Prepositions after "divorce"

"divorce from" or "divorce in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases divorce from is used

They came away protesting that he was divorced from reality.

The problem is these numbers are often divorced from the reality.

It is a sure sign of how divorced from reality politicians can be.

Whether critics accept it or not, Rawlings ' name can never be divorced from that of the NDC.

Alanah is 30 or so, and divorced from the man she loves, who left her because she can not have children.

The man?? s divorce from his first wife wasn?? t finalized until nearly a year after his marriage to his second wife.

Well, fair enough! I think that there are ways in which an interest in metal is not divorced from an investment in queerness, though.

One of his wives passed away, while he is divorced from the newly elected head of the African Union Commission, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

He's either completely divorced from reality or a lying partisan hack, but he has a very tenuous relationship (at best!) with the truth.

In 16% of cases divorce in is used

However this marriage did not last, they divorce in 1978.

Sadly, after 27 years apart, Winnie and Nelson Mandela eventually divorced in 1996.

They had a daughter, now three, but divorced in March, a source told the New York Post.

Instead, the 28-year-old beauty said she would have been happy to use that time to start a family with then-husband Ashley Cole, who she divorced in 2010 amid claims he cheated on her.

Before the split: The couple appeared together at his uncle Senator Ted Kennedy's funeral in August 2009, just months before divorcing in May 2010 No charges were filed in those incidents.

In 8% of cases divorce for is used

Natalie, I was married to an N for twenty five years and been divorced for three.

The woman was very hurt, because her first GF, whom she came out with/for, then married her ex, who she divorced for the GF.

There is no biblical allowance for remarriage for a spouse divorced for unbiblical reasons or for a spouse who caused a divorce, whether by adultery, abandonment, and/or other possible grounds.

In 7% of cases divorce at is used

Shyamala Dosai of Barasat, West Bengal was divorced at 16.

It is assumed that Shaista Wahidi got divorced at that time when Mr.

Long story as to why I didn't live with my parents who were divorced at the time.

What is the ruling if the wife wants to divorce at or around her delivery? Please explain specifically regarding this matter.

In 4% of cases divorce with is used

I bet the judge is twice divorced with 4 kids living in single families and also the judge paying/getting alimony for an illegit child.

In one example, a lady working for Zappos divorced with her husband because she enjoys work better and thinks her husband does not fit into the company's culture.

She said at the time she was divorced with two girls who she had loved carrying and couldn't imagine how devastating it would be for other women not to be able to have children.

In 3% of cases divorce by is used

Needless to say, she was divorced by 29.

In 3% of cases divorce on is used

If she was not divorced on the first day, she must calculate 30 days for each month until she completes three months.

Also, if she is asked, lies and then it comes out she can be divorced on the spot and the dowery paid must be returned in full.

In 3% of cases divorce to is used

SA's who find that are married or divorced to persons whom they have no knowledge of.

In 1% of cases divorce During is used

With Salaams and Duas Mustafa Divorce During Pregnancy Question: According to Ayatullah Khameini/Khomeini, I would like to ask a question from a faqeeh regarding a divorce from a pregnant wife.

In 1% of cases divorce under is used

So, even if a woman has a divorce from the civil court, they try to get a religious certificate that will prove that they have been properly divorced under Islam.

In 1% of cases divorce within is used

Kind Regards Rita I have a house that is 30 years old and not much done in the way of the garden due to divorcing within 3 years of building the house and becoming a single working mother.

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