Prepositions after "ugly"

"ugly in", "ugly for" or "ugly of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases ugly in is used

She won't be ugly in your eyes.

Things ended ugly in LA for him.

Puss was downright ugly in fact.

If you are a nihilist, you become ugly on the outside because you are ugly in the inside.

You know most 3rd world women are butt ugly in comparison to average looking white women.

Well, I see I'd in the minority here (cool! ), but YEG just looks ugly in print to my eye.

However, in the West there has been a slower adoption of QR codes may be due to being code looking bit ugly in design.

Moreover, even in the worst of the industrial towns one sees a great deal that is not ugly in the narrow aesthetic sense.

It doesn't mean you can't possess any of those abilities, nor does it mean that those abilities are ugly in women per se.

So when things turned ugly in the early morning, we were caught with a limp-dick drone, instead of one with a weapons load.

In 14% of cases ugly of is used

I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly of those.

Ugliest of all is when the race card is played.

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of Apple TV.

After all, we are made of the same soil as the good, the bad and the ugly of this world.

Ask residents living their the good and the ugly of the property you are planning to buy.

The good, bad and ugly of Basketball players started trickling in from as early as 8:30am.

They want to sell us overpriced swill and make sure we all secretly believe ourselves to be the ugliest of them all.

Boxing allowed it's ugliest of colors to resurface once more this Saturday and mar the virtual landscape of the sport.

Watson has to show us with her reaction that mudblood in this world carries the weight of the ugliest of racial slurs.

We are at the precise moment in space and time to recognize the good the bad and the ugly of which our Nation has become.

In 11% of cases ugly for is used

Yes, it's ugly for a few minutes.

The mid-eighties were ugly for punk.

Expect this to get ugly for Florida.

She's too ugly for worda, and even a horse is cuter, has better hair, and is kindhearted.

I was ugly for those three months always wearing a bandana, oily head, always felt dirty.

Getting ugly When credit cards are added to the mix, things get ugly for Australian youth.

Andrea Bruno isn't here this weekend, so he's sent some of the young guys from his team to come and get ugly for him.

Please note, we are not taking board costs into account, and if you look at yield too, things get very ugly for Nvidia.

Although the snowballing scandal has been ugly for all involved, there is at least one crumb of comfort for Ms Broadwell.

See more Quotes Police Inspector: We have a tough, ugly job to do and you're making it tougher and uglier for all of us.

In 8% of cases ugly on is used

It does make it ugly on your behalf.

The rhetoric was ugly on both sides.

I take the good, bad, ugly on the scale.

If you are a nihilist, you become ugly on the outside because you are ugly in the inside.

But I've learned that it's all part of the creative process, whether good, bad, or ugly on a given day.

I did try an embed the audio on here, but the player looked very ugly on the grey background, so instead, allow me to direct you.

They can slap a ton of make up on her and photoshop the crap out of her pictures, but she's still going to be ugly on the inside.

I hope it is maintained because there are few things uglier on television than a football pitch that resembles a motocross track.

I feel uncomfortable wearing them because most of the time I feel ugly on them because of that I also take away my glasses on photos.

In 7% of cases ugly to is used

It's longer, which is ugly to me.

That was very ugly to him and to me.

Failed idolatry, which is ugly to God.

Participants were ranked on a seven-point scale, ranging from ugly to very good-looking.

This is because chemicals in hormones interfere with phermones, which render women ugly to men.

When I was in Jamaica as a tourist it seemed like most of them were just straight ugly to be around.

These posters here are so angry and vile, I would hate to see them face to face they just seem so scary and ugly to me.

Thus any other person devoid of real love is ugly to his or her environment, even if that person is successful in life.

When u a go back a school??? Antonet mek mi tell yo dis dutty gyal u nuh mean nothing to me cause yo ugly to p*ssyclate.

Let the mods do the malleting for you, that's their job, while you can smile smugly to yourself that the got what they deserved.

In 6% of cases ugly with is used

Then politicians get ugly with him.

She is so ugly with a terrible figure.

Bill gets ugly with his original editor.

I don't feel that I look ugly without make-up - it just improves me a bit, that's all.

Over on the NYRR facebook account it was really getting ugly with the disgusting comments.

It says he is bald and ugly with a snub nose but if you fail to overlook his many physical defects you will be in trouble.

Ruthlessly cold with blinding white lights, this room is ugly with sick staring walls; it is my home for the next two weeks.

But the scene is bound to get uglier with potentially huge numbers of non-paying property owners dragged before the courts this year.

Strugglin his face ugly with anger! Next day the 2 kids bottoms were bruised all over! By time wkend came had to explAin it to their dad.

