Prepositions after "drift"

drift into, away, to, in or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases drift into is used

That feud quickly drifted into personalities.

We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell.

The different parts had then drifted into the present day positions.

By that time, and by coincidence, I myself had drifted into working in marine ecology.

Mark Fiebig died when his van drifted into the path of a lorry on the A10 near Ely in 2002.

Turns out, it has been its fur which I have been laying in close proximity to as I drifted into slumber.

Shapes and symbols drifted into existence and out; a triangle, a figure eight, an eclipse, a snake devouring its own tail.

He'd be crazy to suggest that people who can't find work have drifted into crime because other opportunities are unavailable.

If we drift into complacency, a quick visit with the March 7, 2008 incarnations of ourselves should never fail to get us up off our butts.

I have a PGCE and worked for some time with teenagers who were drifting into further education following undistinguished school careers.

In 12% of cases drift away is used

And the woman he loves, Yukiko, begins to drift away from him.

Although that was your confusion and you were drifting away a bit of it and ask me, I was VERY dissapointed by your question.

Matt, As it seems the forum is slightly drifting away from the fundamental objectives of the conference in London on somalia.

When I was old enough to spread my wings I drifted away from church and only went to mass and confessions at Christmas and Easter.

As it became more and more probable that Madagascar drifted away from Mozambique before the lemurs had evolved in Africa, the theory had to be altered.

In light of the polls drifting away from the challenger, a chance to personally offer an alternative message is surely a welcomed opportunity for the former governor.

The island's isolated fauna seemed to have frozen a moment of evolution when it drifted away from Africa, back to the time when lemurs had yet to evolve into monkeys and apes.

The mass party, which once provided the crucial linkage between the citizenry and their government, is slowly but inexorably drifting away from the society of which it was once part.

In 8% of cases drift to is used

Not infrequently our debates and discussions drifted to books we had read and enjoyed.

Expect to see Torres drifting to the right and if he takes Agger with him, there will be.

Booker doesn't have a shot, so he drives and kicks back to Beal drifting to the left wing.

His mind began to wander again, drifting to memories of the last time he was guarding someone like this.

As the Republican party has drifted to the right in the past decade, though, I've personally felt increasingly distant from it.

Palombo spread a superb forty metre diagonal pass to Cassano who had drifted to a deep left position inside Juve's defensive third.

As a woman who finds anxiety her primary emotion (I think we all tend to drift to one extreme or another ), I am mesmerized by your thoughtfulness.

Then when Uruguay get possession, the formation would shift to a 4-3-3, with Forlan (in a freer role) and Cavani drifting to wide areas up the pitch to receive the ball.

In 8% of cases drift in is used

Perhaps you drift in silence for a hour or two.

Approximately 180 million years ago, Pangaea divided into two parts, which drifted in different directions.

For instance, against Holland Hmlinen started on the right but was integral to Finland's attacking moves whenever he drifted inside.

A Spanish warship on anti-piracy patrol off the Somali coast has rescued 68 people found drifting in a small boat in the Gulf of Aden, the EU navy task force said Monday.

Song Dan, drifting in society, became addicted to the internet, making a large amount of internet friends, learned to smoke, drink, and staying out all night without returning home.

Heat coming off the sun dissipates over distance, but a person drifting in space would begin encountering that kind of heat (the five-yard line) some three million miles from the sun.

As evening came, press rumors of a Korean crisis drifted into the State Department, and then, at twenty-six minutes past nine, a dispatch reporting the invasion was received from Ambassador John J.

In 6% of cases drift towards is used

Pakistan drifted towards Non-Alignment.

Drifting towards sleep triggers a sensation much like falling.

The basket drifted towards the gardens surrounding the palace of the Phraoh.

With Twite more attack minded than Joshua, Tchetche and Boko took turns to drift towards that side when Twite went forward.

Since western countries provide these opportunities people are drifting towards those nation and are least interested in developing our nation.

Islam is the reason why Muslim countries again and again drift towards extremism: Sam Harris - The Problem with Islamic Fundamentalism http: //www.

Every prophet was given the duty of justifying our thoughts to drift towards Allah; they were destined to face problems when it came to deliver the message of Allah (SWT).

In 6% of cases drift from is used

He wore Wellington boots and a flat cap and the low aroma of manure drifted from him.

The longer we continue to want European levels of public service with US levels of taxation, the further we will drift from the road to recovery.

One of our favourite players, Bacary Sagna, though seems a monsieur drifting from the happiness into a wallow with recent statements from him.

