Prepositions after "draw"

"draw on", "draw to" or "draw from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases draw on is used

A circle is drawn on the ground.

From time to time, we too draw on his articles.

This discussion draws on her doctoral research.

Myth and the short story thus draw on similar resources: concision and narrative effect.

The center is the actual balancing point of the distribution as drawn on this flat map.

Banner pushes factor of communication, drawing on the experience of Western colleagues.

According to the latest research, sales promotion induces ad unit, drawing on the experience of Western colleagues.

Awareness about the brand synchronizes the formation of the image, drawing on the experience of Western colleagues.

Thus, it is clear that the image of the company covers the content, drawing on the experience of Western colleagues.

Similarly, Chapter 2 delineates a number of features of emotion drawing on the general academic research and theory.

In 20% of cases draw from is used

Here are the winners, drawn from 265 votes.

Information is drawn from published sources.

Blood was also drawn from prisoners ' bodies.

In their fundamental essence, none of the characters is drawn from any actual person.

Values that draw from us dreams of a better future, that draw us together in idealism.

The students are drawn from seven primary schools, all within walking distance of OMAC.

This article draws from work undertaken by The Tourism Company in 2008 for one of the UK's leading casino operators.

The 2012 Euro squad was drawn from just seven Premiership clubs all of which have a high proportion of foreign stars.

Clips from the video are drawn from footage of the June 25 launch of Docena's CDM Report in Quezon City, Philippines.

In 17% of cases draw to is used

I was drawn to one of the boys.

Pause at words you are drawn to.

Fingers is more drawn to shooting things.

When you odor wonderful, that person will automatically end up being drawn to a person.

As a student, I was drawn to the history of the independence struggle in a romantic way.

Both groups are naturally drawn to government as it is the only place they can do either.

Young people who feel they have a world to build on this earth are less likely to be drawn to the politics of paradise.

We are a special, talented, down to earth, hard working group that others are naturally drawn to through these qualities.

Older people can be drawn to soft pastels but they may not have the vitality of hue needed to stimulate the mind and mood.

The expected onslaught in the wake of Glik's goal never materialised however and the largely lifeless match drew to a close.

In 8% of cases draw in is used

Draw in a line which follows this.

She drew in her breath as he pushed it inside her.

This is a bitch of a line to draw in America's dust.

She drew in books (OOPS ), and on comics, and on any odd scraps of paper she could find.

The line to draw in the sand seems to be about user/consumer appreciation and behaviour.

He ran aft, drew in the sheet, and filled on the long tack toward the Contra Costa Hills.

You are ALWAYS extremely helpful and all of these things combined and more draw in the fans and make them want to stay.

Inevitably, it is the old town section that seduces and draws in the visitor with its laid back if venerable atmosphere.

It was a blank sheet of white paper with four little, green lines drawn in the middle of each of the sheet's four sides.

You can deposit fee wither in cash or through a DD or bankers cheque or postal order drawn in favor of that public authority.

In 6% of cases draw into is used

India was drawn into a trap to do Colombo's dirty work.

I was immediately drawn into Julia's story by her voice.

Do not allow yourself to be drawn into negative discussions.

Connery is the latest figure in Salmond's circle to be drawn into the hacking affair.

To his surprise he found that he was interested and was gradually drawn into the group.

Wow, people are so easily drawn into the need to have an image that is created for them.

As family relationships deteriorate, they are drawn into a peculiar emotional symbiosis and the world turns violent.

Every other situation we are in suddenly we are drawn into these kinds of kali kukkura, mudgara means wielding a stick.

If the family have been drawn into the reassurance seeking, they must work out a programme of refusal with the sufferer.

Censorship in China As a global force online, Google has been increasingly drawn into global disputes, particularly in China.

In 4% of cases draw by is used

That was the beginning of a destiny drawn by others.

Lamb (Uncle Dick ), and drawn by the cartoonist Austin Bowen Payne (A.

I am drawn by the ocean and I find the people of Cox's the most laid back.

I am very drawn by Jenifor Milor's interests, and I would love to discuss this topic further.

Should selected winner not be able to attend, another winner will be drawn by the organizers.

In all these we were assisted by some adults from the community who were drawn by our presence.

It is worth noting the connection between panentheism and the use of feminine language of God drawn by some feminist writers (e.

The most appropriate lot was drawn by the gambler Clodius, who reddened with anger on being presented with a set of cogged dice.

A remits trust-funds to B by bills drawn by a person of undoubted credit in favour of the trustee as such, and payable at 5 Dhaka.

Now at that time the brahman Janussoni was leaving Savatthi early in the day in an all-white carriage (drawn by four white) mares.

In 4% of cases draw upon is used

He draws upon instinct and intuition.

The Attorney General may draw upon this list as vacancies arise.

The Commonwealth has some of the best-crafted laws to draw upon.

He has such a brilliant mind he is able to draw upon the many strengths of his intellect.

By using linguistic techniques to achieve these cultural, aesthetic, and psychological effects, Yeats drew upon what J.

In the absence of such criteria, the audit manager can draw upon a wide variety of potential sources for audit criteria, e.

It will involve reviewing material already presented, drawing upon the variety of doctrine and applying this to a range of chart examples.

These statements will form part of the assurance that the Vice-Chancellor will draw upon in order to sign off the statement of internal control.

In 3% of cases draw with is used

Two wins over Top 10 guys, one draw with arguably a Top 5 guy.

Group F Another huge group, with Champions Barcelona drawn with Inter.

