Prepositions after "donate"

"donate to" or "donate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases donate to is used

Proceeds were donated to Youthline.

I encourage you to donate to them both.

I will NOT donate to or work for Romney.

Something that would be sufficiently silly to encourage people to donate to the cause.

Talk about donating to a relief organization, or make the message even more personal.

I'd not saying that Invisible Children is perfect or that everyone should donate to it.

The video of the song, which Beyonc and songwriter Diane Warren donated to the campaign, will premiere on 19 August.

Also, over 19,000 life jackets have been donated to members of various communities located along the banks of the Lake.

Lastly, karma has a huge role! If you do something as noble as donating to the NSPCC, I'd sure you will be re-paid in.

In 16% of cases donate by is used

You can donate by mail, phone, or online.

The school items were donated by BEACONS Volunteers.

He now uses a fibreglass boat donated by another NGO.

Many schools in our area have signs out front that have been donated by fast food chains.

He received an etching donated by Suffolk resident and artist Maggi Hambling to mark the award.

If they are given any ' pocket money ', it is being gladly donated by their friends and neighbors.

We had lechon during the luncheon briefing and another one donated by Paolo Osmea during breakfast at the finish line.

Both the name of Livingstone Street and a 1927 plaque donated by the Royal Geographical Society commemorate the event.

The project launched in May 2008 with 20 local female goats and 2 purebred Saanen bucks generously donated by Marie MacKay.

How much debt did he pay off for the country when billions were donated by the people? I also ask him about his tax returns.

In 5% of cases donate for is used

The amount donated for this purpose was $92.

The jacket will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated for the cause of the film industry.

So which is right? Taking care of your elderly parents welfare and be filial or donating for your religion.

If you are donating for any specific project, please write the name of the organization or family member to be honored in the ' Add Intentions ' text box.

Want to donate for author of this article? Please enter donation amount into the textbox below and press the Donate button to process donation Amount: CAREIF Ed Fund A privately.

Of particular concern is that money donated for particular purposes, such as the development of Humanism, or the magazine, may be simply given away in almost random acts of charity.

I reach the belay happy and bleeding and desperately grateful for my Anasazi Velcro Hi-tops protecting my ankle bones and a neoprene knee pad my friend Jesse Huey donated for our ascent.

In 3% of cases donate in is used

Shammy Ong May 18, 2011 13:36 I would like to donate in kind.

If it's a financial issue, money could be sent anonymously or donated in someone's name.

We built shelves for a school library and organized all of the books you donated in alphabetical order.

Kate Middleton did not comment on her experience at Downe House but she requested the guests of her wedding party to donate in any one of the 26 charities that she mentioned.

Since I understand that the work of this leader is not to fix roads, pay bursaries, donate in harambees, or give my relatives jobs: I will be looking for someone who understands the law.

Anyway, I love the look of it so far and if it works as well as it looks like it's going to, I'll be back to donate in a short while I have downloaded some of your plugins to install and try out.

These 252 drawings and paintings, completed over a 20-year period, were donated in memory of his brother Raymond, a soldier who died in a tragic accident just before the end of the Second World War.

In 2% of cases donate on is used

Donate On May 2nd purchase a Big Mac, Happy Meal or hot McCafe beverage.

We are now donating on average one library a day in China, which is a huge accomplishment that everyone at the organization is very proud of.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation, which raised $51 million in 2011, said it received 400 donations totalling $75,000 on Friday, 20 times more than the amount donated on Thursday.

In 2% of cases donate through is used

I donated through one of your provided links.

DONATE NOW! Donate through Moneybookers This ideal for online donations.

Donate through Global Giving Donors as gift aid is claimed with each eligible donation.

If you can't come, but still want to help, you can donate through the mail at the address below or online through PayPal (link below )! The needs are great.

In 1% of cases donate about is used

Over the two years, the couple donated about US$7 million.

In 1% of cases donate after is used

Regular donors seeking to continue donating after their 71st birthday are asked to contact Canadian Blood Services at 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) for more information.

In 1% of cases donate from is used

This last year we were so lucky as we got some food donated from Germany, which Sandeepa organized.

In 1% of cases donate towards is used

I invited the Coonawarra Wineries to donate towards the Canonisation functions in one of my better moves and they donated much to the cause.

Then one day, while talking to a guest who had just donated towards a project described on notes left in the guest's bedrooms about how to generate more funds, it dawned on Claude.

In 1% of cases donate via is used

Her friends who continue to attend CHC still donate via GIRO, she added.

So glad I had not gotten around to donating to red cross yet, I feel much better about donating via the amazon wish list in brooklyn.

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