Prepositions after "drop"

drop to, by, out, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases drop to is used

I dropped to my knees, sobbing.

Silver dropped to under the $33.

Existing home sales dropped to 4.

The New Deal was put in place and by 1937 the unemployment rate dropped to about 14%.

Every hundred steps I stop and drop to the ground, and make sure I'd not being followed.

Their performance in the second leg could easily have seen them drop to the second tier.

In the last two games Cavani has dropped too deep, away from his comfort zone, when Uruguay are without possession.

Loanee Orr comes in at right-back with Tommy Smith dropping to the bench and Luke Chambers switching to centre-half.

When a high-pressure system brought clear skies and intense frosts, the temperature dropped to -15 C for days on end.

In 14% of cases drop by is used

Thanks for dropping by Christopher.

Drop by sometime and decide for yourself.

The murder rate reportedly dropped by 26.

For your info, I'd like to greet you with a holy kiss in person once I drop by the clinic.

The theory is that the values of investor portfolios could drop by as much as 20-25 percent.

The artistes reportedly dropped by the company are Motion, Lolly, G Warren and Tempricher.

The complaint was subsequently dropped by the plaintiff, who admitted that he only filed it to get media attention.

The death rate for leukaemia dropped by 70 per cent, breast cancer by 61 per cent and thyroid cancer by 55 per cent.

Official figures showed that the eurozone slipped into a shallow recession in the third quarter as GDP dropped by 0.

For example, iron ore prices dropped by a third since April this year, almost entirely driven by weak Chinese demand.

In 13% of cases drop out is used

I dropped out of elementary three.

Drop out of school such as sharpening.

He'd dropped out of school after fifth grade.

Most great athletes drop out of the public eye when their sporting careers come to an end.

She also reportedly dropped out of her latest film ' Cali, ' according to the Daily Mail.

Recently, it has dropped out of the picture because of a number of domestic unsolved issues.

However, with Tata Communications dropping out of potential bidding on Friday, we do not expect any other offers.

Chad Webb, 20 Chad excelled at school but dropped out of accountancy at university because he needed to earn money.

I did one year at college, but I dropped out six months ago because I live on my own in a hostel, so I need to work.

The drug was also well tolerated, with very few patients reporting muscle aches and very few dropping out of the study.

In 12% of cases drop from is used

Leather is a common drop from most mobs.

For Q3 guidance, PCLN dropped from $679.

There is a single tear dropping from his sword.

So Japan will drop from second place in 2010 (13 million) to third in 2017 (43 million).

Until the wheels of fitness finally become out of true -- I get dropped from the group.

Tomorrow (14 August 2012 EDT ), it will be dropped from a B52 bomber in its latest test.

The number of infants and children who die before reaching the age of five has dropped from 12 million in 1990 to 6.

Tunisia has dropped from the headlines, often for good reasons, as it has not experienced the chaos of Libya or Egypt.

Also given that the number of active members we have, I would prefer to be dropped from either the OD team or T20 team.

They are not dropped from the sky as a special gift of the Creator to the people who happen to inhabit these places now.

In 10% of cases drop in is used

I had to drop in a Windows 2000 hd to sign-up.

Jaws were collectively dropped in the theater.

I'll drop in more modern Taiwanese history into my posts about this drama as applicable.

Another guy who can't hit for average and you figure his HR total will drop in Citifield.

And if you remember, I asked the handful of readers here to drop in their questions as well.

That's crucially different from dropping in the odd correction on a random page when all other defences have failed.

Your body will slowly absorb the nutrients so you'll avoid any spikes or drops in your blood sugar until your next meal.

Just when the Underground era was at it's peek, EA announced it was being dropped in favour of something a bit different.

He had been dropped in November 1996, after six innings without a half-century and criticism over his lack of off-side play.

In 6% of cases drop into is used

Even in the rain; Drop into public skate.

Craig dropping into a sweet double drop.

Stephen drops into the other seat next to Hugh.

Again, check with your vet or drop into us at the DSPCA to view our selection of products.

Some of the team will drop into Abu Dhabi on their way to Madagascar and the safe haven port.

He is not trusting in his works, and the Blood of Jesus that his confession's dropped into.

He had executed it well, as he reached the apogee of his flight the uppermost handhold slowly dropped into reach.

