Prepositions after "download"

"download from" or "download to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases download from is used

It can be downloaded from the cnet link.

The ILO report can be downloaded from www.

Download from Rapidshare http: // rapidshare.

Booking form - you can download from here to fill in to confirm your booking details.

You don't offer any way for me to see what I might want to download from your catalog.

After nearly fifty years it is still very frequently downloaded from the APS PROLA archive.

File Formats: All viewers, players, and plug-ins used on this site can be downloaded from the file formats page.

The last line is where you would like the link from the site trying to download from their pages to be redirected.

This is to protect you from any potential problems if an image was automatically downloaded from an unknown sender.

Sitting down with one of Nigeria's most reputable Internet Money Maker and downloading from his brain is priceless.

In 17% of cases download to is used

It's like a link to download to the actual file.

To date it has been downloaded to 2300 devices.

After the App is downloaded touch it to install.

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash.

The Swype app will automatically download to your phone - once it's done, find and open it.

Today, synthesized voices can be downloaded to iPads, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Gimp Gimp is an open source image editing programme that unlike the other two needs to be downloaded to your computer.

Any one know of other location to download to pc to side load? Thanks Mark Try cleaning your cache then retry to download.

Add an Xbox Music Pass for unlimited access to millions of tracks you can download to your phone or stream from the cloud.

Follower s downloading to their mobile device will be advised to save to their iBooks, Aldiko libraries to access them.

In 10% of cases download for is used

Pleaswe see EdgeScience Magazine issue 7, which you can easily Google and download for free.

NOOK for Windows 8 is now available to download for free in the Windows Store on all Windows.

Orb is also available via the Omni TR (Touch Remote) iPad application, which can be downloaded for free.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (download for free here) or another compatible program to view this file.

A bevy of inspirational talks, all around 15 minutes long and available to download for offline viewing (iPad only).

What they are giving away is the EP itself, which can be downloaded for nothing from Bandcamp - you should get on that.

In case you do n't, the program can be downloaded for free, just so that you can play any racing games with no impediments.

This resource contains about 95,000 works of fine and decorative art that you can present in the classroom, download for research and study, and use to illustrate papers and other assignments.

In 6% of cases download on is used

The song can be downloaded on Zeljko's website here.

Get in the door, open up the case, look at the manual while the game is downloading on HD.

He tells me I have malicious files downloaded on my computer that he could help get rid of.

Know that it's a file that you download on your computer and then hand to a guy who knows what he's doing (or do it yourself if you're like Val).

Homemade wizard? s wands, Golden Snitches, or beautiful writing quills and loads of other Potteresk things are all here, ready for you to download on dadcando.

The CCI printing client is installed on all ITS Labs computers, ITS Labs printing release stations and is available to be downloaded on your personal computer.

In 5% of cases download in is used

It can be best viewed or downloaded in ' Excel '.

Extract the rooting kit you downloaded in step 1 and extract and open odin from there.

The Index is available to browse in HTML format, or download in Word, Excel or PDF format.

I can confirm that with a full data download in October 2011, I saw exactly the same thing as you.

They are available as downloads in trial versions with no time limit, when you pay you can save files.

The complete contents of the Journal is fully searchable and displays or downloads in Adobe PDF format.

My article was written during September 2004 on a version of WeatherBug newly downloaded in September 2004 and installed immediately thereafter.

I went there and it downloaded in less than 30 minutes only to tell me that its corrupt! I can't seem to get a copy to download completely from anywhere, which is really frustrating.

In 4% of cases download as is used

What happens is that the file downloads as a zip instead of an epub.

In 2006 the Christmas Broadcast was first made available to download as a podcast.

The contents of Wikipedia (when downloaded as the raw data) is a database, not an encylopaedia, though it can be used to make one.

Click on the Family History Research link for access to a Family History Getting Started guide that can be downloaded as a PDF file.

We've been looking for volunteers who can help record the radio show and upload the audio file as an mp3 to be downloaded as a podcast.

At the moment the software contains 223 Gardiner signs but will eventually be expanded to include the complete list which you will be able to download as expansion packs.

In 4% of cases download onto is used

GPS took a big leap forward when maps could be downloaded onto a unit.

So I had 10 photographs from the shoot downloaded onto my computer and today I finally sat down to work out what to do with them.

Because the images that we access this way are digital, they can be easily downloaded onto our computers, and used in different contexts.

Most of these courses are cost-free when others would definitely require a service charge to be downloaded onto your personal computer process.

In 3% of cases download by is used

The publisher only permits individual articles to be downloaded by subscribers.

The peer-reviewed lessons can be downloaded by instructors for their engineering courses.

In many fields, including astronomy, all new papers are put on the arXiv, and these can be downloaded by anyone for free.

Free scores Free scores There are just over a thousand scores in the following zipped file that you can download by clicking HERE.

In 2% of cases download with is used

If you have a CCLI License number, we can automatically insert that into any file you download with chords or lyrics.

In 2% of cases download over is used

So I'd very grateful for what we've had the opportunity to download over the past two and a half years.

It's based on the same home screens you fill with apps, downloaded over Wi-Fi from the Google Play app store.

Native Client -- NaCl for short -- got its start as a part of Chrome as a way to run software modules downloaded over the Net safely and quickly.

Running native software you just downloaded over the Web, with the full privileges of native software such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, poses a huge security risk.

In 2% of cases download at is used

Anything can be found and downloaded at full speed absolutely free.

More information on TRAC and a useful Policy Overview by the TRAC Development Group can be downloaded at http: **35;4760;TOOLONG.

Those who didn't pay on time, but who wish to return to the register must: complete a form to apply for restoration (this will be sent through the post or can be downloaded at www.

In 1% of cases download of is used

I am sure the reason for broken problem is a pause between downloading of part 4.

In 1% of cases download between is used

It will download between 300k and 700k and give file done message.

In 1% of cases download through is used

The Executive Summary for the 2009 SoE Report is available for downloading through the following link: 2009 SoE Report Executive Summary.

In 1% of cases download before is used

Here's a little ditty for you to download before the day's out.

However, make sure it is fully download before trying to install or it will appear corrupt.

From AVG direct, I got a whole 87% of the download before it stopped and refused to start again.

It's quite possible that hundreds of thousands of free games were downloaded before the mistake was spotted by EA's team.

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