Prepositions after "dwindle"

"dwindle to", "dwindle into" or "dwindle in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases dwindle to is used

By the early 19th century it had dwindled to almost nothing.

Their numbers have dwindled to fewer than 30, and I was sad to see several faces missing from last year.

By the autumn of 1984, industrial action by other unions in support of the strike had dwindled to nothing.

Three years later that number had dwindled to thirty-five and rates of pay to less than half a cent a word.

Neither the TUC nor the Labour Party endorsed the strike and the support of other unions dwindled to nothing by the autumn of 1984.

Almost all the government officers in the district are locals, and the Jaffna trading establishments have dwindled to only a handful.

Their role is currently codified by a post-1945 law that gives them enormous influence, even though their membership has dwindled to a mere 8 percent of employees.

In 11% of cases dwindle in is used

The calls have dwindled in number quite drastically now, I maybe get called once a month or so.

With the vulture population dwindling in Vadodara, many in this community are preferring cremation as the final rite for their loved ones.

Maryknoll's physical presence will continue to dwindle in numbers in the year's to come as we move in other directions and toward other labors in God's Kingdom.

In 11% of cases dwindle into is used

Leftism, crime, and poverty would dwindle into virtually nothing.

Salisbury was a large and important town in the Middle Ages but by 1700 it had dwindled into a medium sized market town.

I hope I would have tha courage to deal with whatever was dealt but I couldn't bear to dwindle into Alzheimers which happened to my loved brother.

Its critics, during the second decade of the twentieth century, dwindled into a despised and detested sect suspected of nursing an anti-national heresy.

In 7% of cases dwindle from is used

The firm had been in the hands of the receiver for 9 months &; the workforce had dwindled from 240 to 57.

In 4% of cases dwindle by is used

Malaysia's exports dwindled by 14.

In 4% of cases dwindle due is used

The area of Zi? rat, Baluchistan, has juniper forests that are believed to be 5,000 years old; however, they are dwindling due to deforestation.

In 2% of cases dwindle because is used

A generation ago, their numbers had dwindled because of hunting and development, and the animals were only found in the most remote mountains and coastal swamps.

In 2% of cases dwindle over is used

It is a credit to our farmers and ranchers who have met demand, increasing production while farmland has dwindled over the years.

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