Prepositions after "drive"

drive by, to, in, on or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases drive by is used

They were driven by selfishness.

The attachment is driven by fear.

But I shed a tear as I drove by it.

Comments on blogs are ego driven by the publisher as well as the individual commenter.

Read More One of the narratives of this campaign was how Team Obama was driven by data.

I believe that it is all driven by a massive human desire to build upon great memories.

However, King was not driven by such methods to the personal breaking point or public ruin that his enemies desired.

The nation which seems to be driven by the wealthy is no longer a cool place for the poor and marginalized citizens.

HMIL's growth has been driven by volume-oriented revenues coupled with technological soundness and superior designs.

Miklas used to drive by the Bridle Path as a kid and wonder if he would ever live in one of the mansions he passed by.

In 15% of cases drive to is used

Drive to Saadani National Park.

Drive to the Ngorongoro Crater.

Drive to the Manor at Ngorongoro.

People flinch from confronting difficult problems until driven to by necessity's lash.

After all you can often get the train to somewhere nearby, or drive to similar location.

Before breakfast Sherm drove to a little store a few miles from camp to put in the call.

I had been back at school only a few weeks when I saw the familiar roadster winding slowly up the drive to East Hall.

Depart with a lunch box drive to Tarangire National park for a full day game drive, dinner and overnight at Lodge/Camp.

We also drive to visit family in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (700 to 800 miles from the mountain house) numbers of times.

Overnight -- Udaipur Day 10: Udaipur -- Delhi (By Flight) Today morning drive to Udaipur, Also Know as the City of Lakes.

In 8% of cases drive in is used

The Queen learnt to drive in 1945.

I don't drive, I haven't driven in years.

Driving in KL is not for the fainthearted.

Then Pant met Aazam Inquilabi who was driven in a security vehicle to Nehru guesthouse.

Paris is proposing to ban cars aged 17 years or older from driving in the city centre.

You practiced driving in your neighborhood under the watchful eyes of your mom or dad.

His driving instructor has taught driving through a private agency and his own daughter failed the first two times.

Game drives in the Murchison Falls National Park are highly rewarding with a high concentration of savannah wildlife.

Comments I was raised on the coast of Oregon so I grew up thinking I had a pretty good handle on how to drive in the rain.

It's only my years of driving in Ohio snow that kept me on the road, albeit not in the direction I wanted the car to go.

In 6% of cases drive on is used

You can drive on your 17th birthday.

Officially, Jamaicans drive on the left.

Drive on the left-hand side of the road.

So of course he was there at Crew Stadium, driving on the fans to drive on the USMNT.

In practice, they drive on the right: that's just the way it is, probably less potholes.

He died in a car accident while driving on Egnatia Odos, near the city of Kavala, Greece.

Carr told WKYC-TV that she didn't want to cause a scene and was confident that Hardin won't drive on a sidewalk again.

Wonder what is causeing the issue for you? That said, I have used eSata drives on Mac towers (not PCs) with good luck.

Suppose you are out driving on a Saturday, and nearly the end of your planned route, you are headed home low on power.

The car is very comfortable to drive on long drives and achieves/maintains high speeds easily - but has poor acceleration.

In 5% of cases drive through is used

It had been driven through a very hard granite.

Drive through that area of town everyone tells you not to.

Drive through Anacortes and take a left at the light by Safeway.

As you drive through Point Reyes Station, one of my favorite places is Bovine Bakery.

I still picture them riding on the hood of that semi-truck, driving through the snow.

Only a few cars drive through Omawiyeen Square, which seems deserted like never before.

Next time you drive through Salisbury, think about the buildings, how old they are, who designed and built them.

They are driven through the streets then walk through the Oriental Gardens in Tokyo with Ambassador Forbes (sp.

This ' elected dictatorship ' is using the post-war period to drive through a further trampling of hard-won rights.

His driving instructor has taught driving through a private agency and his own daughter failed the first two times.