In 4% of cases ugly at is used

In fact, it gets real ugly at times.

Does that mean it gets ugly at times, yes.

But yeah, that's going to get ugly at some point.

You might say that my mother's whole life was a battle to keep the vulgar and the ugly at bay.

Things got really ugly at the festival and 18 year old Meredith Hunter was killed via stabbing.

Aston Villa lost ugly at White Hart Lane two weeks ago, but the most recent indignity hit this weekend.

He said while politics can seem ugly at times the final weekend push in an election is his favorite four days of the year.

The Nikon V2 however, looks ugly at every turn, ever line, and is a mish mash of a potpourri of crapulance all rolled up in one.

Every single person is insecure deep down and at some level has the same worries as you, every girl thinks she's ugly at some point.

You are about a year behind in bashing an everyday American that seems to care where our country is going, which is ugly at the moment.

In 3% of cases ugly about is used

There is everything ugly about them.

Obamacare was the ugliest of the ugly about Washington D.

More than that, there's something frightfully ugly about them.

Read on to find out the good, the bad and the ugly about this type of window treatment.

True, that says something ugly about Stephens, rather than Beinart, but the point remains.

Anyone who supports Wooly instead of Jen reveals something very ugly about him or herself.

The art of teaching is in modeling what is beautiful about the educated person and teaching what is ugly about the uneducated one.

First, is it inevitable? Secondly, does it matter? I do not believe that there is anything inherently and unavoidably ugly about industrialism.

They don't have to be accessed via an IP address or a website URL, which is one thing I find ugly about the concept of a website compared to an app.

Someone could save his neck by leaking something very ugly about Israel; something that will turn the nation against Israel at this strategic moment.

In 3% of cases ugly as is used

We all get ugly as we get older.

His words make you feel ugly as well as unloved.

You were so ugly as a baby, your incubator was tinted.

While the Buy American saga is not nearly so ugly as that, the tools exist to make it so.

Someone who has behaved as appallingly as this man has done is inherently ugly as a person.

It was raining on the deck and we had +1 and the town looked pretty ugly as a result of rain and ice.

I can assure you that gay guys are just as dumb and ugly as the cavemen that wander the pubs to club women over the head with roofies.

Everyone can take part in dating on the web; you can be skinny or fat, tall or short, clumsy or graceful, pretty like a princess or ugly as a.

In 3% of cases ugly by is used

Feminists are ugly by definition.

Things could get very ugly by then.

This is going to get uglier by the day.

It paints an ugly picture of the average Australian it seems to get uglier by the day.

Riots And Racial Slurs Election Day turned ugly by nightfall at a pair of southern universities.

This has damaged me emotionally, I know I am not ugly by any means but I feel ugly inside, worthless, and like a failure.

Yet it is difficult for a man deemed to be ugly by most American women voters to become the president of the United States.

I mean, why mark the fact that someone made the world uglier by making the world uglier? Such acts embarrass our species.

Indeed, since the advent of the election debate in the USA, no man deemed to be ugly by American women has ever won the presidency.

In 3% of cases ugly from is used

Looks ugly from top and underside.

Things start to get pretty ugly from there.

Im proud to be an American, but this ugly American looked so very ugly from this vantage point.

Alex Epstein, the world we have is ugly from ubiquitous automobile infrastructure and pollution.

It's utterly ugly from many perspectives and completely **31;2045;TOOLONG in the desktop experience.

In reality, the room actually looks pretty ugly from the outside while it's surrounded by scaffolding and plain white walls.

Domestic life can be tumultuous, angry, upsetting, stress-inducing, and just gets ugly from there if you stir in enough money.

Then I realized one thing that she was beautiful only from outside but like most of the beautiful women she was ugly from inside.

Bravo for being willing to try it out -- I have so often found that what looked ugly from a distance just wasn't a problem once I was used to it.

In 2% of cases ugly because is used

The father is the ugliest because of his actions.

Even an attractive person appears ugly because of his ego.

People used to tell me i looked ugly because of it, blahblah.

There are so many self loathing thin girls that are ugly because of who they are inside.

Fringed lizard was ejected for doing mischief; he has turned ugly because of the hate he dwells upon.

But the beauty is becoming ugly because of the poo and pee collecting in our gutters, waterways and the sea.

Debbie says: 02:52pm 11/09/12 America is ugly because of the dopes in power, not because a few people smoke a bit of dope.

DWS is ugly because of her personality (nasty) and her lack of intelligence proved by every word that comes out of her mouth.

Derek Parnell on May 21, 2008 2:02 AM Don't mix-up bad programmers with a bad language, most PHP code out the looks crappy and ugly because of bad programmers.

