaffected with companies continuing to increase their participation by making 92 offers as against 83 in the previous year.

It shocked me! They will probably never enjoy the quality of life we enjoy, yet they seemed unaffected with not a care in the world, just GENUINE happiness.

While the human heart is compounded of the same elements as at present, it will never be wholly indifferent to public good, nor entirely unaffected with the tendency of characters and manners.

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