A lot of deep canyons, swinm throughs, and a defined marking of the reef dropping into a long sandy desert floor.

The ideal nestbox, if you can afford it, is a metal box with a wooden liner that drops into the main nesting cavity.

Don't make the mistake of assuming your existing products, channels and programs can be dropped into a new market.

In 4% of cases drop on is used

Housing has -20% more drop on the USA national average.

But, this day, i finally making 300 drops on entrecard.

Note that I said I drops on people entrecard, not I got dropped.

The girl made no answer, but she dropped on one of the seats with an air of lassitude.

The nurse put more eye drops on me like they did after checking my pulse and eye pressure.

I too tuned in election eve to listen a few minutes when the blade was dropping on the Mitt bus.

To whom do I owe the most? While we're waiting for her First Single to drop, enjoy this freestyle she dropped on GINJA.

The only detail I know is that it is a clear liquid dropped on sugar cube and it is also a legal drug that can be bought online.

Peter 17 November 2012, 5:00 pm Sarka, you're suggesting that all Israel's bombs are being dropped on where they think the missiles are.

In 3% of cases drop for is used

Home ownership dropped for a fifth straight year to 64.

I think just the whole arc has been jaw dropping for me, really.

Number of CAT takers stabilised last year after dropping for a few years.

Pre-iOS bug on 4s units such as no service issue (signal often drops for a few seconds) still exists on 6.

A 4-week face-to-face course in the UK can set you back about 1,200, with prices dropping for online courses or shorter ones.

Mr Ntemo told The Citizen that construction costs had dropped for the Iringa-Dodoma highway, which was to be built in three phases.

In the fourth quarter, combined online advertising at the Times and sister newspapers like The Boston Globe dropped for the first time.

Doherty took a decent 2-41 in the drawn first Test in Brisbane but managed just 1-158 in Adelaide before being dropped for the Perth match.

Chisora beat the count but referee Luis Pabon waved the fight off once he was dropped for a second time, a left hook doing the damage once again.

He started last season not as he should falling out with Warnock and being dropped for several months he came back fighting and played very well under Hughes.

In 3% of cases drop off is used

Starve the Parasite and it will drop off the host.

And Bresnan has been dropped off a ball that went the other way.

Otherwise, it will lead to more deformation and dropping off of the hopper.

Au revoir September, thanks for stopping by and dropping off the games at our front door.

They are nt open on Sunday or Monday so we will have to drop off the ECUs and stuff on tuesday.

The motoring pace got the better off Rivers, Buckley and Kennedy who all dropped off the breakaway group.

It was already time for dinner when we got to Zhao Qing so we just dropped off our luggage in our rooms and headed for dinner.

As that group diminished with successive surges, Makau dropped off the back several times, only to fight back into contention.

The painful journey only ended when the driver stopped to drop off two passengers who he was helping to escape following earlier pub violence.

In 2% of cases drop at is used

Dropping at ED is actually a good idea.

After being promised the post, his name was dropped at the last moment.

A couple of days later he walked past Skinner and let a packet drop at his feet.

Under-cutting is a major tactic, with costs being dropped at times to ridiculous lows.

It would be better if you can book a cab which will pick you from Murti and drop at Paren.

A Wraith will be dropped at both ends of the area, including nearby on the dune behind the artifact.

You will be dropped at Maji Moto (Kiswahili means hot waters) where a hot spring bubbles out of the earth at the foot of the hills.

The only way to chart your progress and as a result know if you are winning or dropping at the races is to retain notes and somme.

Anchor is dropped at the Kwale sandbank, where sunshades are set up and guests have the chance to go snorkelling in the coral reefs, helped by the guides.

Abducted and tortured, then dropped at night over the Atlantic ocean -- either Jamie or Mike lent us one of his personal flying machines for that special op.

In 1% of cases drop with is used

Today has begun with less cloud cover and a steady 20 knot wind which should drop with the falling tide.

Gradually the penny is beginning to drop with racegoers that there is more than one Mullins in the scene.

Amazing too that after all these years and three or four episodes, the penny has not dropped with the EU that socialising private debt does not work.

I think the penny has finally dropped with Atos that this is against the law and a breach of medical ethics, and the young man concerned is being investigated now by the GMC.

After Leonard Freeman died, Al Harrington was dropped with no reason given, after 10 appearances in the 1974-75 season although his episodes were scattered throughout the year.

