Prepositions after "drag"

"drag on" or "drag into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases drag on is used

Rather than being a drag on the U.

It tends to make the raft drag on one side.

This is due to the aerodynamic drag on the kite.

While the case drags on the victim grows up and then hesitates to continue with the case.

First, a major drag on the economy is the overhang of consumer debt, mortgage and credit card.

Both times I was dragged on stage to be mocked, and to ' witness ' this trick's performance.

Those three quarterbacks, one of whom will have to start the opener, could prove to be the biggest drag on the system.

Or they complain about tax as a monstrous drag on wealth-creators, rather than part of one's responsibilities as a citizen.

The research found that people who scored low on agreeableness created the most devastating and contagious drags on team performance.

Nagging concerns about a synchronised slowdown in global economic growth across Europe, Asia and the United States returned to drag on confidence.

In 17% of cases drag into is used

The consultant risks being dragged into a vicious circle.

He was dragged into the van with the plate number TAB-194.

Over time, they have been dragged into the fighting, after.

Once again Gehan was dragged into my cunning plan, of returning to Colombo via Sinharaja.

Many protesters who did not manage to escape were arrested and dragged into police vehicles.

Such mentality of ' I did this for you, so you must do this for me ' should not be dragged into relationships.

Especially when, as in this instance, the unpolished and the coarse is dragged into the -vortex of the royal family.

The ET report had also said that Anil Roy was one of the persons who got dragged into the Boortmalt Agya controversy.

Others too have been dragged into this maelstrom, rightly or wrongly, like ' usual suspect ' Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter).

Should the 42-day lockout drag into January, it might be too late to put together even a truncated schedule of 40-something games.

In 10% of cases drag in is used

Check out ' look what the cat dragged in '.

One might as well drag in anyone who trades in abuse to say but A did this so condemn him/her equally.

They opened their first Philly outpost on South Street, the most famous drag in the home of the Founding Fathers.

This makes the plot in Queen In Hyun's man move a lot faster, while in Rooftop Prince it drags in some episodes.

Amount of information dragged in an article and the style of writing alone snatches the attention of audiences.

But by dragging in issues like post godhra riots, Narendra modi, BJP etc you have clearly mentioned your political agenda.

I just hope that someday, after my many years of pillaging and rampaging as a bona fide Bond villain are behind me, someone will drag in Dr.

Several times he fell down and was dragged in the traces, and once the sled ran upon him so that he limped thereafter in one of his hind legs.

It's non-buoyant but still creates drag in the water, so she hopes to don it only at night when jellyfish are more likely to rise to the surface.

A final denouement that tries to drag in further layers of political intrigue serves only to annoy, but with better material, Hajaig may yet do much better.

In 9% of cases drag through is used

Her name was dragged through the mud.

His body was apparently dragged through the streets of Sirte.

Marines died and an ambassodor was sodomized, murdered, and dragged through the streets.

Michael Mann's getting dragged through the US senate hearings is a perfect case in point.

One body was then tied by a cable to the back of a motorcycle and dragged through the streets.

You're someone who is content for the name of our club, the club we all love, to be dragged through the dirt.

Vadge: KC: 22 Jun 2011 11:33:49am I really hate it when the word ' judgemental ' gets dragged through the mud.

It's interesting to see newspapers playing the??? angle, but if these brands are manufactured by Sutton Group, it's still NZ produce and NZ's reputation getting dragged through the mud.

I can not believe that the USTA Directors are willing to tolerate their good name to be dragged through the mud by subordinates having such disrespect for the fundamental values of this country.

In 7% of cases drag out is used

He was seized, dragged out of the city and stoned to death.

The child was dragged out of her mother's arm and was never to be seen again.

The markers are mostly overworked teachers, many hastily trained and dragged out of the classroom.

The hurricane broke metal grills, and dragged cars dragged out of drive ways and parked them on lawns or piles of rubble.

Witnesses said the six men were dragged out of a van and forced to lie down in the street before they were shot by masked gunmen.

I have said before and I am saying now again: Najib's scandalous past has put himself under ransom to many crooks who knew which skeletons to be dragged out of the cupboard.

Audio God's Voice Calls to Awaken Us (2:03) The soul, in the form of attention, is dragged out of the body by the mind through the senses and is lost in the worldly attractions and temptations.

In 6% of cases drag to is used

Click and drag to the size you want.

He was dragged to the rope unconscious.

I had been dragged to the auction by a friend.

In exchange, Stephen agreed to be dragged to art galleries (though he still complained).

