Prepositions after "drill"

"drill in" or "drill into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases drill in is used

Eight wells have been drilled in Mt.

Drilling in the Arctic has become increasingly.

They drilled in an area that should have never been allowed.

Oil shale development is not to be confused with drilling into shale formations for oil and natural gas.

But what I do know is that drilling in people's backyards and near schools is both immoral and dangerous.

The lack of data on drilling in Arctic offshore environments means that most information is based on the U.

If he does a lot of drilling in brick and stone, and not much in wood or metal, consider getting him an SDS+ drill.

So Obama wants BP to pay for all the people laid off due to the suspension of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? Excellent.

The move is sure to rankle Republicans, who say President Obama's grip on fossil fuel drilling in federal lands is too tight.

In 21% of cases drill into is used

Where would you start? Now let's drill into the scenario a little.

We are routinely drilling into reservoirs where there is NO pressure.

Only those wells that have been drilled into the upper part of the reservoir will be able to produce.

Oil shale development is not to be confused with drilling into shale formations for oil and natural gas.

They want to believe the old myths and programming that Rajneesh and other phony gurus drilled into their heads.

The sacrificial piece of wood, if hard enough, can be reused by just drilling into the already drilled holes again.

These range from a novel form of foam to a new kind of oxygen sensor to a probe that can drill into hard surfaces in new ways.

The covering should be the same size as the frame, with holes drilled into the edges so they can be fixed with screws to the frame.

Because there is nothing abnormal about it, other than a sexist idea drilled into our minds about what is appropriate and what is not.

The heat reservoir was drilled into at two locations almost 100m apart and water circulated between them, passing through the hot rocks.

In 11% of cases drill for is used

EW have had oil drilling for 40 years approved both by Labour and National.

Finally, we have a lively presidential debate squabble over energy, and it's about who can drill for more oil.

Shell's first attempts to drill for oil off northwest Alaska were halted after a day, stalled by encroaching ice floes.

In 8% of cases drill through is used

Even still, it would mean drilling through five miles of solid rock.

The deepest hole drilled through the seabed so far reached 2,111 metres.

Hammer drill hammers down when a drill bit is turning to drill through concrete or brick.

Just one example: Every morning, I drill through my mail and drag-and-drop key items into the left-rail of Notebooks.

Not because we want to be creative mizers, but that it's human nature for people to drill through a comp and nitpick.

In 3% of cases drill with is used

It's like BP and Halliburton ironing out the rules for offshore oil drilling with no public input, and having MMS sign off.

Make holes in those by covering the area you want to drill with a piece of masking tape then using a fine bit to drill the hole.

But a modern consumer has been drilled with the lesson that nothing is truly unique -- that anything can be stamped or pressed or drilled or molded, and that there are untold copies of everything.

In 3% of cases drill by is used

Interestingly, these villagers reside only a few meters from the oil wells drilled by giant cooperations such as Chevron, Exxon and so forth.

An initial drilling program of total of 20 holes test pits drilled by Coziron Resources to identify the mineralized Iron Sand Layers at Agam tenement.

In 3% of cases drill on is used

Republicans have led the charge, saying Obama's policies on fossil fuel drilling on federal lands are too restrictive.

In 2% of cases drill to is used

On the non-operated Rochelle field, the first of two development wells was drilled to final casing point.

Rock cuttings from a vertical well to 7,000 feet would be approximately 125 cubic yards and for horizontal wells drilled to the same depth with a 3,000 foot lateral would be 165 cubic yards.

In 2% of cases drill off is used

In July 2008 Governor Paterson signed the well-spacing law which allows for multiple wells to be drilled off of one well-pad.

If all goes to plan its first two deepwater wells will be drilled off Canterbury's coast in search of gas before it turns its attention north to the Deepwater Taranaki Basin and its promise of oil.

In 1% of cases drill within is used

And then? Welcome to your 50s, when those teeth that were drilled within an inch of their lives finally crack under the pressure, and they need to be pulled.

In 1% of cases drill under is used

Not one gas/oil well drilled under the NDP, not one mine approved.

In 1% of cases drill till is used

The pair plan to begin searching for a suitable site somewhere in the Pacific this spring, but don? t expect the technology, nor the funding to allow them to start drilling till perhaps 2018.

In 1% of cases drill per is used

Efficiencies have resulted in 40 percent more wells being drilled per rig.

In 1% of cases drill from is used

Since I didn't have such a long drill I choose a narrower top board, chiseled out the hole for the dumbhead post and did as Sean told ya, drilling from each side.

In 1% of cases drill below is used

Groundwater can be brought to the surface by drilling below the water table, and pumped out.

In 1% of cases drill along is used

I spent the entire morning center-drilling (that is drilling along the axis of a rod) in order to make bearings for a piece of clockwork I am making.

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