In 5% of cases drive at is used

It was very clear that Lewis wanted to drive at the test.

She was horrified and did not get what I was driving at.

Vehicles were driven at a snail's pace because of the ice.

If you don't know the bends and turns coming up it foolish to drive at the speed limit.

Driving at high speeds in low gears can result in 45% more fuel being consumed than needed.

I have even seen people driving at night with their fog lights on, but their main lights off.

The driver ignored us and kept driving at the same speed without a care for potholes, ramps or anything on his way.

The driver managed to find a relatively clear route and drove at about 100 km per hour, ignoring the speed limit of 80.

He even told a story wherein a middle aged women on scooter, had too much stuff carrying and driving at amazing speed.

Krzysztof Noske, of 15 Lawlor Way, Fairgreen Village, Portlaoise, was stopped driving at the Dublin Road, Portlaoise, on.

In 4% of cases drive from is used

Drive from Queenstown to Wanaka.

Drive from Tekapo to Queenstown (3.

We're driving from Toronto to LA! Yesssss.

To celebrate, Mark Richardson, with a little help from the CAA, is driving from St.

I can just see 20,000 specialists all needing to drive from the north shore to manukau.

Back in 2002, it used to take up to nine hours to drive from the Buka Passage to Arawa.

If you drove from the California/Oregon border down to the California/Mexico boarder, it would take about 16 hours.

Manualing is simply your ability to powerfully drive from the hips in order to bring the front end of your bike up.

Then we did drive from store to store to get all the free items to give as gifts or give away to those that need it.

You have to remain balanced in order to manual and the ability to drive from the hips and not the arms/ lower back is the key.

In 4% of cases drive into is used

The world is being driven into a dead end.

And then I drove into town and bought The Blueprint.

About 10 minutes later, the bus drove into the bus bay.

Experienced drivers only should attempt to drive into the old town, which is accessed.

This morning I drove into town, said goodbye to my (English) wife, and parked the car.

Resisting the head push by driving into it will bring the elbow back down to the ground.

Finally the moment arrived, Micks support car (aka Peter Delmer and co) drove into town and Micks body followed it.

They thought they were driving into a tornado, but in reality, it was really straight line winds from the derecho.

Windsor- Its construction is an early English style chair characterized by stick legs and spindles driven into the seat.

We drove into a car park (using the right hand side) and after the border formalities, drove out using the left hand side.

In 4% of cases drive for is used

He also drove for them in the DTM in 2005.

This part is far too ego driven for comfort.

Or drive for a game of golf in a cool hill resort.

After lunch we would drive for about 2 and half hours into our next city called Segou.

The car was driven for 30 miles and the environment light came back on, loss of power.

Just one (!) of those plays ended with someone driving for a layup or two-point shot.

A work licence allows a person who has been convicted of drink driving to continue driving for work purposes only.

But by hiring someone to drive for you, you can take away a lot of that stress by turning over the task to a professional.

Remember to do the following: Do not drive while disqualified You will be disqualified from driving for a period of time.

After suspension you will go to court, and if you're found guilty, you may not be allowed to drive for a longer period of time.

In 2% of cases drive with is used

Drivers are being urged to drive with caution.

You do a lot of driving with Young in Journeys.

Great to drive with the roof down and looks good also.

He finished third in 2012 with 88 Cook has been driving with MDU since its inception in 2010.

I spend much of my time in my car and I want to be able to drive with a little more protection.

One is a Chrysler saloon car which he is currently driving with registration number GW-666-10.

Officers said they have busted motorists for everything from seatbelt violations to driving with studded tires in July.

Thus, Consumer rights and protection is not merely an act but it is a political act needed to be driven with conscious effort.

He once finished second in a race despite having to drive with a hand broken in a one-sided brawl with four large adversaries in London.

You lose your driving license almost automatically and get fined hundreds of dollars for driving with too much alcohol in your system.

In 2% of cases drive out is used

Thus, she was driven out of the village.

Currently, this ad is driven out of our Arena database.

