Prepositions after "drape"

"drape in" or "drape over"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases drape in is used

The coffin was draped in the Mooncoin G.

Behind this force the Town Crier bore the Corporation Mace draped in crape.

They also took part in the road march with a good number of vehicles draped in banners demanding release of their leaders.

A unique wooden writing desk, safari chairs, and a comfortable bed draped in marvelous gauze furnish the warm canvas interior.

At exactly 0650 hours the body was brought from the mortuary in a casket draped in the national colours of red, gold and green.

On the occasion the national flag is hoisted atop all public buildings, and the streets and houses are draped in banners and festoons.

I would then be fitted into a dress before the voice modesty was ensured with the use of a gag, and finally I would be draped in a burka.

Rod Scott, 64, set up a 16ft viewing platform draped in camouflage netting in his garden to observe Tony and Janet Durkin ' morning, noon and night.

The cottages are comfortably furnished with writing desks, a sitting area, cushioned papasan chairs, and comfortable hardwood beds draped in lovely mozzie nets.

Post script: As I took a dip in Manas Sarovar, and gazed at Mount Kailash draped in snow, looking majestic and mysterious, I did not feel insignificant or vulnerable or humbled.

In 20% of cases drape over is used

Cena's head is draped over the apron and Punk hits him with an elbow.

In the end, we ended up spooning and I woke up several times during the night completely draped over him.

Instead she can stretch out on her own futon sofa! Although this pic is dark, you can see Meredith lying on the futon with the fibre optic strands draped over her.

They thought no more of navigation; the mainsail was draped over the boom for shade; the fore staysail was rigged as a water catchment; only the jib remained standing.

In my eyes, the company conned them into being promotional staff for them at a trade show, no different to the girls in bikini's you see draped over cars at the local Motor Show.

In 15% of cases drape across is used

Without exception, every day we saw sunbeds with towels draped across them from 7am onwards.

No problems; except that the line was draped across the tree canopy over a busy dual carriage-way.

In 9% of cases drape around is used

At the Cocullo Snake Festival, dating back 3000 years, live snakes are draped around a statue which is then paraded through the streets.

I'd surprised that's all the daily mail is concerned about!! I still want to know if that arctic fox fur she had draped around her neck was real! You know.

In 7% of cases drape with is used

Simple snacks like Pretzels and Caramel popcorn served in a crystal dish draped with cobwebs, brings simple snack to ghoulish glamor.

There, in the village of General Rodrguez, is a cemetery, 649 graves marked by white crosses draped with rosary beads and adorned with plastic roses bleached to faded pink by the sun.

In 4% of cases drape on is used

Although they are suppose to exist here, I've yet to see a fox (apart from the dead kind draped on stupid women).

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