Back end of last year I had my account closed by a big firm after a winning run, the final straw seemed to be 5 e/w on one that drifted from 16's to 33 and won.

I then drifted from one menial job to another, until I started working as an electrician, rewiring people's houses, something I'd learned how to do from my father.

In 5% of cases drift through is used

The meticulous playing drifted through various movements doing.

They drift through mundane jobs fuelled by booze and pot and, occasionally, they explode into violence: graphic, unflinching violence.

My dad is a capable pianist He plays at functions locally, and the sound of piano music drifting through the house is a familiar occurence.

The lack of caring by teachers left our son with no desire to learn &; he's just drifted through life making bad decisions as he looks for a place to belong.

I was drifting through Spotify today as I am wont to do while trying to settle on something to listen to when I landed on a band I used to love called The Russian Futurists.

In 4% of cases drift toward is used

Now we are drifting toward heaven.

Under Obama, we are drifting toward a one party system based on the Chicago model.

He started off left, the congress went with him, the public reacted, the Republicans gained control, so he drifted toward the center out of political necessity.

In 4% of cases drift on is used

The Danish act Sleep Party People, the project of Brian Batz, released its debut LP We Were Drifting On A Sad Song earlier this year, and it's a good one.

The fish who live here do not drift on the currents, but because of the monotony (everywhere the same) of this habitat, have no fixed abode, as they fossick around over the bottom.

In 3% of cases drift across is used

Just smell the money drifting across the web from your website.

The result is brilliantly original fiction that reveals how disparate people connect, how their fates intertwine, and how their souls drift across time like clouds across the sky.

Historical photo, LEFT, shows one of the early (and drastic) PRICKLY PEAR TREATMENT methods - fumes from a boiling arsenic mixture drifting across the pear (circa 1919-20s - photographer unknown).

In 3% of cases drift over is used

But if space is twisted, the direction of the gyroscope's axis should drift over time.

In this way, they fix the Earth's crust, and prevent it from drifting over the magma stratum or among its plates.

In 3% of cases drift out is used

They majored in different subjects and drifted out of each other's paths.

They stopped to fish along the way and then dozed off -- and when they awoke they found they had drifted out of sight of Maiana.

I think there's another ice record that has been overlooked -- the US Coast Guard's record of icebergs that drift out of the Baffin Sea into the Atlantic.

On August 8th 1918, a scow engaged in dredging had broken loose of its mooring above the upper rapids and drifted out of control towards the Horseshoe Falls.

In 2% of cases drift with is used

I was able to capture this DMCC driver drifting with my DIY rig safely! Toyota AE86 (June 11th, 2010) Beyond Rigshots.

In 2% of cases drift off is used

Nick of OZ says: 09:34am 29/05/10 Seeing the comments have drifted off the article I may as well continue and ask one simple question.

In 2% of cases drift between is used

James ' Park, drifting between the lines as United's iconic number seven did in 185 games for the club.

Unfortunately when two people split up, they can let things drift between them rather than trying to reconcile and rediscover their former passion.

In 1% of cases drift onto is used

Unless they know what is next most will drift onto something else after a long break.

Fernando Torres v Daniel Agger Torres is not a nave striker so he will drift onto Daniel Agger who he will fancy his chances against as opposed to Martin Skrtel.

In 1% of cases drift outside is used

Even the ruling party can't drift outside the rules.

Both ruling parties have not only drifted outside the rules, one of them had the audacity to claim that ' the decider ' makes the rules.

In 1% of cases drift like is used

If you are lucky on one of these night drives, you may see elephants drifting like dark battleships through the surrounding woodlands or the running stripes of zebra flickering in the spotlight.

In 1% of cases drift past is used

Half a mile later he seemd to run out of steam and I drifted past him.

The bulk of what we consider thought is just the mind going through its normal process, drifting past our consciousness like a river, full of debris that has been dumped there in the past.

In 1% of cases drift behind is used

Do not drift behind any of the peaks in a thermal unless you are at least 150 meters above them and your angle with respect to the peak is less than 30-45 degrees.

Too many free headers was a negative from the Hartlepool match, yet it was in effect here, Zoko drifted behind the centre-halves and diverted the ball past Alan Martin when completely free.

In 1% of cases drift up is used

A tumult of shouts came drifting up to him.

Before I could say red, red robin, the snow pile had drifted up to my waist and I realized it was not only a lost cause, but I'd snowed myself into thinking I could do it.

In 1% of cases drift around is used

Drifting around the road cones, through the waterholes and a good 3 to 5 meter jump right at the end of the lap.

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