Group B Man United got drawn with CSKA Moscow, Besiktas and Wolfsburg.

Charlton ' s draw with Bury will do little to dent the confidence of Chris Powell's side.

The Gunners are drawn with AZ of Holland, Olympiacos of Greece and Standard Liege of Belgium.

For example, my two year old drew with a biro across our vinyl tablecloth, and it won't come off.

The 19-year-old picked up the injury in the second half of Saturday's 1-1 home Barclays Premier League draw with Wigan.

Pirlo will be well rested for the fixture having missed Juventus ' 0-0 home draw with Lazio on Saturday through suspension.

Scored in an opening game draw with the United States but suffered defeat at the hands of Germany in the first knockout round.

Other wise he is in danger of remaining attached to the World of Matter, and being drawn with it towards complete disintegration.

In 2% of cases draw between is used

A careful distinction needed to be drawn between the evidence and suspicion.

THE SOLDIER We have to see the huge contrast that is drawn between the two men.

In another ancient treatise, a clear distinction is drawn between chariots that fly and those that can not.

The parallels drawn between the Swampies and the American Indians are intelligent, as is the story's ecological basis.

In addressing the devolution of property under customary law a distinction is drawn between succession and inheritance.

Counsel emphasized that a distinction must be drawn between the motivation of the parties and the object of the contract.

Then a curtain was drawn between the ladies of the house and those present, so that people could grieve on the calamities of Imam Husain (a.

Anything goes! From this we can see that there is a correlation between the self-interest of society and the line drawn between humans and non-humans.

This is to be expected for the Census Bureau's method locates the center roughly at the midpoint of a segment drawn between the two cities after the U.

Could you possibly pick anything less poorly defined to base it on? The line you draw between creative intelligence and conventional intelligence is false.

In 2% of cases draw for is used

Thus, if an acceptance is drawn for $100,000.

The system of prize draws for this bond was similar to that for 10-taka prize bonds.

A number of topics have been drawn for discussion by climate change experts and policymakers.

The folios had lines drawn for the text, sometimes on both sides, after the bifolia were folded.

Drawing: Each person with a registered fish will be entered into the prize drawing for derby entered.

Thirty minutes later, names will be drawn for a limited number of orchestra seats at $25 each, cash only.

His evidence for this was drawn for several sources, covering geology, biology, geography and other sciences.

However, if the raffle sold 100 tickets and drew for 10 prizes, you are not guaranteed to win, even though the odds suggest you will.

She can't ignore that his new obsession started after his two-day disappearance last week and that he wears a pendant she's been drawing for months.

In 2% of cases draw near is used

I pray that He will draw near to us as we draw near to Him.

We should follow, draw near to, make offerings to, and worship him.

THey will fall prostrate to Allah and will be drawn near to their Lord.

Then My slave continues to draw near to Me with supererogatory actions until I love him.

My slave does not draw near to Me with anything I love more than what I made obligatory for him.

But according to the research of Peter Turchin, the US is drawing near to an ominous timeframe.

Nevertheless, many bore with the trials and broke through the barriers, enabling them to draw near to the people whom they served.

For this reason it can never, by the same sacrifices repeated endlessly year after year, make perfect those who draw near to worship.

After eight days, when they had drawn near the walls of the city already mentioned, Demetrius set Cyprian in front of the gates of the city and col.

And when they had sailed for many days and had already drawn near to the regions of Greece, he was captured by the most fierce Slavs together with all his companions.

In 1% of cases draw against is used

I'd glad we've been drawn against a team with a great history.

Group A sees Bayern Munich drawn against Juventus, Bordeaux and Maccabi Haifa.

A losing semi-finalist will be drawn against a winner of the first round qualifiers.

People were serious about not playing against the army and defaulting if drawn against it.

Looking at what we've been drawn against, it doesn't come much tougher than Leinster in Dublin.

Ajax get screwed over against Real and end up in the Europa League where they get drawn against United.

Since then, they've lost by an innings against South Africa and drawn against Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

Group D An interestingly balanced group this -- Chelsea drawn against Porto, Atltico Madrid and APOEL of Cyprus.

However, when they were drawn against Schalke, perhaps the toughest opponents in the draw, few dared to hope for success.

I have to say, if I had traveled up to Nicon instead of Southcon and got drawn against this army, I would have refused to play.

In 1% of cases draw at is used

I began drawing at a very young age.

If they win or even draw at West Ham I will be amazed.

I think the line should be drawn at copying anything for commercial purposes.

So funny to have the private area drawn at that part of the staircase railing.

Start drawing at the inner corner going outwards extending the liner slightly past the edge of the eye.

Anisotropic: Sets the quality of textures applied to the surfaces of 3D objects when drawn at a sharp angle.

Anisotropic: Sets the quality of textures applied to the surfaces of 3D objects when drawn at a sharp angle (see Basic).

I drew at the kitchen table with my mum a couple of weeks ago- with my 4 year old there too- an extra layer of joy there! Ha! That was perfect timing.

Sunday's draw was the third successive match in which the European champions have slipped up in the League after losing to Manchester United and drawing at Swansea.

At all the public buildings flags were flying at half mast high, and while the internment was proceeding shutters were up, and blinds were drawn at many places of business and private houses.

In 1% of cases draw through is used

Accurate conclusions can't be drawn through theoretical experiments, as if they were scientific experiments in laboratories.

With the body as a medium, lines were drawn through the space to explore the relationship between landscape and body, and the meeting point of stillness and movement.

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