A new Hewlett dragged to the stage, no matter if he only target boys and if the young one was 8 years old.

With Do Sung's help, Jae Hun is dragged to an empty stage for a confrontation with a very angry Mama Hen named Doo Ri.

In the Old Testament, where animals were used for sacrifice on the altar, the animals sometimes struggled when they were being dragged to the altar.

In our teenage years, however, being dragged to Spring Vale became somewhat less attractive - given its isolation and our waning interest in sharing our father's passion for farming.

In 4% of cases drag from is used

If it's dragged from your cold dead hands, that's not particularly helpful to you.

The husband will be dragged from the side of his wife to appear before the magistrates, and be required either to abjure Christ or die.

They are dragged from the pile and carried gently to Theseus ' tent where he refuses to ransom them but sends them to perpetual imprisonment in Athens.

They don't know if they will be dragged from their prison cells for an injection, a blood withdrawal, or a painful procedure or surgery -- or to be killed.

In the second photo, the engine has been trimmed out with a consequent lifting of the bow and reduction of drag from less contact between the hull and the water.

But, besides this and some quick shots of someone being dragged from their home, we're never really given time to see the consequences of the siege upon the populace.

In 3% of cases drag along is used

Spurs dragged along the floor behind his gold boots.

The horse started to gallop very fast and he was dragged along the floor.

The reason is that when a solid object moves through a fluid, the layer of fluid that touches the surface ' sticks ' and gets dragged along with the object.

Having already sown their wild oats, these women will treat you wonderfully, just as long as you dote on the brats they drag along with them into the relationship.

Internals 2012 is the year of the quad-core super phone, but sadly the Xperia T fails to enter the category, instead, it's still dragging along with dual-core posse.

Commentary: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has given a severe warning to those who intentionally wear a dress which is dragging along the ground because this is a sign of arrogance.

In 3% of cases drag of is used

The main drag of it has absolutely no hills, which is like finding a snow leopard in the middle of a desert in Egypt.

But something isn't quite right if that sense of anticipation is the only way for you to get through the drag of doing a job you hate every single day.

All along the main drag of town generators outside the bigger stores and hotels coughed to life and little pools of light spilled out into the dirt streets.

In 3% of cases drag by is used

He was swimming towards the centre of the river but was being dragged by the tide.

Lula is dragged by the crowd in Belm (photo: Ricardo Stuckert) These policies have yielded important socio-economic results.

In 3% of cases drag for is used

The final third of the book really dragged for me.

Sometimes this has been a hot, annoying, &; sweaty drag for me.

So this transition, which has dragged on for some years, could continue to drag for a while yet, especially if it looks like a lot of data could be lost.

The only drag for users in Kenya is that they may only withdraw from their Paypal accounts using a US bank account or credit card and then withdraw from the ATM or do a bank wire.

In 2% of cases drag across is used

The metal body catches and drags across the foam.

I saw women being dragged across busy roads by their hair.

Hop up and get yourself clear of the bug right away to avoid getting dragged across it in a gust and smacking your shins.

On a touchscreen device: Swiping your finger from the left edge of the screen across to the middle will drag across previously opened programs, one by one.

In 1% of cases drag behind is used

Timing was a big problem throughout, with the Cambridge cast consistently dragging behind Exeter's.

Unless the unions develop politics of their own, they will willy-nilly be dragged behind the UDF or the National Forum.

In 1% of cases drag off is used

Their car got dragged off the rails and flipped twice before it came to a halt.

When Shafilea ran away in February 2003, she was recaptured and dragged off the street and forced into a car.

Also, well done on dragging off topic, but I suppose the bible does condone killing women for adultery too, so the topic is probably ok with you.

In 1% of cases drag before is used

The strike leaders were dragged before an ' internal tribunal ' of the Histadrut and mobilized into the Army.

We will surely see Christian ministers and schoolteachers dragged before commissions and inquisitions, at the end of which they will be found ' guilty '.

In 1% of cases drag onto is used

You have to have a short memory in terms of you can not let it drag onto the next week or we are just going to sit in the same spot.

In 1% of cases drag away is used

I've finally sat down with a cup of tea though I'd pretty sure I'd going to get dragged away from.

In 1% of cases drag above is used

You need to grow a heart when dealing with pretty girls, a heart that is willing to let go instead of being dragged above your lines.

In 1% of cases drag with is used

K We did spend a lovely couple of days on a buoy did nt even have to worry about the anchor dragging with a fantastic view of Bora Bora in the sunset and pretty fish swimming round the boat.

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