Prepositions after "ubiquitous"

ubiquitous in, on, across, throughout or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases ubiquitous in is used

Drinking is ubiquitous in Dickens.

Bush had been ubiquitous in Bangkok.

Igbos are very ubiquitous in Nigeria.

The depiction of weed as a harmless joke is pretty much ubiquitous in our culture.

It could indeed portend an age when robots become ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

GYE NYAME (except for God) This unique and beautiful symbol is ubiquitous in Ghana.

Cell phones are nearly ubiquitous in the lives of teens today, with ownership cutting across demographic groups.

Indeed, I think that jajvirta was largely right in observing that status is fairly ubiquitous in human exchange.

China has perhaps the strongest cloud potential of any market, which is already nearly ubiquitous in the nation.

Real World Problems Optimization problems are ubiquitous in our everyday life and may come in a variety of forms.

In 6% of cases ubiquitous on is used

This painful scene is ubiquitous on the streets of Dhaka.

It will become more ubiquitous on the device than any other feature.

Ryegrass and clover are ubiquitous on farm paddocks across the country.

Cranes are ubiquitous on our skyline and construction sites seem to multiply endlessly.

From their lowly beginnings in the animated banner ad biz, GIFs have become ubiquitous on the web.

Noodle restaurants are ubiquitous on the HK street scene, offering hungry pedestrians a quick and cheap meal.

I thought I'd share this slide which outlines the number of different e-tailing models now ubiquitous on the web.

If a number of Indian jewellery companies have their way, diamonds will soon be ubiquitous on campuses across the country.

Carroll, who was David Miller's budget chief, is ubiquitous on Twitter, and appears frequently at events all over the city.

Both a late night favourite and a quick lunch classic, the Middle Eastern dish is now ubiquitous on the streets of Toronto.

In 4% of cases ubiquitous across is used

Anxiety disorders are ubiquitous across human cultures.

In turn, this demands that network coverage becomes truly ubiquitous across the UK.

Expect something faster, higher res, and newly ubiquitous across the cafes of East London.

Chrome is available for Linux and Mac and even mobile devices, making it ubiquitous across platforms.

And the word ' debt ' is so ubiquitous across the media that it seems like a natural state of affairs.

Dogs ' value to early human hunter-gatherers led to them quickly becoming ubiquitous across world cultures.

The flaw in risk management seems to be ubiquitous across many industries, not just the oil and gas industries.

Promising, yes, but these devices need to cost well under half of that if they're to become ubiquitous across the continent.

The effects are ubiquitous across all species: that's wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, bacteria, viruses, plants and humans.

However sms even with its limitations is still ubiquitous across all phones and sms volumes from businesses to individuals continue to grow.

In 3% of cases ubiquitous among is used

The wife has a chin-length cut that is ubiquitous among professional women.

Fascinating, then, that it would have become ubiquitous among African-Americans in certain trades.

The makwamya (the prayer stick used by Ethiopian clergy) is ubiquitous among dreads; items of clerical garb are also frequently adopted.

This is the whose framework may (my conjecture) go back to British Navy days, but which had become ubiquitous among African-American laborers.

Yet the performance of lunges is ubiquitous among women while squat racks and stiff-legged dead-lift platforms often appear abandoned by the same.

What is important that SETI does not fit in the regressive world-view that is ubiquitous among politicians, plutocrats, and the majority of the population.

Here are the ways cloud computing has already become ubiquitous among consumers: Music By now, it's possible that even your grandparents know what Pandora is.

RSS is all but ubiquitous among media outlets and information providers, and feedreaders like Bloglines, Feedburner and Google Reader are easy to use and free.

For example, the Apple logo has become ubiquitous among young tech fans and some big fans of the company have started to get tattoos of the famous bitten Apple.

The behavior Ito observed among Japanese teenagers is now ubiquitous among teenagers within the developed world: American teenagers send well over 3000 text messages per month.

In 3% of cases ubiquitous for is used

She has been ubiquitous for most of my lifetime.

The evidence is ubiquitous for catastophic deposits.

Personally, in future I can see this being ubiquitous for many businesses.

But I think it's unfair to go after Ubiquitous for drawing lines between licit and illicit.

The solution is not to pick another programming language and make it ubiquitous for web applications.

It was pioneering a new concept that would be ubiquitous for a good fifteen years or so before Amazon.

But as parallelization becomes ubiquitous it will, and it will become ubiquitous for those who have the software base.

Why is the evidence so weak? After all, mobile phones have been in common use for 25 years and almost ubiquitous for at least a decade.

If you want to know the future of QR Codes in other countries look no further than Japan where QR Codes have been ubiquitous for many years.

These large-scale winds are proposed to be ubiquitous for AGN, but they have not yet been detected for a type 2 AGN, perhaps because they are normally too faint.

In 3% of cases ubiquitous throughout is used

Life is ubiquitous throughout the universe.

They have been ubiquitous throughout the ages.

It's sweeping, comprehensive and ubiquitous throughout the Christian community.

Order it now! Volta White Maize White maize or corn is ubiquitous throughout the world.

Perhaps this is another reason why humiliation now seems so ubiquitous throughout the media.

The afternoon Azan suddenly became ubiquitous throughout the vibrant, overpopulated neighborhoods of Dhaka.

So I think we can dismiss any insults they hurl as trivial God talk that is ubiquitous throughout Muslim countries.