British land forces had been driven out of Europe by the German offensive.

I live over 30 miles from her salon, but don't mind driving out of the way to see her.

The Ottomans were driven out of the Caucasus and Azerbaijan in 1603 and out of Iraq in 1604.

They are driving out the Russians and are responsible for the anti-Semitic feeling which is increasing.

After the car was driven out of the showroom, it was handed over to a middleman in Kepong, where the suspect was paid.

Driving out of the car park, I was about to put my ticket into the barrier when there was an unfortunate gust of wind.

By the end of the second week of war the American 24th Division had been driven out of Chonan and was retiring on Taejon.

Poynings drove out of Ireland the Yorkist pretender Perkin Warbeck, who then sought support from the Scottish king, James IV.

In 2% of cases drive around is used

We shall drive around the city of Bamako.

I spent it driving around Stoke-on-Trent.

We drove around it, and then he wanted his picture taken? in front.

Before the attack, he drove around town telling people police were going to murder him.

So I would drive around the same area three or four times, praying for divine intervention.

It's about responsibility- to himself, to his team, and to the people driving around him.

What did you do for it? Sandra Nottle: We took a few days and just drove around the coast, from Melbourne to Adelaide and back again.

With considerable time to spare, we drove around Georgetown and returned to the Weeks 1 a couple of minutes before the appointed hour.

Given that his own alternative was originally driving around New Zealand in a camper van, I can't say I have too much sympathy for him.

Being a Sunday the parking is free so we drove around the city for a while trying to find a place to park -- not so easy on a busy Sunday.

In 1% of cases drive off is used

If we have to put up with them, drivers of horses will be driven off the roads.

Broken exhaust bracket - only a few months old but decided to snap as we drove off the ferry.

Only goes to show that the Malay/Muslims has been all but driven off the site by all the anti-Malay/Muslim vitriol.

The growth of capitalism saw huge numbers of peasants driven off the land and into the cities to form the working class.

We followed it for a while, driving off the road and across a wide plain, then down to the railway station, and, at 4:00 p.

I drove off the other side of the freeway and hit a large sign it pushed my car to the side and it flipped over full rotation back onto the tires.

The state is not your friend, so do what you have to do and if you drive off some thugs, do not call the police after it is all over as nothing good will come of that.

Holy wells exist almost in name only across the bulk of England, driven off the landscape by civic visionaries who have succeeded where clucky mediaeval bishops failed.

In 1% of cases drive up is used

As we drove up the winding road we saw Mrs.

Driving up to it, we saw a vehicle parked with a couple of people walking around.

We drove up Friday night and I ended up sleeping in the truck's from passenger seat.

But for Heaven's sake get him started, or he ' ll be calling a hack to drive up to the house.

He loves Pink Panther:) In between the cooking, my dad wanted to drive up to Mount Wellington.

I recommend driving up to Canyon Lake Dr through Beachhead and NOT via Barham/Lake Hollywood Dr.

I rode around and walked Ochi, drove up to Fern Gully and neighboring communities and talked to anyone who didn't think I was crazy.

Once, my wife and I drove up to a hill outside Belfast to see the view, not realising that this was an Army radar station and strictly out of bounds.

Driving up the track into Marsh Farm felt like stepping into ' Skywest and Crooked ', a beautiful film and one of my favourites, starring Hayley Mills.

A lack of clarity regarding where that money might come from, however, has driven up Spain's long-term borrowing costs toward the danger zone of 7 percent.

In 1% of cases drive under is used

Last February he was arrested for driving under the influence.

One for driving under the influence and ANOTHER if you are over.

M out for driving under the influence of catnip! Lucky we don't have car keys.

However, you can be convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) if your BAC is less than.

Do you know, driving under the speed limit now will get you an instant fail on a driving test.

Finally a driving under the influence of drugs charge carries as much penalty as alcohol related criminal charges.

As much as to say that the irresponsible person who chose to drive under the influence of a substance isn't fully to blame.