Often, things get ugly because of a misunderstanding or because people believe they're going to be taken advantage of when they believe themselves to be in the right.

In 2% of cases ugly like is used

Faz Looks ugly like all new Honda models.

Ven's costume was not ugly like Fabio's was.

The english s/he is ugly like the person saying it.

God is Love but he also can't STAND UGLY like your soul.

It's really fast and doesn't make your wireframes ugly like OmniGraffle.

You don't need to bring children into this world if they're going to turn out ugly like me.

Andre Capper #10 02:18 pm Aug 07 2012 I reckon the jersey design looks great, not ugly like the Plaza.

When they where really young people they looked good and didn't look really ugly like how they are now.

For his hero he chose an unknown, Jean-Paul Belmondo, who was not handsome like Rock Hudson but ugly like Humphrey Bogart.

In 1% of cases ugly without is used

Most females wear make-up and feel they look ugly without it.

His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness.

I don't feel that I look ugly without make-up - it just improves me a bit, that's all.

I'd telling her I'd tired, and that I feel like I'd being ugly without any good reason.

And ugly isn't defined by fat, but fat can be a clue that one is ugly without any self-esteem.

I don't lash it on, but I feel pretty ugly without it, so that would have to be my must have item.

By the way, why does Gok Wan get such stick on this blog? I personally love him and my wardrobe would be a hell of a lot uglier without his influence.

One Comment so far The purpose behind any austerity budget is labor discipline, a return to those wonderful unregulated 30s were Capitalism was ugly without Social Democratic pretensions.

In 1% of cases ugly up is used

It will ruin drinking water, ugly up the countryside, create virtually no jobs &; the oil distracted will be sold to foreign countries.

In 1% of cases ugly out is used

Some of the ugliest out of shape men I have ever known have been incredible with women.

So now that we have the bad and the ugly out of the way, let's go for the good, and there is plenty with this case.

I'd mentally trying to by-pass the thought of 5 years as being a ' waste ', to see the good, bad and ugly out of it, time just moving on and me feeling caught in stuck.

In 1% of cases ugly into is used

So we are making something ugly into something beautiful.

So, my theory is don't let the ugly into your house, your pool, or your heart.

Depiction of Black (Safavid) Shi'ism below: Causing the beauty to whither, making the ugly into slaves.

Take, for instance, the cosmetic surgery chain Lifestyle Lift, whose very essence is turning the ugly into the beautiful.

Do you know anyone else who has transformed the ugly into beautiful in their current life? Krishna brought the dead back to life.

All of these are technically wrong and sound ugly into the bargain, although I am sure that after a few more years even I won't notice any more.

In 1% of cases ugly due is used

It made me feel great after feeling fat and ugly due to these places.

The sufferer imagines that he is ugly due to some part of his body which is not right - too big, too small, not aligned.

No finger on the human hand is ugly due to biological realities which demonstrates its functions and relationship with the human brain.

It is possible to enable the tray icon so it closes to the tray, but that looks ugly due to the transparency bug above and the inconsistent notification area spacing.

Left: Often critised for being ugly due to its disproportion in size with its surrounding figurines, the statue of Neptune towers over a fountain on one side of the Signoria Square.

In 1% of cases ugly before is used

Things will get very ugly before that happens.

Things are going to get very, very ugly before long.

I may not have done what the other person did but my sin was just as ugly before God.

Office romance - the ugly Before beginning a relationship, consider its potential outcomes.

The trial was partisan justice at its ugliest before the ambitious district court judge T.

It's big business and sometimes it has to get ugly before decisions are made, but we're very happy.

Of course, in the manga he appears to have been the kept catamite of someone very ugly before Knives destroyed the whole town except for him.

The lame duck session began last week (November 11-17 ), and both sides have offered to negotiate, but we think this duck turns ugly before a deal finally emerges as a swan song.

In 1% of cases ugly after is used

Pilling in some other fabrics made couches look almost ugly after a few washes.

We'll it won't be long before her face will be as ugly after Chris gets through with it.

MY OTHER CAR IS EVEN MORE EMBARRASSING No Radio - Already Stolen Nobody's ugly after 2 a.

They always look uglier after doing this, I do not intend to hurt somebody's feelings but it is the truth.

And, though it sounds absurd to say so, he is really not so ugly after all, provided, of course, that one shuts one's eyes, and does not look at him.

Though many parties have started launching their manifestos, it is easy to predict, from the campaigns, that personal attacks are going to get ugly after a short while.

No wonder they were soft! I intended my visit to be relaxing and stress-free, but on the second day her computer crashed ugly after Windows ME failed during a routine update.

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