Prepositions after "drink"

drink in, from, at, WITH or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases drink in is used

Le Boss is drinking in the last chance saloon.

There is lots of food and drink in many households.

We all assume that it is illegal to drink in a car.

Duckface is part Kate Adie, part Gauloise-chuffing drunk in charge of the foreign desk.

On the day of the incident, he had taken Codeine and been drinking in a pub in Leith Walk.

Bottled water is the only water to drink in the Gili's and in all of Indonesia for that matter.

In comparison with a survey done in 2009, the number of pupils who had been drunk in the last month has nearly halved.

Bill continued to drink in a more restrained way for a short while, and then was admitted to Towns Hospital on December 11, 1934.

As I sat there drinking in the peaceful solitude, a humming bird appeared from the trees and hovered right in front of my face.

In 14% of cases drink from is used

This baby does not drink from the mother's breast.

Tradition has it that Mary stopped to drink from here.

Santa Fe is a poisoned well and you drink from it at your own risk.

He and I went through two of them, drinking from coffee mugs he found in the breakfast area.

Hand him a glass and pose a playful challenge by telling him to drink from it without spilling.

They all drank from the spring and washed themselves and their clothing with the plentiful water.

The state will be established with its capital Jerusalem, and whoever doesn't like it can go drink from the Dead Sea.

This is preferable, but drinking from the mouth of the jug or while standing are permitted, because the Prophet (s.

During our stay, it was the month of Ramadan when Muslims can not have any food or drink from sunrise to sunset every day.

She accused her husband of handing her food without washing his hands and for not giving her the proper cup to drink from.

In 10% of cases drink at is used

Of course they drink at college, most do.

I drink at 6 glasses of water everyday -- more sometimes.

Liberated souls are those who have drunk at the fount of Godhead.

Large crocodiles can ambush and kill cattle and horses as they come to drink at waterholes.

It happened when the pair got into an argument while drinking at a Whangarei home in January.

Food and Drink at Africa House Hotel The Sunset Bar is very popular and comes highly recommended.

Introduce yourself to the people next door, show up to a tutoring session, shop and drink at a variety of places, play intramurals, etc.

The only criticism is that the bottle can be difficult to take home or carry around, it's more for drinking at the kade or the tuck shop.

For the 3rd year running Levy Restaurants provided world-class food and drink at the event with a superb menu created by a team of leading chefs and in house hospitality experts.

In 9% of cases drink WITH is used

Do not drink with people you loathe.

Drink with the team after work? No problem.

We swam, caught fish, ate and drank with gusto, swapped stories.

I still can't really go out and drink with friends but I've not been as bad recently.

There, this is my current list of dont's when one is drinking with his or her peers.

At thirteen years old I was drinking with a man, a wino who would buy my beers for me.

As the saying goes if you can't be with the one you love, drink with the one your with at least until she's in love with you.

Ras, I hear ya, see the birds, climb mountains, drink with the locals, lots of the children, have NOT been exposed to white people.

I've always felt like the only one who struggles to go out drinking with friends because of my anxiety, when I want to go so bad.

The court heard yesterday that Betts had spent the afternoon drinking with Miss Clews and Hunt at the woman's flat in Linfield Road on May 15.

In 8% of cases drink on is used

We seem to be heavily drunk on this potion.

They are now drunk on the power of destruction.

Drinking on an empty stomach can leave undesired effects.

This was a well balanced and full bodied wine -- one which I could easily drink on its own as well.

Unlike the brands we are used to, the new Poncino can also be drunk on its own, with or without ice.

How thoughtful he was to throw it outside so clients wouldn't think the company tolerated drinking on the job.

The end result has a sherbetty tropicality that I'd be more than happy to drink on the Mall watching volleyball in the rain.

Drinks - I know some people who like to head to the pub for a drink or two after work, and a lot of people drink on the weekends to relax.

It is also a real problem if people can not take water with them to drink on flights, since flying typically is dehydrating and makes jetlag worse.

Because I have eyes to see this fact that is glaring me in the face, am I a bigot? Lots of alcoholics on the line too; and they do drink on the job.

In 6% of cases drink to is used

They frequently drink to excess.

I drink to American destruction not Americans who destroy.

Everyone drank to their fill, even horses and camels drank.

I watch him celebrate the good things and drink to the not so good things.

Unfortunately for him, he lost those powers through drinking to excess and was eventually killed by a tiger.

Volunteers must behave in a culturally sympathetic way, by dressing appropriately, and not drinking to excess.

Taking alcohol as an example, people who drink to excess have a cancer rate 10 times higher than that of the general population.

His habits of drinking to excess also contributed to his dismissal and the family was therefore in the deepest trouble when he died.

At the end of 2008, the first plant, has begun supplying water suitable for cooking and drinking to 25 000 inhabitants of Goalmari, a village 100 km.

In 6% of cases drink for is used

We sat, talked and drank for a while.

Anyway, you drink for fun, for friendship, for celebrations.

The bartender thought I was in the band so I drank for free.

They want to sleep in and then drink for the rest of the day, so want some money to do this.

The bartender thought I was in the band so I drank for free I parked myself at the bar to read.