You risk causing death and serious injury to yourself and other people if you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The reality is that most motorists think it's a huge inconvenience to have to drive under the posted limit, regardless of conditions.

In 1% of cases drive towards is used

Drive towards renewable energy.

On the Sunday whilst still driving towards N.

McCarthy took the ball and Ireland drove towards the line.

We are driving towards chaos, as the ruling party is engulfed crisis after crisis.

When they heard us driving towards them, we saw one of them beckoning for us to come up to them.

However, it's profile starts to take on a much more gradual form as you drive towards Clydagh Bridge.

Older drivers are easier to dazzle and frankly it's not a good idea to dazzle people who are driving towards you at speed.

Execution involves web and print ads driven towards a website with a decidedly un-hipster Viviana and Brian posing on the homepage.

At 0700 hours the funeral cortege left the Hospital and drove towards the Airport Road as hundreds of people, many dressed in mourning attire, watched.

Since love is the drive towards reunion, it is certainly possible to love someone without thinking much about what the final state of reunion will be like.

In 1% of cases drive without is used

It is important, as the penalty for driving without such a license may be up to $10,000.

As you can see, it's not difficult to talk safely on your cell phone while driving without breaking the law.

Similarly driving without a valid driving license too went up to 149,182 in 2010 that caused many fatal and grievous accidents.

The 1 guy in our area who has accepted the offer is more excited about the new truck he will get to drive without looking at the real picture.

So if you're caught driving without your seatbelt on the October long weekend or riding without a helmet on New Year's Eve, you'll cop twice as many points.

For example, on the road, why can't we drive better? Why must people buy their licence, why must people drive without licence? There are many things the society should do to help.

In 1% of cases drive past is used

We drove past Bill's Palace (http: //www.

From San we would drive past Savary and finally arrive at Bandiagara.

Our bus was a far away image from the big tourist busses that drove past us.

Drive past a house a zillion times, WALK through the neighborhood and around the block.

I had seen him just a few days earlier, driven past him, sent a cheeky text and got a reply.

To get into the complex area you had to drive past a guard station and show your driver's license.

Your choice, though the motorcycle is a great experience (and cheaper) driving past the fields on your second leg of this journey.

Then once when we drove past Quezon Boulevard, I saw its branch right before turning into the street where Capitol Medical Center is.

Then, via the Mount Montgomery Pass, we drove past the last casino and Janie's Ranch, and crossed the Nevada border back to California.

In June, a few of us were driving to Collingwood to go to a bachelorette looking mighty cute, when a car full of young bucks drove past us.

In 1% of cases drive over is used

Just don't put the ground stake where you'll drive over it with the lawn mower.

You have to choose proper truck for the terrain while driving over the hills and smashing the cars.

If you want to avoid driving over the alcohol limit it's best not to drink at all if you will be driving.

There are honeycomb cell products which allow green areas to be driven over -- here's an example called PermaTurf.

Criminals who have just robbed the banks, snatch a beg, murder someone or kidnap a children are prone to drive over the speed limit during gateaway.

From La Clusaz we drove over the Col de la Criox Fry and then through the stunning Manigod valley which resembles a landscape from one of the Heidi books.

Day after day, a vast heavy veil had been driving over London from the East, and it drove still, as if in the East there were an Eternity of cloud and wind.

Why have speed limits if everyone decides to ignore them? Being caught by a camera, when you've actually driven OVER the limit by 7-12 mph seems to me to be a no-brainier.

In 1% of cases drive across is used

Those weapons were driven across Egypt and into Gaza.

I wanted to photograph Gumps as Kura drove across the Falam.

Everyone started to shed layers as we drove across the flats.

Just drive across the road and park facing into the oncoming traffic.

Above center: Driving across the Catlins, probably the most remote part of New Zealand.

Somehow my eyes became sharper as I drove across the highway while other vehicles overtook honking at my rather slow moving car.

Drive across the valley to Narok, through acres of wheat and barley before you reach the Masai Mara Game Reserve in time for lunch.

