Prepositions after "ultimate"

ultimate in, of, for, on or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases ultimate in is used

That is the ultimate in watching.

He was the ultimate in his field.

The ultimate in local gastronomy.

This is the ultimate in Internet Country - no boundaries, no geographic limitations.

Try approximating automation The ultimate in any simplification model is automation.

I took American friends to show them the ultimate in Australian beauty and lifestyle.

Deliver e-zines that are opened! Form Build It! / Autoresponder The ultimate in both data collection and delivery.

The ultimate in range are the inter-continental ballistic missiles which can target almost any place on the globe.

This sport is about the ultimate in innovation, technology and skill and the current restrictions are far too much.

Perhaps the ultimate in science and technology applied to a single person is having your personal genome sequenced.

In 7% of cases ultimate of is used

It is the ultimate of ultimates.

We are the ultimate of all life.

This is the ultimate of your journey.

And their message today is the ultimate of warnings -- people get ready, time is up.

They are not confined to the ultimate of deep friendships -- an interracial marriage.

When we give the ultimate of what Allah has given us, which is our lives, back to Him is our self denial.

Scientists say now that everything is energy only, and that energy is the physical ultimate of all forms of matter.

Figure 1: World coal production and model for an ultimate of 600 Gtoe in 2007 This is a guest post by Paul-Frederik Bach.

When I realise God or Self I realise the ultimate of my Self-knowledge up to that moment - that I and God or Self are one.

That some time they will attain the Adamic condition of reward and happiness, which is the ultimate of man's future existence.

In 4% of cases ultimate for is used

This is the ultimate for any wig wearer.

It's the ultimate for any man, or women.

I'll be using Window's 8 Ultimate for my OS.

If you survive, trading one ultimate for one hero kill is usually an acceptable trade.

About the Author Wee Kiat Teoh Wee started playing Ultimate for Nottingham Oops since 2008.

The ultimate for Malaysia to move forward is to abolish Malays as the medium of instruction.

One online merchant is already offering an OEM copy of 64-bit Vista Ultimate with a free upgrade to 64-bit 7 Ultimate for $189.

Dede, to dream to be captain of any team is good but that should not be the ultimate for you especially with the team in question.

He also had time to organise a game of Ultimate for ISA 2012 (yes, it's a hippy's game, but still) and play some Junta with his students.

Focus on first farming that void as the moment you get to level 6 you can spam your ultimate for health and then getting your other items.

In 2% of cases ultimate on is used

Lulu follows up with her ultimate on Morgana, knocking up the enemies around her.

I had Vista Ultimate on it and it installed whithout a hitch, it's a quad core, 8GB ram.

Never and Never initiate a eam-fight without making sure he won't use his ultimate on you.

I can run Vista Ultimate on a computer I built FOUR years ago because I can upgrade parts of it, unlike most Macs.

I currently have Vista Ultimate on it (well a slightly stripped down version thanks to vlite) and it runs it not too bad.

Again, I have switched to W7 Ultimate on my computers at home, with one exception -- my wife's computer only because she refuses to upgrade.

Nevermore has casted his ultimate while venge is dead and barathrum has casted his ultimate on nevermore and abbadon's ultimate has turned on.

Many of our beta users have installed Windows 7 Ultimate on their small notebook PCs and have given us very positive feedback on their experience.

Rooms Villas are designed in modern contemporary and African style and built to give our discerning guest the ultimate on space and luxurious privacy.

I had Windows 7 Ultimate on the Laptop and it asked if I just wanted to upgrade (there is no Windows 8 Ultimate -- Pro is the equivalent) or do something custom.

In 1% of cases ultimate as is used

That said, I still don't think I will be going for Starter for my EEE PC 900HA and will be instead going for either Home Premium or Ultimate as the Ultimate RC runs like a dream on my netbook.

In 1% of cases ultimate at is used

Get the Ultimate at the standard levels, leave stats for last.

I also played ultimate at the University of Oregon for two years.

It could be Amumu using his ultimate at the right moment and the right time.

Cat Phillips is from Victoria and has played Ultimate at the highest levels in 2012.

So, I rather just get 1 ultimate at the moment so I can max out the skills I need for this build.

She then went on to represent the Firetails in Japan, playing women? s Ultimate at the highest level.

So in the interest of productivity, I've rounded up five must-have items to create the ultimate at home workspace.

Houston was home to the world's first air-conditioned mall, and the genre has reached its ultimate at the vast Galleria, north-west of the centre.

In 1% of cases ultimate to is used

In 2012, Lauren had her best year of Ultimate to date.

Dear as Islam is ultimate to you so do my religion is to me.

In this episode, Gabumon begins to revert from Ultimate to Rookie, rather than to his In-Training form.

I couldn't wait for release so I updated my Vista64 Ultimate to Win7 Ultimate even though I have two copies pre ordered.

In 1% of cases ultimate with is used

I am running 32bit Vista Ultimate with SP1.

The movie was ultimate with the concept led in to it.

It looks like somebody hit Beri Ultimate with an ugly stick.

You know who were the ultimate with the disco earworm? The Bee Gees.

Second, I think we should not confuse being ultimate with being arbitrary.

And of course Capcom announced Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate with online co-op for March.

PC with buy microsoft windows vista ultimate with sp2 (64bit) navigation system though they are.

Different grades available from Fun for all to The ultimate with an awesome drop of 7 metres in the Grade 5- the ultimate one.

One online merchant is already offering an OEM copy of 64-bit Vista Ultimate with a free upgrade to 64-bit 7 Ultimate for $189.

You can buy Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate with Home Premium being the cheapest and Windows Ultimate being the most expensive.

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