The cartoon cat this is certainly ubiquitous throughout the world pops straight from the heels worth mentioning Nike Dunks.

These two beverages are ubiquitous throughout the above continents as well as my homeland of the United States, yet vary widely across the countries and cultures.

In addition, there are particular dangers for these nations of which they are warned in that book which became ubiquitous throughout the English-speaking world the Bible.

In 2% of cases ubiquitous as is used

Glass is ubiquitous as a building material.

So far, RFID has not become ubiquitous as a technology.

Since the advent of the internet, knowledge as we tend to describe it has become increasingly ubiquitous as the years went by.

True, it might become more like window shopping or getting a catalog in the mail; but if anything it will become more ubiquitous as every phone, every billboard etc.

The survey, answered by 4,600 professors nationwide, did not ask about PowerPoint, which anecdotal evidence suggests is ubiquitous as a replacement for overhead and slide projectors.

A biographer has described him as the ' Jackie Kennedy Onassis of business and technology -- a figure who is ubiquitous as a symbol of his times, but little known as a human being '.

In 2% of cases ubiquitous at is used

Memory sticks are ubiquitous at this time.

Still, Cheryl is ubiquitous at the moment.

But she was so ubiquitous at one point that the public still views her as overexposed.

Instead we found a selection of the sort of independent-looking stalls ubiquitous at festivals.

Outlandish costumes were ubiquitous at the event, which saw Britain's first Klingon wedding on Friday.

Hot dogs and beer are ubiquitous at sporting events, and popcorn and candy are consumed at movie theaters.

Does Jon Favreau have something of the barrel about him? James Cordon seems fairly ubiquitous at the moment.

Please be aware that turkey, the large drumstick of which is ubiquitous at the modern Renaissance Faire, is included here, as well as potatoes.

Suits were ubiquitous at the office; so working women adopted their own versions, which they complemented with matching hats, gloves, bags, and shoes.

But surely coming out with a few lines in a felicitation message can even be done by that now missing conner Dr Eliyantha White so ubiquitous at Temple Trees for years.

In 2% of cases ubiquitous of is used

Postcards are the most ubiquitous of souvenirs.

Most ubiquitous of all Boney M releases was (the delightfully named) Night Flight to Venus.

Gospel Maybe the most ubiquitous of all the styles, you will hear Ghana gospel music everywhere.

LP ): The most ubiquitous of all guides, often with solid information, but not always up-to-date.

Croatia, after all, claims to have pioneered that most ubiquitous of modern accessories: the necktie.

In 2% of cases ubiquitous to is used

S spear of power Ubiquitous to entire planet so do China mushroomed in term of GDP.

The bacteria that have been isolated are ubiquitous to the backyard pond environment.

Thailandia Ubiquitous to Southeast Asia but a novelty in Ao Nang, a food court is a real experience.

But while it may appear ubiquitous to us now, until recently we had no awareness of what information was or how it worked.

Whether we believe it or not all Americans have grown up under this national myth and its ' use is ubiquitous to both domestic and foreign policy.

The content demands on business are only going to increase as mobile becomes ubiquitous to how consumers access and interact with products and services.

Social media adoption has already become ubiquitous to those already connected, and there is no reason that Africa will not follow suit when they get the chance.

Since 2000, when selective availability was turned off, GPS has become ubiquitous to the point where most people have one and interact with it on a daily basis, whether they know it or not.

In 2% of cases ubiquitous with is used

Tabbouleh is a middle eastern dish that is ubiquitous with mezze.

I'll say this: on-time or not, I still have the mild headache and generally ill feeling that seems ubiquitous with flying.

I would argue with the use of the word ubiquitous with regard to Internet connection and have several blog posts that do so.

Since the undertaking of the modernization of Paris in the 1850? s, Haussmann? s name has become ubiquitous with urban planning.

In 1% of cases ubiquitous around is used

Chinese fried rice is as ubiquitous around the world as McDonalds.

Access to biological technologies is already ubiquitous around the globe.

With more than 750 million global users, Facebook is ubiquitous around the world.

Arctic foxes are ubiquitous around the North Pole, having been found on every land mass and even on the permanent polar ice.

As the BlackBerry became ubiquitous around the world, the company stock's price soared, as did the personal fortunes of Messrs.

Brand names like Sony, Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Seiko and Nintendo became ubiquitous around the world and symbolic of utility, style and quality.

In 1% of cases ubiquitous by is used

Anto #39 -- it's ubiquitOUS by the way.

I screeched when they killed off the dial-up modem; it was in a day when Wi-Fi was not ubiquitous by any means.

In 1% of cases ubiquitous during is used

Gao: Now, this was the most typical statue of Mao that was ubiquitous during the Cultural Revolution.

The popular parl -- the Filipino word is derived from the Spanish farol, which means lantern -- is ubiquitous during the Holidays.

Yet for additional textiles, cotton, wool and linen were some of the older country style standbys, as they were ubiquitous during those times.

The result is a collection of small mandala-like objects woven from the materials that are ubiquitous during the rebuilding of the city: tarpaulins, high visibility fabrics and industrial workwear.

In 1% of cases ubiquitous within is used

When smartphones get cheaper and more ubiquitous within the next year- as with anything else.

There are also many local food and retail chains that are ubiquitous within Vancouver and other BC cities but don't exist anywhere else in the country.

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