But the difference is that if I don't like my oranges at HEB, I can drive across the street to grab a sack from Krogers or Randalls or Safeway or whatever.

I think Rooney plays a great false nine at times, and Berbatov is at his best when Nani is able to drive across the right hand side, sending balls in from the wing.

The big thing here is to make sure that it is located close to where you live or work, the last thing you want is to have to drive across town just to do your banking.

In 1% of cases drive like is used

It drives like a bag of spanners.

Becky was driven like a little slave.

We drove like this for two hours until we reached a village.

But then I don't drive like a retard either It is basically the same height as the cab of the pickup.

You can drive like a madman down a street and you won't be getting prisoned, often, by an administrator.

But if you're afraid of driving like that, best to pop an ativan or two before getting in a vehicle here.

At 55 mpg it is fantastically economical and, even though the engine management light is on all the time, drives like a dream.

He drove like a maniac (in my car!) and when I got in the drivers seat he started saying things that brought me down and made me weep.

Some young drivers think that because they can win computer games driving at 200mph they think they can drive like that when they pass their test.

At one point he asked me did i mind if he smoked, he then produced 2 rocks of crack and a pipe and started smoking crack while driving like a lunatic.

In 1% of cases drive down is used

Batting them around for hours as he was driving down the motorway.

Drive down the road and the billboard you pass will probably have been placed by Scangroup.

Driving down a road between Morgan Hill and San Martin, we spotted some Romney signs, then a chair.

If you are driving down the street and one lands near your car, the fragments penetrate the sheet metal.

Next the lights; I was driving down the motorway and a car behind was flashing me continually for around 5 miles.

It included a slow-motion video of a man balancing on top of a car as it drives down a straight road in the Outback.

A mechanical engineer, a systems engineer, and a software engineer are in a car driving down a steep mountain road when the brakes fail.

It didn't have a 50 limit because anyone thinks it is a good idea to take hairpin bends faster than you'd drive down an average dual carriageway.

I got it pre-registered with 50 or 60 miles on the clock and saved a fortune by driving down south to pick it up after getting a good deal on it.

Within about 3 minutes, I was in a van with a man I had never met, driving down a road late at night through the equivalent of the African countryside.

In 1% of cases drive away is used

I drove away from the store feeling like I got a helluva bargain.

Employees saw her three days later driving away from the property in a vehicle.

Women will be veiled, driven away from the public sphere, polygamy will be rife.

Drove away from dealership but got belted by the door closing by on its own initiative.

Richard Armitage staring at the back of her carriage as she drives away from him forever.

Today if you visit the are you will find the Serbs being suppressed and driven away from their homes.

In driving away, nobody can tell who is driving - no matter how good the camera (assuming one even existed in the lidar gun).

The next day, we drove away from the experience with fond new memories that became pleasantly paired with a morning after headache.

One reason is that the group that went up to the hills could not afford to have another group control the source of water, after they were driven away from the coastal belt (Keesing 1968:3).

In 1% of cases drive along is used

Right, I'd driving along the Loch side, glancing out of the window.

Breakfast; Drive to Seronera airstrip with game drives along the way.

It can be reached driving along the Trincomalee-Anuradhapura main road.

Picking up Sarah's mum's car at LAX they drove along the West Coast, from LA to Seattle.

Through the beautiful landscapes of Peradeniya University we drove along the Galaha Road.

Driving along the coast from France was hilly and green with villages dotted here and there.

As we drove along through the saturated Washington climate we talked of other things that are on women's minds at moving time.

Itinerary: 6 Days &; 5 Nights Day 1: Drive along Moshi -- Arusha road to Boma Ng'ombe junction then turn right to Sanya Juu Shopping Centre.

Egypt - Seeing a mechanic sitting in the engine well, with the bonnet up, adjusting engine, while the car is being driven along a busy highway.

We could tick boxes to show that we understand our liabilities, promise to return the car with a full tank and not to drive along dirt tracks etc.

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