Prepositions after "draft"

"draft by" or "draft in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases draft by is used

And the top 40? 23 of the top 40 weren't drafted by their team.

Over half the top 20 AND top 40 was not drafted by the team they play for.

Mauer graduated from Cretin in 2001 and was drafted by the Twins with the No.

Industrial policies drafted by successive governments have not focused on the practialities.

Drummond headed to the NBA, as did teammate Jeremy Lamb, who was drafted by the Houston Rockets.

Bergevin is an ex NHL defenseman who played for 8 NHL clubs after being drafted by Chicago in 1983.

A statement drafted by the Doctrine Committee was withdrawn, after the committee asked permission to expand its scope.

The initial communication with the auditee is normally drafted by the audit manager and issued by the Director, Audit and Assurance Services.

If and when that highly unlikely occurrence does happen, the original scheme of devolution as drafted by Neelan in association with GL could very well be a starting point.

In 28% of cases draft in is used

He was drafted in 2009 by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 41st pick.

In fact, the model byelaws should not have been drafted in such a rigid manner.

Only Bengal paceman Ashok Dinda was drafted in the squad in place of injured Umesh Yadav.

He said Shabaab had drafted in fighters from nearby Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions.

Long and Gavin Wanganeen (drafted in 1989) were two of Sheedy's early forays into Aboriginal talent.

The following principles were drafted in cooperation with Federal agencies serving on the Interagency Committee.

Barber was drafted in the 2012 Entry Draft (6th round, 167th overall ), and his rights belong to the Washington Capitals.

More recently, both religion and free expression were offered protection by The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) drafted in 1949.

Bills must be drafted in a formal manner and this work is undertaken by the Parliamentary Draftsmen, who are attached to the Attorney General's Office.

In 12% of cases draft for is used

John I migrated to Australia as I was drafted for the insane war in Vientnam, you should have done the same.

In preparation for the conference, a Report on Ageing (Report) and a Canadian NGO Report on Ageing were drafted for the Canadian delegation.

This is all absolutely true stuff! I know because I heard it from the recruiter who convinced me to enlist rather than wait to be drafted for Vietnam.

Instead of becoming a part of the country's 18-year olds (where men are drafted for three years and women for two ), community members continue studying in yeshivas.

In 9% of cases draft into is used

Drafted into the first-team squad because of injury shortages at the age of 18.

College players that get drafted into the NBA and do the same things never last long.

Princess Fiona) were only drafted into the Popstars: The Rivals after two other contestants dropped out.

They are people in other parts of the world who see they are about to be drafted into Prince Gog's vast, second dictatorship.

Strangely, Commons wasn't then just drafted into the squad -- he was pitched straight into the starting line-up against Wales.

Drafted into the army, he fought under Blcher at Waterloo, and afterwards returning to his home, resolved to become a Lutheran minister.

In 5% of cases draft with is used

Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.

Headings Summarise if possible, otherwise indicate specific topic: Keep brief: Draft with an eye to use in contents: Use liberally.

These clauses are recommended for Hong Kong parties and have been drafted with to maximise the benefits of arbitration proceedings in terms of speed and expense savings.

The other provision suspended by the court Friday -- requiring doctors to tell patients seeking abortions that fetuses can feel pain -- also was drafted with limited input from physicians.

He certainly wasn't thinking that someone they were about to draft with the 22nd overall selection would jump to the front of the line, but that's exactly what Kenneth Faried seems to be doing.

In 4% of cases draft at is used

The options drafted at the time were postponing 400 million, 900 million and 1.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which was being drafted at the same time, had to face this question as well.

In 4% of cases draft to is used

At the outbreak of World War One, Manes was drafted to the Russian front where he became a sergeant and was awarded the Iron Cross.

Even when drafted to the front, Liebknecht skilfully utilised his membership of the Prussian and Reichstag Chambers to continue the struggle.

In 2% of cases draft as is used

As for Carmen Botez, 29, the food interest became apparent in 2006, when she was drafted as a tour guide.

In 2% of cases draft behind is used

I have him rated 2 nd overall in the 1999 draft behind only Elton Brand.

Very good for me, finally able to draft behind some feet! Felt easy all the way, pretty good swim, happy with that.

In 1% of cases draft out is used

Drafted out of the University of San Francisco, Zimmer finished his year with the Royals ' Low-A affiliate in Kane County and notching a 42/13 K/BB rate between the two levels.

In 1% of cases draft over is used

What they claim is that the Report was drafted over months and carefully checked by each of them.

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