Prepositions after "dress"

dress in, like, for, as or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases dress in is used

Or how I like to dress in winter.

Get dressed in shoes and a coat.

Learn to dress in layers and keep dry.

Omar, dressed in a black sports coat and blue pinstriped shirt, shook it off quickly.

Players were told to be dressed in 20 minutes and to meet outside by the batting cage.

Even more charming, is the pretty young woman dressed in traditional Hungarian attire.

Dining Around the World will include students and staff members dressed in ethnic costumes of the past and present.

He is dressed in full battle-rattle humping as fast as he can in this unbearable heat to get to Gary before he leaves.

Though they remain Hindu, the Chitties speak Bahasa Malaysia and their women dress in sarong kebaya s instead of sarees.

Not only are you so tired that you can barely open your eyes, you may find it hard just to get dressed in the morning.

In 14% of cases dress like is used

People do like dressing like this.

One dressed like Hannah Montana? In L.

Dressing like a Barbie doll is so 2011.

The man was half again taller than the merchant, and dressed like a merchant himself.

Some of you will claim that people don't really dress like this, but the fact is they do.

At the other extreme, do not dress like you would go to grab a sandwich at the deli downstairs.

Really? Theo: (Laughs) Yes! I was just on the sun roof where the infinity pool was, practically dressed like this.

I don't think you'd ever see a mannikin (that is, an artificial one) in a very top store that is dressed like that.

Chivalry might be dead, but that doesn't mean you can't still dress like a knight in modern times with these armored knight hoodies.

I'd not sure if he's an ex- Big Brother contestant or not, but he's definitely dressed like one (though at least he didn't rob me).

In 11% of cases dress for is used

On safaris, dressing for comfort is fine.

Delivering a lecture Dress for your audience.

Mostly, these serious warriors dress for serious business.

Neither has it offered a way of dressing for any select group due to their education.

Clive was already dressed in his tux and most of Whitney's family was dressed for the party.

In writing, he presented himself formally, even a bit stuffily, but he dressed for the beach.

Just like in a job interview, you only get one chance at a first impression, so you need to dress for the role you want.

Chewing gum, not dressing for the interview, arguing, and saying what you will and won't do are all interview killers.

A decline in advertising support is merely window dressing for the cost inefficiency of print compared with the efficiency of digital.

In 10% of cases dress as is used

Someone is dressed as a cardboard box.

We had men dressed as Beefeaters and Storm Troopers.

So, Daisy Lowe went to the party dressed as a dead animal.

Actresses dressed as priestesses use the sun and a parabolic mirror to light the flame.

Up to the part where Toad is dressed as a washerwoman and has just broken out of prison.

At three, my son knew only a few hundred words -- and wanted to dress as spiderman everyday.

He was, instead, a master of disguise, who dressed as a woman to attract his enemies, namely, two barbarian chieftains.

Instead, with this Sexy Feminist Book Cover costume, dress as a broken Barbie and really make your fellow partygoers think.

To dress as a woman when you're a man, you have a LOT of guts, and putting them down means you have less balls than they do.

What's more, this avoidance of unpleasantness often comes dressed as a desire for hope and optimism, when it is nothing of the sort.

In 3% of cases dress with is used

It came dressed with olive oil dotted with basalmic vinegar.

To feel your best and make others happy too, dress with a sense of style.

All are very decently dressed with a lot of intelligent humor and fun at the table.

Pasture should be top dressed with fertilisers to replace identified nutrient deficiencies.

The salad is then dressed with a special sweet and hot sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

This means that the individual should be formally dressed with perfect color combination as it will give a positive impact on the employer.

I love the combination of hot and cold foods, so I make a quick salad of arugula, pine nuts and garlic slivers, dressed with Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Kander had been greatly influenced by French cuisine, including recipes for Delmonico Salad Dressing with chopped truffles, Water Lily Salad, and pate de foie gras.

This would have been an unwelcome site to my mother if she was alive because she always referred to that hairdo, when I wore it, as a donkey dressed with its two hampers (smile).

In 2% of cases dress to is used

Everyone is dressed to the nines.

If this wasn't a date and I look dressed to the nines, it'd be embarrassing.

If our women do nt dress to there liking in a Moslem Country the get arrested.

This does not require dressing to the nines or having full hair and makeup on every time you leave the house.

The group thatmakes the waiter repeat the choice of veggies to each person and the choice of dressing to each person.

A couple of nationalities, they are really dressed to stacee styles or maybe by brains because of particular special categories of workers.

In keeping with All Hallows Eve the familiar array of pirates, nurses, pumpkins -- and even two Fraggles -were dressed to the nines and determined to party.

If a priest or a nun wants to walk around in society dressed to their collars in black capes, then what the hell is the difference? That seems to be double standards to me.

In 1% of cases dress according is used

Dress according to the way your personality is.

Please remember to dress according to the temperature.

On the other hand many people have made it known that they dress according to mood or the way they feel.

Here are a few suggestions: 2 SUMMER SUITS Dressing according to the season applies to business attire as well.

So which is it? Is it okay to demand that signs resembling crosses be removed from jerseys? If not, then it is also not okay to demand that women dress according to your own personal standards.

In 1% of cases dress at is used

Now Frank was not dressed at all to do this type of work.

You dress or even do not dress at all the way you like and let others dress the way they like.

In 1% of cases dress by is used

So at six years old a child is still be dressed by the parents.

I adore Maya Rudolph, and I also adore that she was dressed by Australian designer Johanna Johnson.

BC: We have noticed that some of the biggest stars in Tanzanian are dressed by you or put on your designs.

Based on how he cuts, which is surprisingly generous in the bust for a gay guy, I'd love to be dressed by Jasper Conran.

The FUTURE only ever happens in and from the present tense and is built of today's thoughts, dressed by emotion and driven by action.

As soon, therefore, as he was gone, she sat down at her toilet, and was dressed by her women to the best advantage, in the richest robes.

In 1% of cases dress on is used

The Caprese salad tasted like it had store bought Italian dressing on it.

Don't they remember when they were young there was no such thing as central heating and we had to get dressed on cold lino on the floors in cold bedrooms.

Q: Do you think there is a big part of vanity in the work of an actor? You see your face, well dressed on the cover of a magazine, you see yourself at talk shows.

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