I work out about three times a week or four times, watch the diet and stopped drinking for Lent.

The Holy Spirit can not liberate us without our permission -- it can lead us to the oasis, but it can not drink for us.

The first Sunday of every month is Fast Sunday, when committed Mormons who are able forgo food and drink for about 24 hours.

The point of Ramadhan is to obstain from all the eatings and drinking for from Dusk to Dawn, and ofcourse that includes water.

Imagine a youthful warrior waging battle for his family, for Allah's deen no less, and not having had a drop to drink for days on end.

In 4% of cases drink out is used

Who has drunk out of my little glass.

The glass we drunk out of was made from pure ice.

It has never chewed up my shoes or drank out of the toilet.

Fortunately by now, the opening was large enough for him to drink out of.

Soon he had succeeded in punching a small opening, but not large enough to drink out of.

Cain, on the other hand, grew up in Jim Crow south where he had to drink out of a black's only water fountain.

My personal favorite was the intern who wasn't allowed to drink out of the same water fountain as the paid employees.

Can you imagine if the Irish decided that Guinness should be drunk out of tiny little glasses, standing at a bar? Ridiculous.

State Department to move to Sri Lanka to travel around, drink out of coconuts, meditate in temples, and lounge on the beaches.

Here is Fingers drinking out of a hip-flask belonging to my father in the park, presumably in training for his future as a hobo.

In 2% of cases drink as is used

Turns out he snuck out of the crib, and polished off as much as he could and was still drunk as a skunk.

This has a similarity to the classy Ruwer Rieslings from the Mosel and will drink as an aperitif over the next 4-5+ years.

In 2% of cases drink before is used

Always drink BEFORE feeling thirsty.

Reports suggest he may have been drinking before the massacre, and been traumatized over the serious combat injury to a fellow soldier.

Other reasons for night time waking could be: Alcohol - drinking before bedtime is associated with night time waking, so limit bedtime drinking.

One Response to A Matter of Taste, or Rather, Tasting Anyone who refuses to drink before a certain for no particular reason is not a very intelligent person to begin with.

In 2% of cases drink like is used

In fact you drink like a fish on the stuff and have far better motor control than you would without.

I felt the same as when I decided to drink like an English person: I have let myself down but it feels right.

Here was someone who drank like Bill drank - and yet Ebby was sober, due to a simple religious idea and a practical program of action.

In 2% of cases drink of is used

Why, Lord! we all thirst, and we come to Thee to drink of the water of everlasting life.

In our congregation, just like Jesus ', the rich, dignitries, the poor, beggers, harlots, drunkards, young and old, all come to drink of that same Holy spirit.

In 1% of cases drink without is used

Drinking without the addition of milk, sugar, or honey is best, so only drink water and skinny milk.

This is life at its best! Why struggle to fathom the mind Of the Creating Power? + Let's urge each other to drink, Drink without stopping.

We have thought that we just need to get a grip on how many drinks we can safely drink without disgracing ourselves or upsetting other people and all will be well.

In 1% of cases drink about is used

I drink about 20-30 ounces a day.

I drink about 3 liters a day in winter and much more in summer.

Dear me! I drink even less water than your daughter does! I do drink about 3 cups of tea.

HONEST 2 GOD true biography? take it for what it's worth or NO? it is 7AM &; I also drink about 12 cups of COFFEE every morning.

I quit smoking 4 days ago and haven't even wanted a soda even though I have drank about a 2liter every day for the last 10 years.

It happens, right? Too much water? Ah it reminds me of something On the first day I got determined to drink 8 glasses, but after drinking about 4 glasses I couldn't concentrate lol.

In 1% of cases drink over is used

After drinking over 65 tablets I started to feel sleepy and knew that if I do not act fast I might not ever wake-up again.

Well, I have heard that drinking should be limited after 5 PM, and we should not drink over the limit right after a meal and right after exercises and so.

In 1% of cases drink during is used

They are not allowed to eat or drink during the daylight hours.

We all know that Americans are cautious about drinking during pregnancy.

People can then be allowed to start drinking during the bonding session as they take their meals.

So I went and checked the literature and concluded that light drinking during pregnancy was effectively harmless.

Making sure you have enough to drink during labour and reminding you to go to the toilet regularly are other important jobs.

In 1% of cases drink by is used

It starts off saying don't drink but the writers must have been drunk by number 2 because they skipped over number 3 entirely.

This stuff is, with luck, going to be drunk by the end of August; it doesn't need backbone to keep it going once its first flush of youth has died away.

We also know that our young people are more likely to have experienced being drunk by the age of 13 than their peers in almost any other European country.

Tea, whether of the China or Indian variety, is well known to be high on the list of those beverages which are most frequently drunk by the inhabitants of the British Isles.

In 1% of cases drink after is used

And on the day of of your check-out, you were cut off from food and drink after noon.

Thanks to Clipper Teas I've been drinking after dinner mints; a subtle yet refreshing blend of peppermint, spearmint, fennel and ginger.

Therefore, when dawn appears to them on the horizon, they must begin fasting and pray Fajr; they must not pray Fajr before that or eat or drink after that.

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