Prepositions after "dream"

"dream of" or "dream about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases dream of is used

The butterfly he dreamt of was.

It is a dream of fatigued minds.

I dream of a good overall tool too.

Its not the life I'd choose, but know that the life I dream of is just that -- a dream.

You can and must do things in mining that I have never done and have never dreamed of.

Thanks to Ujah, the fans of Lillestrom are already dreaming of silverware this season.

The Clifton born, 18 year old has seen heights in his short career that a lot of older musicians could only dream of.

I do know it's essential to have dreamed of currently being a basketball participant as fantastic as Michel Jordan.

We spend at least 2 holidays there every year and wouldn't dream of not booking our Christmas flights well in advance.

If this cold winter weather leaves you dreaming of a Mediterranean escape, head to Primavera for a taste of the Med.

In 19% of cases dream about is used

I continually dream about the future.

He had no time to dream about luxuries.

I dream about it, and then it affects me.

After one particular game in Cebu, Andaya received the call he was dreaming about.

That chance allows me to dream about all the great things I could do with that much loot.

Max did - he dreamed about this from the time he was a young lad helping Dad milk the herd.

When she's not shooting whiskey and hitting on men, she's eating nachos and dreaming about her next big adventure.

Freeland is a real, homegrown success story, fit to inspire other UK ballers who dream about making it to the big time.

Well, not when it comes to revealing to a friend/co-host that you may or may not have had a sexy times dream about them.

I have done research on dreams before and I know that people often dream about things that they've seen and experienced.

In 3% of cases dream in is used

It took years before I stopped dreaming in shades of red.

I love the ' Sugar ' and ' Dreaming in French ' fabrics from Pat Bravo.

To create the handbags in this episode, we used Pat's newest line, Dreaming In French.

Well that's great, thanks very much Daragh! Their full album Trees Dream In Algebra is available at codes.

If you haven't ever seen something, wouldn't that happen to you? I wonder if they dream in different colors.

In 1% of cases dream for is used

But I dreamed for a bit and for a moment, felt hope.

I'd not a little girl anymore and I no longer dream for my Prince Charming, because why dream for something when I already have it.

Those of you who dream for some ideological warrior to lead you to some strange promised land cause this conservative far more worry than Mr.

On ground zero, college students have once again come back to the forefront of the Telangana agitation, their aspiration for a job and dream for a better life linked to the idea of a separate state.

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