In 1% of cases drop after is used

Unfortunately, this bill was dropped after the first reading.

Prices are expected to drop after school starts in late August, especially for tickets to Europe.

The download speeds dropped after the fixes, so I wonder if some kind of traffic shaping may be at fault.

The case was dropped after Joe Montgomery, who filed the objection, withdrew it, citing undisclosed threats.

Jenkinson - There is a chance that Bacary Sagna returns but it would be harsh on Carl Jenkinson if he were dropped after his performances so far.

He had a good chance to make his start count against Services in New Delhi but failed to carry and was dropped after another failure against Tripura.

Harbhajan Singh, who was dropped after India lost 0-4 against England last year, Yuvraj Singh and batsman Murali Vijay have been recalled for the Indian team.

BGB official Lieutenant Colonel Kazi Aniruddha, in the post-verdict press briefing, said charges against a total five BDR members were dropped after their death in hospitals.

Guy should never have been dropped after the 168, time is not on his side, he s just over his mid 20s and should have about 7+ years if he starts getting selected now, which he is not.

In 1% of cases drop over is used

It dropped over the fall at 4:23 p.

Millions of leaflets were dropped over Germany.

Africa saw the sharpest price drops over the past two years.

A bar dropped over this and a not placed on the screw was fastened down by a wrench.

My personal savings have dropped, dropped, dropped over the past three years to zero as of this year.

The sea level dropped over the ages, with a few ups and downs, reaching a low at about 18,000 years ago.

US murder rates have continued to drop over the last ten years and are now at the lowest seen since the 1960's.

As I dropped over the edge I had the distinct feeling that I wasn't going to be staying away from the top of El Cap for long.

Hearing the news of the arrival of their foster son, neighbours dropped over toys and gifts to welcome him and congratulate the two dads.

In 1% of cases drop like is used

He popped cough drops like candy and would swig his whiskey when his throat got sore.

Bodies drop like flies, but from heart sickness or loneliness or common, everyday mishaps.

Several of our irrigation reservoirs have had water levels dropping like a rock in recent weeks.

The good news is that the ratings are dropping like a rock, so next season will be the last season.

My answer to that: Immigration drops like a rock in a global downturn, as it has already started to do in the U.

Explain why within one to two years these gay guniea pigs were dropping like flies from the most nighmarish disease on earth.

I think an earlier posting, months ago, about how after hospital administrators had their bonuses tied to super bug outbreaks, suddenly super bug out breaks dropped like a stone.

Remember her photo op in Haiti, where wh promised not to rest until thise affected by the disaster there were made whole? Dropped like a hot potato the second the pictures were taken.

In 1% of cases drop due is used

Your bill dropped due to the fact that you were taken off the BES.

Later it dropped due to the stable demand against sturdy offer in the market.

In the automobile business, the Japanese domestic net sales largely increased from the previous corresponding period, when the production dropped due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In 1% of cases drop below is used

Stay tuned as the US drops below third world countries.

With a HWC that would never drop below 40C, the system would never run.

Repayment begins six months after the student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment.

Exchange vows in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay while the sun slowly drops below the ocean's horizon.

During the course of his recent illness his spirit never once dropped below the horizon of despair.

Not as completely implausible as dropping below the 1956 GISS value, but still not going to happen.

Should your grades drop below Faculty or program cutoffs, we reserve the right to revoke your offer of admission.

A stronger dollar has taken some of the price reductions, but we forecast that forecourt prices will drop below the 1.

It also has a very small heating element, which kicks in if the temperature drops below 10oC and keeps the air at a moderate temperature.

This also matched the 7-, 14-, and 28-days average USGS stream flows which have dropped below the 25th percentile, with a few sites below the tenth percentile.

In 1% of cases drop as is used

Facebook is being dropped as a media outlet 8.

Temperature dropped as the wind continue to howl.

But his popularity kept dropping as the war continued.

Trident Wall A reef that begins at 60ft and drops as a wall to over 120ft.

French, which was dropped as an example in 1990, declined from 13 million to 10 million.

The temperature will drop as the moon overtakes? the sun and casts a shadow so large the land will be plunged into darkness.

The Good, The Bad, and The Wealthy: S ince the money supply is increasing drastically banks may start loaning soon, assuming treasuries interest rates drop as the FED wishes.

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